How Late is too Late to Top Cannabis Plants?

what's up smoke community so today I'm

back here with my vampire plants and I

just want to let you guys know that I'm

six foot one and our fence is slightly

taller than that but as you can plainly

see I have one of the best problems

growers have plants are too big

that's got to bagel no there's still a

little bit of grow time less so my

question is how late is too late to top

a plant I know we're approaching the end

of veg time here and the grouse season

but I can't exactly remember pinpointed

date as to when we switched to flower in

the northwest region of the United

States here in northern Oregon and what

I'm thinking is if anything I'm gonna

have to take these couple of tops here

just to reduce the size of the plant

hopefully create more tops if there's

enough time left but I kind of just

wanted to get a little bit of a open

discussion going about when you think

the last safe time the top is when it

still has enough time to regrow more

tops I'd say it probably takes about a

week and a half to two weeks right for

new tops to grow after you've topped I

feel like we're right on the threshold

of that right now I feel like we got

maybe like 15 days or so left in in grow

time before it switches to flower

because of the Sun so anyway to see

these gargantuan things I will

definitely be growing this strain again

give him some good name treatment last

night not just to be safe for the bugs

kind of picked up on the video you can

see a little bit of Sheen left stole

from the

the name wasn't late night yeah let me

know what you guys think it's a top or

not to top and how much time you think

is left in the grow see that season in

the Northwest region in the United

States before it switches the flower so

let me know what you think in the

comments peace out for now guys

elemental out