Here's What Happens If You Don't Winterize Your Boat

it's getting a bit chilly here in the

Netherlands and yeah winter is coming as

they say if you don't winterize your

boat you will run into complications in

the spring when you want to get her out

for a spin and so in this video I'm

going to talk about what will actually

happen if you forget to winterize your

boat or neglect - let's see some people

think winterizing your boat isn't

actually that important but turns out it

is if you don't winterize your boat all

kinds of crazy stuff happens to it and

the main reason for this is that in the


what are gets into the systems or

there's always watering in this inside

your systems and what are expands as it

freezes so when it gets bigger

everything it destroys everything

everything breaks down on you and when

you get back in the spring it's too late

oh you've all your your hoses all your

engine everything's just messed up so

let's go over the exact things that will

happen probably if you live in an area

where it freezes outside in the winter

so mind you this video is for people who

need to winterize their boat not

everybody does have to winterize the

boat and I guess if you look outside

right now and see what kind of weather

it is down here in the Netherlands we

need to winterize our boat already

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below so what does winterizing actually

mean well it consists of a couple of

steps so you need to drain everything

that's inside any hoses plumbing lines

tanks your freshwater tank for example

which will explode if you don't all your

cooling systems everything needs to be

emptied out flushed out so the water

won't be in there and freeze everything

to death you want to flush everything

out that is in contact with saltwater if

that has been into contact with

saltwater so this is your exhaust

manifolds your entire outboard cooling


maybe your prop shaft all that kinds of

stuff you need to get rid of any

remaining salt residue there and you can

use something like salt away which is an

engine flush to do exactly this you want

to add non-toxic antifreeze in your

cooling system antifreeze make sure that

there's something inside the hoses so

they don't break down let's say and the

antifreeze inside means the freezing

temperature drops significantly and your

houses will be fine you want to change

the oil in your engine you want to drain

your guests and lean tanks yes you want

to do that and maybe treat it with a

stabilizer as well you want to

disconnect all batteries so a lot of

people haul out their boat in winter

which is a great idea of all the water

surrounding it freezes up but if you are

not in the situation if you can't do

that some people can't they don't have

any place to put the boat and there's

not a boat slope for example a trailer

slope so if that's the case there are

actually a couple of things you can do

and I discussed them in this next video

which is up here yeah over here

I don't know in this video I give 9 tips

for boats that stay in the water so if

you want more in detail information

about winterizing on how to go about

doing that

definitely check out that video though

there's a lot of steps involved in

winterizing your boat and if you neglect

to do that or fail to juice some of the

steps for whatever reason well all sorts

of bad happens so what will happen to

your boat if you don't winterize it well

first of all let's say that it isn't a

guarantee it will happen but it most

likely will one day having a good habit

of winterizing it's just very good for

your peace of mind in winter and it will

prevent all kinds of crap to be honest

so let's take a look at the things that

might happen if you forget or neglect

your boat and we

the first thing is your engine and your

engine is very very precious as we all

know and and the engine is particularly

sensitive to breaking or cracking up and

well to be honest if you don't drain

your seawater lines for example things

in your engines start cracking very fast

maybe you get lucky and you just blow

off a host of a fitting or it splits

splits open or something but if it gets

more serious your heat exchangers may go

the engine block itself can actually

crack wide open if there's sea water or

water still is still in there saltwater

will actually freeze it takes a bit more

so it's well below the freshwater

freezing temperature but it will freeze

and if it does you're in a mess but how

do you prevent it well it's very simple

simply make sure you've lots of

antifreeze in your cooling system it's

properly Fred flushed and that's all

there is to it so the next thing that

may happen to your engine is a bit of a

silent killer

so it's corrosion and buildup of dirt so

if you don't flush your engine every

year and don't change the oil often what

will happen is and contaminants will

build up inside the engine and reducing

the lifespan over time it will corrode

the engine actually and well you know an

oil change isn't that complicated it

doesn't take very long and it is

actually pretty cheap so it's a good

preventative measure so how do you

prevent it simply flush out the engine

and change the oil next up are your fuel

systems well the fuel system and it

matters whether you have a gasoline

engine or a diesel most people will have

gasoline and gasoline contains ethanol

and ethanol can absorb water and again

water is your enemy in winter you want

to have nothing to do with water

freezing and expanding so there's a very

very simple fix to prevent your fuel

systems from dying on you

simply stabilizing the fuel and what you

do is you get an stabilizer and pour it

inside your fuel tank and that's it

you're good to go and these things are

very very cheap what will happen if you

don't stabilize your fuel is probably

you will have starting problems in

spring and that's because dirt has build

up inside the fuel lines I'll put my

recommendation in the link below in the

description go check it out and I really

recommend doing this because it's such

as such an easy fix it doesn't cost you

anything it doesn't take any time at all

and it is a great preventative measure

again if you have a diesel engine on the

other hand it's a bit different I

actually have an old diesel camper van

and it has the same problem so if you

leave the diesel tanks only half-filled

algae can build up will build up it will

grow inside the tank get inside your

injectors your fuel lines and you will

have pretty bad starting problems and

these problems will remain until you

clean out the thing and cleaning out

your fuel system after it's all dirty

and gunked-up is way harder than doing

preventative stuff so with the diesel I

simply think you should fill er up

before winter and you're good if there's

not a lot of air inside the system LG

will not grow that hard it's the easiest

fix there is simply fill er up all right

often overlooked the batteries and the

batteries are very important actually to

winterize and it's very easy as well so

shortcut just disconnect them and make

sure they are at the proper charge level

for that asset that's fully charged for

lithium it's around the 50 percent mark

first of all if you let them fully

discharge over winter which they will do

by themselves always and they get below

a certain point it will damage the

battery let acid batteries don't really

like being discharged also they can

again freeze of course and

while not all batteries will crack open

when they freeze what will happen is the

battery plates may get damaged and it

will destroy your batteries it's really

bad and it's so easy to fix just fully

charge them before winter lithium

batteries are a bit different on the

other hand it's quite simple disconnect

them and make sure they are charged

about 50 percent and that's it if you

don't cover your bow to leave her out in

the open you might be in for a surprise

coming next spring because if you leave

her open with for example snow on top of

the deck or just the rain the winters

rain and the Falls ring what will happen

is again what will seep in around your

deck fitting and hardware and your deck

may split open there and next spring

you'll find all these little tiny cracks

in your in your deck which is it isn't

good and it's not easy to fix as well so

again water is your enemy and the fix is

so simple just get yourself some kind of

cover doesn't have to be expensive you

can also manufacture some kind of cover

yourself DIY kind of thing but as long

as there's something on top of the deck

it will prevent most of the water from

seeping through the little cracks and

blowing her up again also if your window

seals are not very tight and because

they roll or something and what a may

seep in through these seals get inside

your hole and crack open your holes well

so make sure to look for that frozen

bilge this is a big one if you leave

water inside your builds for the winter

it may sink your boat and it doesn't

happen often but it may very well happen

to you it's so easy to just pump all the

water out of the bilge before the winter

kicks in you won't really want to do

this before the season because the bilge

pump won't really well it will probably

run when it's freezes but it will

probably damage crack open as well

because freeze water inside the pump

will damage it and just

drain out the bilge beforehand and make

sure you're both doesn't find the bottom

of the lake so a lot can happen but I

want to emphasize that it probably won't

so you can actually get lucky and a lot

of people get lucky all the time the

point for this video is if you take a

couple of simple preventative steps you

will reduce the risk of getting unlucky

with about I'd say 8090 percent every

single year and if you forget to

winterize something that's not

end-of-the-world kind of stuff

immediately but make sure to double

check before you set sail in the spring

the best way to actually don't forget

anything is have a good checklist in the

fall so you can run over each and every

point each and every year and we

actually did this for you we made a very

detailed winterizing checklist for you

and you can easily grab it get your free

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