Dating After Divorce For Men | 7 Transformational Tips!

dating after divorce hi everyone I'm

Apollonia Ponte your dating and

relationship coach that helps men

attract the woman that they desire in

their lives let's face it divorce

freakin sucks so many of divorced men

have stories about why you were divorced

and you're either one scared to date

again to don't even know how and where

to start or three just looking for that

little glimmer of hope on what next

steps you should take because you're not

even sure if this is something that you

want then this video is for you if you

haven't been divorced and getting out of

a long-term relationship you will get

some great tips and ideas from this

video as well so make sure you watch to

the very end I know divorce can be messy

and some not so much

but in this video I'm going to give you

actionable tips that you can start today

and implement as you get the time so you

can start to get in touch with your

roots and possibly date again when you

are ready and no means am I telling you

to date now but these tips will prepare

you to make that decision also if you're

ready to date now then let's get started

and not waste any more time tip number

one is reconnect with your old friends

typically when you are married you might

have lost touch with your old friends

try reconnecting with them and going out

with them from time to time if for some

reason you do not have old friends that

you can reconnect with then start

involving yourself in activities where

you can meet people there is a site

depending on where you live called

meetup comm that will really help you

meet new people in your area also if

you've already started reconnecting with

some of your friends and you have

started going out on doing things then

this is a great start tip number two is

understand that you are okay by yourself

look at this as a new phase of your life

and give yourself the opportunity to

process your old relationship do

something that you've been wanting to do

for so long but possibly couldn't

because of your time or your marriage

take this time to spend alone and get

back to who you are divorce has a real

emotional impact and a lot of people

discredit the feelings that divorce


so don't ignore that you are not alone

even if you have to reach out to other

guys for help that have been divorced

because they can be your greatest source

of strength if you have the means and

the children if you have some are with

their mother then take the time to plan

a trip somewhere or buy a motorcycle and

go on a ride go skydiving go rock

climbing what is it that you have been

wanting to do for so long tip number

three is change your wardrobe and your

look revamp your style and start looking

at fashion trends online and start

dressing the way you want to dress that

will give you more confidence when you

feel good about what you have on then

you have an inner confidence that shines

through and an energy that becomes

magnetic tip number four is did someone

who is exactly opposite of your ex-wife

but has the same goals if you want

children again or in the future then

date someone that wants the same if not

then look for a woman who does not want

to have children and may already have

children meaning physically personality

and life goals date who you want to date

and take this time to really educate

yourself on the different women that are

out there don't feel pressure to commit

right away tip number five is get re

educated on women I mean after a long

term relationship or marriage we are a

little bit rocky when it comes to dating

again because the world is consistently

evolving and that means when it comes to

dating too it might not be as easy as it

was for you before so start watching

videos and reading blogs about

attraction and dating again so you can

get comfortable with the idea a good

suggestion too is when you are out with

friends try to look at other people's

body languages when they're out on dates

before I mentioned tip six I want to

talk about why tip 5 and tip 2 are the

most important in this whole video if

you didn't take anything away from this

video please play coasts attention here

I have had several men reach out to me

after the voice to really learn how to

date again they would go on amazing

dates with women

and after the date they would never see

them again these men would wonder why

they kept having incredible dates but

yet weren't healed from their divorce

internally something was not right

within them in order to see the success

in their dating lives that's why it's so

so important for you to get that support

and don't just brush their feelings off

to the side after a divorce

typically it's because emotionally you

are not ready to be dating typically it

can take a good two to four years

depending on your timeline of your

marriage or and you want to be okay with

that take the real time to do the inner

work and personal growth to heal

yourself and not turn to another woman

you're just going to place a band-aid on

a wound that isn't healed and it will

get deeper as a band-aid cannot stay on


tip number six give online dating a shot

this is the number one way these days to

land a date and start talking to women

you can use online dating as a tool to

learn how to talk to women again and see

what women are out there for remember

take your time with the online dating

and when you're ready then do it tip

number seven is design your own life how

do you want to live the next years of

your life if you need guidance and

recently coming out of a divorce please

feel free to comment below with your

questions or your concerns and I

encourage you to book a private session

with me if this is something that you

want to start working through if you

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