Are you too old to become a DJ?

hey guys what's going on it's DJ tlme

watching DJ TL MTV it's Friday it's time

for another Q&A video and today's topic

is are you too old to start DJ now I've

wanted to talk about this topic for

quite some time and I never got around

to do it so I'm going to speak on it

right now don't mind the white

background I'm doing some testing in the

studio right now and I didn't want to

change the whole camera and lighting

just for this Q&A video so I'll just

shoot it right here today now are you

too old to start DJing I get this

question a lot and I get it from two

groups of people on the one hand you

have people who DJ in the past like 20

or 30 years ago and after a while they

had to stop for whatever reason but now

they feel inspired to start doing this

again but they're wondering if they're

not too old to get back into the game on

the other hand you have people who have

never DJ before and now later in life

they feel that this is something that

they would like to explore but they're

also wondering if they're not too old to

start DJing now let's take a look at it

like this if we look at DJ DJing as a

hobby DJing professionally so let's

start by taking a look at DJing as a

hobby are you too old to start DJing

nope you are never too old to start

DJing if we're talking about in the

comfort of your own home having fun

playing music practicing mixing maybe

even doing some scratching with some

turntables or a controller or some CDJs

or even just some DJ software on your

computer it's going to enhance your life

because it's just a lot of fun to play

with music so know you're never too old

to do that never so keep that in mind

it's a great hobby now if we're talking

professionally I would still like to say

no you're never too old because I don't

want to discourage anyone if you really

feel this is what you want to do go for

it go for it and especially if we're

talking about the guys who were DJing 20

or 30 years ago

you already have this skill you might

have to dust everything off a bit and

get back in shape but you never forget

how to beat match and you all come from

that era when you learned everything the

traditional way so you probably all

learn on turntables you learn how to

beat match by ear so you have that

advantage you already know how to do

that stuff so if you feel you want to

start again

you should definitely start again but

you also already know what it is and

that is a different lifestyle if you're

going to do this professionally because

it's you're working different hours I

mean you're working evenings and nights

of course if you're doing festivals that

could be in a day time but most of the

gigs will be Club gigs and that's at

night especially if you have to combine

that with a quote-unquote normal

lifestyle it can be heavy and it takes a

toll on you like mentally and physically

but you guys already know what that's

like so if you feel you want to get back

into it go for it and it might be a lot

of work because there might not be a lot

of parties where you can play the music

that you were playing thirty years ago

but maybe there are and then you can do

what you did with the music that you

were playing then if not you might have

to do a lot of research to find out what

the new stuff is maybe you already will

keeping track of that and it's not going

to be a lot of work but if you haven't

kept track of that you want to get back

into the game you might have to adjust

and start playing more of today's music

maybe the same Jean Jean where you were

playing then but all the newer music and

the guys who have DJed in the past you

know that it's a lot of work just to

keep up with all the new releases that

takes up a lot of time as well but don't

be discouraged if you feel you want to

do is go for it

now if you never DJ before you want to

do this professionally start with the

hobby part because you're going to have

to practice and learn first anyway and

you probably just buy a small controller

or try on your computer see if you

really like this and if you like it and

you acquired enough skill a musical

knowledge if you want to go for it go

for it but like I just said keep in mind

that is a different lifestyle and if

you're older now and you've never

experienced that lifestyle that could be

challenging but I'm not gonna make this

a long video and because we could talk

about this for hours and there's a lot

of little things we could get into but

nope you're never too old to start DJing

that's what I want to say right now man

because if you feel this is what you

want to do just go for it just go for it

and you'll find out for yourself if this

really is something that you want to

continue doing once you start doing so I

hope this helps you out if you have

specific questions about this topic just

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