How early is too early to breed a female dog?



hey you guys it's Rachel here with sends

a temporal county course oh and I'm here

with Kashmir um hhor-- he walked up to

me and no sugars I wanted to address

some questions that I had gotten about

Kashmir and just breeding in general

I've got a bunch of people asking when

cashmeres due date is I'm her due date

is April 13th and now she could go

before or after that you know is not an

exact science to that so just keep that

in mind we will be live-streaming her

birth just like just like we did last

time so that's fun stuff she's looking

like she'll probably have around the

same number of puppies from what I can


you know she's typically around this

size and so anyway so I wanted to take

the time to address just some common

questions about that kind of thing I've

had a bunch of people ask me you know

how do you know if your dog is breed

quality and you know when should you

breed your dog and things like that

so as far as breeding your dog there are

some very basic criteria that need to be

met before you even consider it first of

all you need to make sure that your dog

is registered with a with a accredited

organization so we're talking like you

know a Casey I think with pitbulls it

was a DBA avoid anything like see Casey

Continental Kennel Club that's basically

just a scam there it was back whenever I

was breeding pitbulls a long time ago so

so anyway so yeah I avoid that and and

then um


you also want to make sure that you'd

have your dog health tested now the the

health testing that you do is going to

be determined by what breed of dog you

have so every breed has things that they

are susceptible to so it's your job to

educate yourself on all the different

health issues that your breed can and is

affected by to ensure that you are not

you know promoting any of that stuff by

continuing to breed it into the lines so

once you have gotten all your health

testing done you know that your dog is

registered then you want to well I would

say initially before you even do your

health testing you really need to take a

very good look at the standard and make

sure that your dog is a good

representation of the breed so you know

not every dog is having said that there

are you know exemptions to the rule like

for example maybe your dog isn't like

the best example of the breed but your

dog happens to have really really good

bloodlines and has really good health

and maybe the heads just not pretty

enough kind of like blondie you know a

lot of people try to hate on blondie

because she has that longer muzzle but

there's lots of different ways that dogs

can be incorrect

hers is a little bit more obvious and

people like to pick on that because it's

it's a she creates she presents a very

easy target because her issue is her

face and it's like right in front of

your face people whose dogs have you

know not enough angulation maybe they're

straight through the knee you know

there's all kinds of issues that dogs

can have and people will breed it anyway

so it's really up to the individual to

decide whether or not your dogs pros

outweigh the cons it's a good idea to

have a good friend that is in the

community that is is not kennel blind

you know what I mean somebody that

doesn't just agree with everything you

say somebody that is actually critical

for me that would be my friend Reese she

and I are very honest with each other

we're all

making sure that we are kind of keeping

each other in line a lot of my you know

anytime I have a question about a dog or

I found thinking about maybe you know

removing a dog for my program she's one

of the people that I that I always ask

about it was--it he quit GAD on my couch

if you can do that so anyway so it's

just kind of a good way to keep yourself

from getting kennel blind if that makes


is having somebody that you can have

honest conversation with your dogs about

and so you know it's a good idea to have

that so I do you know you know having

said that like with blondie we know her

muzzles too long so we are breeding her

to a male that has a very correct you

know he's actually a little bit more

hyper type like he has

I wouldn't say too short of a muzzle but

he does have an underbite and so little

things like that will help bring her

head back in check and her offspring

will be good there are things that

blondie has over midnight for example a

lot of people love midnight and got a

problem with her but she doesn't have

the correct feet blondie has the correct

feet and the feet of this breed are very

important so so anyway so yeah it's less

visible but in my opinion it's more

important because the feet actually hold

the dog up the head is just pure looks

but it all depends on what kind of

breeder you are are you the kind of

breeder that cares more about a pretty

face or are you a breeder that cares

more about overall structure and health

so for me I like to try to take it all

in so having said that if you've checked

with you know your your good friends

that you can trust you've checked with

the standard you know that your dog is a

good representation of the breed or

you've decided that in your particular

case this dog is worth adding to your

program then you go ahead and you breed

that dog now having said that you're

gonna have to wait until the dog is old


most registries have a rule on when you

can breed a dog now typically if it's a

breed registry they're gonna have a

different rule than say an all breed

registry like the AKC

the the Connie Corso tends to go into

heat a little bit later because they're

a larger breed dogs so they go into heat

at around a year old and then they go

into their second heat at around 16 to

18 months old

there is no registry for this breed that

has a rule against breeding this breed

at 16 months of age so there's nothing

wrong with that overall as a general

rule like back when I was breeding pit

bulls over a decade ago it was very

common to breed the dog on the second

heat that was the industry standard

nobody bred dogs on their first heat

that was considered poor breeding

practices okay there are some breeds

that are small like for instance the

Chinese Crested that's bred at nine

months old because they mature much

earlier because they're a smaller breed

dogs so you want to make sure that your

dog is old enough to be bred it doesn't

mean that you can't start looking for a

stud early like for example I start

looking for studs way before my dogs are

ready to be bred and that's because I

don't want to be looking at the last

minute trying to find a good stud I take

my time I do my research I contact

people and I try to find the best

possible stud for my female to

complement any of her weaknesses okay so

for me like I posted up a post looking

for a stud for velocity and even maybe

even blondie and midnight

a while back just because I wanted to

make sure that I wasn't scrambling at

the last minute trying to look for a


I've spoken with some pretty prominent

breeders who have been breeding well

over 20 years about using some of their

studs and and that's something that

we've spoken about and when the time

comes I will use them as many of you

know velocity wasn't heat in February we

did not breed her that was her first

heat we are waiting until her second

heat like everyone does in the business

so which is appropriate because they're

just not ready to be bred at a year

so you know keeping that keep that in

mind whatever breed you have you're

gonna need to know now there's always

gonna be these people that believe that

their way is the right way usually they

make things up as they go along they'll

tell you that breeding an older dog is

better if that was the case then nature

would not make females go into heat at

the time that they do okay as a female

gets older whether it is a dog or a

human their ability to produce young

gets less and less frequent a woman in

her 40s is already start in fact late

30s she's already starting to decline in

her reproductive ability so dogs live

much a shorter lifespan than us it would

make sense that they do go into heat at

a much younger age so it's just

something to keep in mind I do think

that there is a limit you don't want to

breed too early but you don't want to

wait either of the two dogs that I've

bred preacher to that were older I bred

preacher to a two to three year old

females and each time both of them had

smaller what I would consider to be

smaller litters they think the first one

maybe had five or six puppies two of

them were very tiny like little runt

puppies and the other one had I think

six puppies no runts it was a good sized

litter as far as the health of the

puppies but the first female that had

the two small ones actually had to have

a caesarean and that's because she was

bred at three years of age and we bred

her again back to back keep that in mind

and she had I think what does she have

eight puppies all very big very healthy

of drastic difference from her first

litter and that's because as I've told

you guys before when you skip heats the

hormones have a very disastrous effect

on the uterus the the hormone that they

go through I think it's progressed Rona

I always pronounce that wrong that

hormone causes a thickening of the

of the uterus and over time will cause

cysts and will eventually lead to PAL

Mitra and so when that first feat when

both of those females were actually bred

and they had the puppies that cleaned

their uterus out okay and so when they

got pregnant again they were able to

have much more implantation and much

more just a healthy uterus so the the

puppies were able to thrive in that in

that healthy environment so contrary to

popular belief breeding back to back is

better for the female it is better for

their health that is scientifically

proven and on top of it waiting for

three years to breed a dog is bad every

time you skip a heat you're doing damage

to the uterus it may not be enough

damage to destroy it completely or cause

disease but you are definitely taxing it

so you know keep that in mind so the

other female she is pregnant at this

point that they did say that she looked

bigger than last time

so I'm willing to bet she's probably

gonna have a larger litter as well which

is which is pretty awesome for them

because you know we we charge a pretty

substantial stud fee and it's nice to

see that they'll at least get a return

on that and having said that that's the

litter that we are actually we we took a

puppy back on that one because it looked

like the first litter was very good I'm

assuming the second one will be just as

nice so so anyway so you got your dog

registered with the credible registry

you know that your dog is up to the

standard and you know what you have

you've got good bloodlines you know your

dog has the right structure the right

type you get the health tested you know

that that's gonna work out then you go

and you try to find a good stud don't

just go with the cheapest stud you can

find know what your females faults are

there are no perfect dogs it pays to be

honest about what you have and look for

males that compliment your females you

want to find a male that is strong where

your female is weak and it's also

important to look through the pedigree

you're not just breeding with that male

you're going to be producing what's in

his lines and also in your females lines

so keep that in mind

if you have one dog with a short muzzle

but the whole line has long muzzles very

long muzzles you don't want to breed to

a male that has a really long muzzle

because overall you're probably gonna

get a bunch of Blondie's so you know as

beautiful as blondie is and as much as

we love her she's not the ideal so we

don't want to keep breeding for that all


it's important to remember so find a

good stud that is also registered with

the same registry that your female is

registered with that's very important

because you're not gonna be able to

register the puppies unless they come

from the same registry all right keep

that in mind so once you've done that

you're either gonna take your female to

the male or you're probably gonna do

artificial insemination there are things

that go along with that

that's literally an entirely different

video but your breeder or the stud owner

can help you decide which option is

gonna be the best

I would always prefer a live breeding if

at all possible but sometimes the

distance is just a bit too much to

overcome so it's entirely up to you but

you do want to try to find the best stud

for your female don't just go with a big

name - just go with a big pedigree

because it's you know you want to be

producing really good dogs and you're

not going to do that if you're not

breeding with all of those factors in

mind okay

so I hope that that helps like I said

Casimir's due on the 13th we will

livestream it so you will get to see it

none of our dogs are bred before their

second heat so keep that in mind you

know and just a heads up that I don't

like to spend too much time on drama or

anything like that but I have seen

screenshots of a group that I am not a

part of where I am being bad mouthed and

there are people that support me that

are on there trying to defend me let me

just go ahead and say don't waste your

time while I really greatly appreciate

it and it means a lot to me to see

people standing up for me ultimately the

people that are talking about me cannot

be their minds they're not going to be

changed they know what they're doing

of them no they're lying this isn't

about you know doing the right thing or

being truthful it's just about tearing

people down and I don't want you guys to

be hurt or attacked in that process the

best thing to do with like most trolls

is just ignore them and let it go and

I'm gonna ask that everyone that

supports this channel just trust in

trust in me if you have a question if

you hear something you know and you want

the truth just ask me I have my phone

number up I take calls all the time I

try to be as open and honest as possible

on this channel by literally videotaping

everything I do even the the hoops

easier I mean but sometimes you know is

it just isn't gonna stop people from

from spreading lies and rumors so if you

hear something maybe it doesn't sound

true go ahead and check in with me

and I'll do my best to tell you the

truth and provide any evidence that I

can to support that and like I said just

if you see people trash-talking me or my

kennel or my channel just ignore them

and just recognize that there are always

going to be negative people in the world

that they're gonna try to take people

down they're gonna spread blatant lies

and misinformation it's very common I've

seen it more times than I can count

unfortunately I'm just the flavor of the

week next week it'll be somebody else

cuz that's what those people do they

just constantly tear people down so just

don't waste your time with it let it go

understand that that in a dog in the dog

world even people that are unstable can

have pretty high positions of power

within the community which really isn't

saying much it's not like this is a

government or anything but you know just

just keep that in mind you know I do

appreciate it I've seen your guys's

comments I do appreciate your support I

really do but I just hate seeing you

guys get attacked and I don't want you

to have to deal with that I don't want

you to have to have a bad day or be in

any way upset because some horrible

people with nothing better to do than

talk crap online decided that I was

their their flavor of the week

so just you know don't waste your time

with it I know what's going on I'm

choosing not to to validate it you know

it's just one of those things where I

feel like it's better not to give

attention to it so that's my word of

advice and I hope you guys have a great


and I'll talk at you later bye