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welcome back to open line we are talking

with state senator mark pody republican

from lebanon he is here literally while

the legislators on a recess on a short

break he's here talking with us about

what's going on up there but also about

some of the bills dealing with abortion

that have come up in this legislative

session we will have Planned Parenthood

on Monday you are pro-life and have

supported many of the bills that have

come up and so we talked about one which

was the heartbeat bill and how it

changed and involved and also - they

were streaming this live in our news

channel 5 + Facebook page comment and

we'll read some of the comments what are

some of the other bills there abortion

bills alright so another one is should

government continue to put money into

for example Planned Parenthood and

Planned Parenthood there are some things

that they do with the women's facilities

and women's health that are terrific

however there are some people that are

feel very strongly it should not be

supportive for abortion and partly we'll

look at it this way if if the woman is

right and I'm absolutely wrong on my

issue that that it is totally up to the

women's and there's not life in there

and she should be able to do whatever

she wants and I'm absolutely wrong and

I'm making that that lady go through a

very hard emotional issue and for nine

months she's going to have to carry this

baby and then either give it up for

abortion right for adoption or or raise

that baby and and I gotta accept that I

could be if that's correct that's what

I'm putting somebody through however if

if I'm right and that is a life then I

could do everything I possibly can to

protect that life to the fullest I can't

so in this case I believe in my heart

that I'm right

and I'm gonna protect that so if there's

money from the federal government or

state government that's going to a

facility that would perform that and

there's other facilities that would give

the same health programs that Planned

Parenthood has let's direct that money

to the exact same health facilities in

the same neighborhoods

rather than give that money to people

that might get abortions and so we're

not trying to say that you know the

health services don't have to happen we

want those health services the wellness

services and the checkups for four women

we want that we want to fund that we

just don't want to fund it in

organizations that are doing abortions

so is there a sense that with President

Trump in office now he certainly wants

to appoint justices to the Supreme Court

that that he said would overturn Roe

versus Wade is there a sense that

legislators that lean more pro-life are

trying to pass all kinds of things that

could get up to the Supreme Court and

overturn that I won't say that there's a

big sense that's different because every

single year that I've been here we've

tried to do something so we've always

tried to see if we can't pass some piece

of legislation to do that now that

president Trump's there we do feel that

maybe we can take a little bigger step

so so there might be a bigger step that

we're trying but it's not that we

haven't been trying this whole time so

it's not like all of a sudden a year ago

we said huh president Crump's there so

now we can do something we've been

trying to carry this conversation

throughout the time that I've been there

so all eight years I've been here we've

been holding this conversation and these

kind of bills is this year bigger you're

looking at like four bills you've tried

to advance something every year but what

about is this year are you seeing more

activity no I would say our biggest

success was on what they call sjr 127

and and that turned into a

constitutional amendment for the state

of Tennessee so who in the eight years

that I've been here that by far has been

the huge or the biggest success that

that we've had because that made it

where Tennessee is a neutral state it's

not pro or con a an abortion issue it

used to be we were very favorable for

abortions in Tennessee and once we got

that as a constitutional amendment we

became totally Teflon it's not pro or

con it is now neutral the law of the

land is abortion is legal some states

are restricting it Tennessee's right up

there to the point that it's going to be

very difficult

I don't know if you would say impossible

but very difficult to get an abortion

how do you feel about that that there's

some states if you just go across the

state line the laws are completely

different and from one state to another

somebody in Tennessee might have a

really difficult time getting an

abortion in another state it would be a

completely different thing is that is

that a good thing patchwork sort of

situation across the entire country

I for where I am I like the fact that

Tennessee should have Tennessee rules

Tennessee laws and values and I don't

think that Tennessee needs to implant

what we believe in New York or what we

believe in California let each of those

states make their decisions of what they

feels right now the federal government's

there for some things and we want them

to have continuity but on something like

this if it's a state-by-state basis I'm

fine because that way I'm not worried

about what they're doing in New York at

this point I'm going to worry about

what's happening in Tennessee so people

that don't have means people who don't

have money they probably wouldn't get to

travel to New York or some other state

that has a more lenient situation and

then so they're there they're here

they've got there under those those

rules and so if there's somebody who for

whatever reason they desperately want

feel like it's the right thing for them

to do to have an abortion and they have

means and they can travel to another

state and somebody that doesn't have

means they can't how do you feel about

that I I'm not here to justify you know

in that case I'm here to fight for every

baby we're there that mother has means

or not I want to point try and protect

us save that baby for those that that

feel you know what you're putting me in

a spot where I've got to raise these

children we want to make it is if they

want to put those children up for

adoption we will help them do that we

want to make it as easy and as is

painless we possibly can I understand

that they've got this and it's going to

be the emotional scar giving up a child

or whatever and and I get that but on

the other hand I also get that this is a

this is a life and I want to do

everything I possibly can to protect

that life so I'm going to put that life

of that baby ahead of the needs of that


and then I just feel very strongly we

want to protect those babies let's go to

the phone let's go to Lucy hello Lucy

what's on your mind well hey mr. pony I

appreciate you coming over because I

know you are really busy over there on

Capitol Hill but you said something

earlier you said that these unborn

fetuses were citizens and that it was

your duty to protect them and I'm just

curious if I was from China and I came

here to Tennessee since I'm I would be a

Communist Chinese I would not be a


therefore my baby wouldn't be a citizen

do you think it's still okay for me to

go ahead and have the abortion because a

lot of a lot of women are coming here

from China and having what they call

these anchor babies to get citizenship

for their babies but what if they had to

have an abortion you know at six months

or something you said they're coming

here about two months before they're due

what if they had to have an abortion say

it you know five months and could they

have one in Tennessee since they're not

a citizen and I'll just take your

comments off the air if you feel I can't

Lucy that's that's a very great comment

and that's a very good point but I'm

here to protect life and I'm not here to

say it's gonna be because they're from

one country or another or whatever if

I'm protecting life I want to protect

that life so however that falls out I

want to I want to do everything I can to

protect that life the citizen is that's

not play for you no no that that's not

that's not the issue

you know so that the citizenship would

mean you know what other rights are

entitled to I'm saying they're entitled

to life and that's what I'm trying to

fight for what are some of the other

bills that were up for abortion dealing

with abortion right so there was

actually another one that was kind of

interesting and that just happened today

it passed on the Senate floor tonight

and that was should they have something

on the Capitol grounds for I'm saying

like a monument to the unborn children

and and that's gone through a

metamorphosis of different types of

things that should have or shouldn't

have it was not one that I was jumping

up and down to do I'm not saying that

that's you know I wasn't going to

sponsor the bill or whatever and in one

form I wasn't even jumping up down to

support it but the way it came out when

we actually said how is this gonna

happen it's suggesting to the Capitol

Commission that they should consider

putting this on the grounds of the

Capitol all over the cost of this being

it's not going to cost anything because

it's if it's gonna happen it would have

to be done by private citizens with with

raised by private monies through

donations so it wouldn't cost the state

anything you know there are some people

who say you know what you're putting

something on the grounds that would

cause me emotional stress every time I

walk through it and but I could say you

know what Andrew Jackson has some of the

same things you know I mean I look what

things we have done that we would call

heroes at one time but people would say

you know that they hurt my ancestry or

they did this and the other hand there's

be people saying you know what at least

we're recognizing the the people that

have gone through it and they want to

turn around and have a way that they can

vent their their feelings in a positive

way so is there a dictate about what it

would look like no how do we determine

that would be up to the Capitol

Commission and I'm glad I'm not on the

Capitol Commission so that that's a you

know the speaker points different people

on there I think the governor appoints

different people on there and they make

those decisions you know if I had my

choice I would say you know that could

be done at a private place somewhere and

do something like that rather than on

and the capitol grounds however I am

going to try and go for as many pro-life

things as I as I can and when the

senator came up and said you know I know

the people in the Capitol Commission and

I just want the legislative intent to

say that this is suggestions that what

we're suggesting the Capitol Commission

will do I was more comfortable with it

that way so it passed it passed in both

the House and Senate both House and

Senate is passed and so then if governor

Haslam signs it it's gonna happen it's

going to happen how soon would there be

a monument it could take years if the

Capitol Commission decides to do it they

could decide not to so so it's not

saying that you will do that

it's not a deadline you have to do it by

this date or you have to raise the funds

if there's no money raised it's not

going to happen so it's not something

that is we're saying will be done by

such and such a time and it's going to

cost this much money sometimes it's

almost seems like people are up there

just trying to poke at each other you

know like this I don't know what this

does I mean maybe it makes people feel

better but again it's it's not getting

it the real issue that's correct

you know and it's just maybe just makes

people upset and like I wasn't jumping

up and down for it originally and it's

not the major piece that went through I

would much rather have science help

determine where we are and move forward

or things that we can't agree on and and

sometimes that's the best thing to do is

what can we all agree on with one side

or another and get that done and where

we're not walking away with everybody

upset and I think that this the bill

that we did with ultrasound was maybe a

good way to look at that you know I mean

it's it's definitely going to get more

facts out for people to say you know I

get to see what that baby would look

like and see the movement and such and

then make determination what they want

to go from from there as far as

accessibility to abortion in Tennessee

where do we where do we stand

pretty easy it you think it's pretty

easy yes yes it is it we are so we're

not necessarily the destination state

that we were at one point because a few

years ago we were one of the destination

states in the nation but we are still up

there with the number of abortions that

we do we're still a fairly easy state

theater Martians let's go to Bill here

before we go to break hello bill yes go

right ahead what's on your mind yes this

is just part about abortion is really

puzzling me because I don't see how

anyone can you know an organism to be

called an individual wife has to have

self awareness

and how can 81 look at an x-ray or an

ultrasound and determine when

self-awareness enters a fetus so this is

the argument about when life begins

you're saying life begins when there is

self-awareness right all right so this

okay this is good this is that debate

you know I don't know that we can ever

answer this hi your aunt you're probably

gonna say it's about when the heart beat

starts and he's gonna say well it's self

awareness which wouldn't be until after

I don't win they're self aware well that

could mean that there's people that are

in a vegetable state or they're in a

coma or are they self-aware are they

aware of what's going on and so if

that's that that's the key of when

somebody is life and that could be an

argument that is that he obviously bill

obviously has I understand that there's

gonna be different points of view of

when that might happen

in my case I just think that it is not

self-awareness I think that there's

other times that it would be life and if

somebody's in a coma

I believe that's life and I want to

protect their life you know we had the

right to not die things you know should

we help them help them die and I don't I

don't think that we should I think that

we want to protect that life as much as

I can

oh and I said you might think it's with

the heart be but it and the other is

just at the moment of conception yes and

I'm a conception guy so that would that

would take it back really further yes

yes moment of conception or heartbeat or

self awareness yes and there's no way to

know the right and right now we don't

there's not a scientific way that we

could say that this is this is it and

that's why there's gonna be people on

both sides of the issue

and they're passionate about it and

they're gonna be trying to discuss

what's going ahead and I would rather

find a way to do it in and I know it's

an emotional issue but I'd rather find a

way that we can talk through it with

common sense and say what can we do to

go forward and and whatever that ground

is let's work on that ground first and

then worry about other things later but

is there are issues that we can go

forward on together first alright we're

gonna take a break

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