*RESULTS* Scott's Bonus S Weed and Feed 14 Days Later - DIY Lawn Care Treatment

okay so about two weeks ago I did my

yard and I put down a bonus that Sweden

feed I did a video actually that was

like the steps I take you know and the

thumbnail said before you spread prep so

I did I did all the you know the mowing

the weed eating edging trimmed all the

bushes up at my yard in my neighbor's

yard of all the you know everything that

need to be done and then I went ahead

and I put down 5,000 square feet of

Scott's bonus s weed and feed in my yard

and in my neighbor's yard so I just

wanted to show you guys the difference

two weeks later well what's going on but

before I show you the before and after

picture I kind of want to just tour the

neighborhood a little bit and let you

guys see like the neighboring yards

that would be how my yard would also

look it's not that rain or an excessive

amount of lightning put nitrogen in the

air and in the water and or anything

like that so let me just go ahead and

just do a little bit of a I guess a

video montage may be of different yards

in the neighborhood and I'm not gonna

cherry pick we're just going to walk

around and see what we got




whole lot of weeds hold a lot of like

dryness like look behind us look behind

me right now it looks dry you know the

yards just look crispy they're yellowy

they don't look really good but now let

me show you my yard from a distance and

we'll walk up on it that is deep green

looking pretty thick

no visual weeds tremendous difference

tremendous in a neighbor's yard

fantastic nice thick green there's

another angle to change it up because of

where the Sun is looks really good still

got some weeds as you get close you can

still see there's so many patches going

on you know it's gonna take a little bit

of time to get it all there's a little

bit right here a little bit by the

mailbox but I don't know if you remember

when I did the atrazine it was pretty

bad and then we put the atrazine down

and then six weeks later I did the

weeding feed and I mean that just looks


what a difference what a big difference


and I didn't want to just do a you know

like a before and after video right now

but I also wanted to address a comment

that somebody made somebody asked me a

question and wanted to know if it was

too much to put down to three and one

Scots weed killer fertilizer fire ant

pesticide stuff and a bag of milorganite

my answer was yes it's a waste you risk

burning it let the lawn wake up natural

there's no need for it there's just no

need to put that much chemical down at

one time and then somebody came back and

corrected me and that's okay to correct

me but I don't I still stand by my my

initial thoughts is it's a waste and let

this prove it two weeks later I have the

greenest thickest healthiest lawn in my

neighborhood and I didn't do crap to it

last year so it's not like it was strong

last year last year my yard was dead it

was a mud pit because of the basketball

goal I had and the kids and everybody

coming over so the bonus a sweetened

feed which is probably the same crap as

two three and one

you know same stuff they just add a

little pesticide and fire ant killer is

all you need that's all you need to do

just put down that bonus s weed and feed

or something similar and in five six


put down your milorganite and put your

milorganite down as needed

yes it's synthetic yes it's slow-release

but there's no need to waste chemicals

there's no need to do it there's just no

need to do it proof is in the pudding so

anyways just wanted to give you guys

that update video I owed you this real

fast and no offense to anybody and I'm

not offended don't worry you can correct

me all you want it's fine but I'm gonna

I'm gonna you know

hear what you have to say and if I

disagree then I'll let you know why I

disagree but nothing against you don't

get me wrong and you're right it's not

gonna burn it you're absolutely right

but I just stand by the fact that like I

said back to your horseshit there's no

need to waste chemicals or overdo it