TOP 5 MISTAKES that New Newborn Photographers Make || Newborn photography posing tutorials

have a shorter side on one side on his

left side I'm gonna go tight across the

top and tuck it under his bum here and

then I'm going to pull it tight over the

one side so the cream is showing so I'm

going to tuck this blue right under his

little chin crack this one make sure the

little fingers are showing and now he's


so I'm not gonna have this show and I'm

gonna tuck it right underneath and then

just show one more beam under this neck

because he's pretty far up still so I


need this head to rest on something so I

started want his head to go back I don't

want him sitting straight up because I'm

gonna be shooting down on him so I want

to be able to see his chin okay so as

you can see in this I'm rotating it so

that the latest falling across his

forehead down this side of his face and

it's completely lit this side of his

face so you want to be able to have the

light on this side his light across this

forehead and light over here

so I am shooting directly I'm focused

right on his eyes right here

so I'm angling my camera directly over

top of his face but you can see it's

slightly under expose so I'm gonna at my

ISO and now you can see the difference

that's underexposed

and that's proper exposure the


taking different angles but I am

shooting from the shadow side so the

light side is over here and I've shot

from here so I'm focused on this eye

closest to me

and I'm shooting so that I'm shooting

down his body I'm not shooting up his

body so a mistake that a lot of

photographers make goo-goo lighting so

now you can see that it's not flattering

at all but by turning his body so that

is angled next to the light instead of

up the nose now you're completely

changing the look so there is a proper

lit versus up the nose okay

another mistake that a lot of

photographers make is that I'm going to

tuck his chin in because I want to show

in the state that a lot of photographers


so in this image you can see that I'm

shooting over top but it's all his

forehead and none of his chin his chin

is tucked in so you can't see any of his

face versus that where you can see his

entire face so that is a major mistake

that a lot of photographers make another

mistake that the stalkers make is they

will dramatically underexposed an image

so I am going to under expose this image

to show you the difference

and now I'm going to overexpose it

because another problem a overexpose

marriage so what they'll do is they'll

crank the late power problem that's time

photographers I'm just turning my light

back to normal a lot of photographers

and I used to actually make this mistake

because I was unaware and nobody told me

that if you have your shutter speed too

high when you're using a studio light it

will actually basically your camera and

your studio light they can't sync up

properly there's not enough time so

what's happening is if your shutter

speed is 2 mm taking it all the way into

the camera I don't know really how else

to explain it but I'll show you an

example so I'm putting my shutter speed

up to 250 and it's gonna bring a dark

line across the bottom of the image and

you can see that here so right here oh

yeah right at the bottom here there's a

dark line at the bottom of the image so

when I bring my shutter speed back down

to 160 there's no line

because it's it's the right settings

thanks so much for tuning in to this

video so I just wanted to go over the

mistakes that we see a lot in new

photographers and goo lighting is one of

the probably the worst ways to light a

newborn image it's just not flattering

second mistake is that photographers

tend to tuck the chin in and to show and

photograph only the forehead and upper

part of the baby's face so really just

pay attention to where the face

placement is and make sure that chin is

pointed upwards another mistake is under

exposing your images or blowing your

images out so really pay attention to

the exposure of your images and try to

achieve that proper exposure and your

shutter speed make sure that you check

which shutter speed is the correct speed

for your camera to sync with your light

thanks so much for tuning in to this

video I hope that you learned a lot of

tips and tricks and how to avoid a lot

of the common mistakes that new

photographers make please hit that

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