When is it too late to take the SAT?

so welcome again to the accelerated SAT

mastery question and answers series and

next question I have here is when is it

too late to take the SAT well it really

depends on the personal situation most

colleges typically you're going to want

to have your college applications

completed and submitted by November

which really means that you want to aim

for a final test date being November of

senior year now it's also possible you

could take in December if for some

reason you were squeezed on test day

seeing a last possible chance you had to

take the test was in December you can

take it then most colleges usually will

not really be fully evaluating

applications until January anyway so as

long as you've taken the test and

they're completing in there while

they're compiling the files of

applications and they're there

organizing them all you get your test

score in and you probably can still have

it considered as long as you indicate on

your application you're gonna be taking

in December they'll know to look out for

that score now typically a January for

seniors is going to be too late

typically however that being said I've

gotten requests from seniors for prep to

help them with for the test because they

found out from their school that they

didn't know this before that if they had

gotten a score post a few points higher

they would have actually gotten some

free scholarship money so I just

recently worked with a girl who you know

found out she didn't do any prep with me

before she's made her application z' but

when she got into college she found out

that if she raised her score just a few

points she would actually get eight

thousand dollars per year knocked off

the tuition well she actually raised her

score even higher than she expected she

probably saved about $12,000 per year

off the tuition so almost fifty thousand

dollars she saved just by doing some

extra prep and that was even after she's

submitted her application so he really

depends on whether you're using the SAT

scores for your applications or if it's

for scholarship purposes or if it's for

the school to qualify for additional

merit scholarships or for private

scholarships depending on which way

you're going with that so but typically

the last date most kids take the test is

November sometimes December depending on

the schools and most schools will still

look at that then now there's lots of

colleges around the country they

actually don't have application due

dates until you know December or even

January of senior year and if that's the

case of course

you'd have a chance to take the SAT that

would still qualify for those schools my

suggestion is that for any schools

beyond that have deadlines past the end

of November is that you contact the

school and ask them specifically what's

the last recommended SAT test state that

you load but you know you think that we

can still consider that score for and

that will give you the final word on

which is the best last day to take this

has to take a test