Bengkung Belly Binds: When Is It Too Late To Start Binding?

I remember people telling me when I was

pregnant with my second son that I would

never ever get my thin figure back that

no matter how much yoga I did and how

well I ate it wouldn't make any


of course when my son was born I was so

in love with this tiny new little person

that I didn't even give any thought to

my sagging belly skin to my still round

tummy hanging over the top of my pants

to the words of warning about my new

figure it was about eight months later

that I started doula and midwifery

assistance training and learning about

the beauty of bankin binding this

incredible ancient practice of binding

your belly in such a way that it allows

for a woman's muscles skin and organs to

gently and effectively go back into

place in order to recommend the use of

this process to my clients I had to do

my own due diligence on its efficacy

at around nine months postpartum with my

second son

I began binding within a couple weeks

I saw more results of my belly shrinking

that I had in all the months prior

within two months of binding my belly

was back to where it had been pre

pregnancy and I was actually able to fit

into my tight-fitting size to clothing

if you're questioning whether it's too

late to bind because you were weeks

months or even years postpartum I can

tell you now no it's not too late

binding has the ability to heal your

core and bring in the skin and abdominal

thickness regardless of how far you are

from giving birth and Here I am after my

fifth son still binding a ritual that I

have coveted through my last four births

continuing to prove that you can get

your pre-pregnancy body back even if you

don't start right away