It's Not Too Late To Transfer To UF For Education

I decided to transfer to Finland because

I love the program here the university

that I was at I really wasn't feeling

the program I mean I love the idea that

we get experience right off of that your

freshman year you're in the classroom

you're observing you're working with

students and I really loved that the

transfer process was pretty easy and I

had talked to Anna and Anna was the

transfer counselor at Owens and she came

believe was her twice a month to Owens

and I'm just met with her he sent her an

email and just said hey I'd like to meet

and talk about classes and so then she

helped me decide which classes to take

Owens I would transfer to Finley and so

that was kind of a very easy process

even before I was even in the process of

transferring they cared and so that like

really really got me to actually apply

in follow through

they do offer transfer scholarships here

at the University of Findlay

I've ranges depending on your GPA I

believe in your grades and they also

have a scholarship competition day here

in University of Findlay and I did cover

to do that and attend that and I did get

a $5,000 scholarship just for winning

one of those scholarships the final hate

people are really good about working

with you if you say you know I may need

a little extra help they can try to find

different scholarships that would bet

you or trying to protect it on my campus

that would fit for your seeking


everybody here is really supportive of

you and everybody actually cares about

you in the College of Education I talk

to professor's not only about like

content and homework and schoolwork but

also kind of about like daily life

Safety's you know if something's kind of

going on you can always sit down with

one of them and talk to them but coming

here I wasn't just a number I was a

future educator and that they saw me in

that instead of just a college student

that wants her teaching license today I

also really liked the idea of being out

in the field so soon

I'm really a hands-on learner and I kind

of feel as teacher you have to be that

way the more experience you get as

t-shirt the better I think

and as a freshman to be able to belong

feels like that's phenomenal

so I really like that about