💊 The Medication "Crash" 😴 | How To Combat It

what's up ADHD crew today I'm going to

talk all about how to reduce and soften

the blow of that horrendous debilitating

crash that comes with a stimulant

medication so why does this even happen

well scientifically these stimulant

medications are known to raise the

baseline dopamine levels in the brain

what happens is when you have that

initial dose you get the initial come up

and you get the peak threshold of

performance so about halfway through

it'll have the most effects but as time

goes by and the hours pass throughout

the day you'll have a gradual sloping

decline in effectiveness but sometimes

these declines can actually be quite

horrible and this is known as the crash

all that's happening really is that your

brains withdrawing from dopamine and

it's craving more of it

so come around 3:00 4:00 p.m. after

about six hours or eight hours you'll

notice that you start to feel really

sleepy and tired I found completely

honest sometimes I'm bedridden it's that

bad and from my experience I believe

that higher doses cause a bigger crash

so the bigger they are the harder they

fall but I think with trial and error

and experimentation there are a few

things that you can do to counteract and

combat this problem so the first thing

you want to check is the dosage itself

go to your doctor perhaps discuss what's

going on and they may tweak the dosage

you might be on something that's too

high I believe when a dose is too high

it raises the dopamine to an

extraordinary level and because your

body is not used to having that level of

dopamine it's much more noticeable when

you do finally crash and at the end of

the day so I believe that a lesser dose

is actually quite efficient to get the

job done but the thing is everybody's

different there's no hard and fast rule

it's all trial and error so I can't say

what's gonna work for me is not gonna

work for you necessarily so bear that in


so another thing the doctor might

recommend is that you actually have a

split dose so instead of one pill at the

start of the day you have two I'd lower

doses for each spread about six hours

apart so in this way you're gonna have

that dose first thing in the morning

preferably and then you can have another

one later in the afternoon just to keep

it going up until around bedtime so that

way you can have a more convenient time

to crash right so if you're gonna go to

bed 10:00 11:00 at night by then perfect


to crash so I think it's all about

strategy and finding optimal doses so

you might want to try out short acting's

stimulants instead of longer-acting

stimulants maybe ritalin sunlight that

step 2 is look at your sleep are you

getting enough high-quality

REM sleep chances are you go id HD

you've got a very overactive mind and

you've got bad habits you stay up too

late and it just affects your sleep when

this happens you are probably gonna

think that your meds aren't working


we're actually it's probably more of

your lifestyle habit and just remember a

lack of sleep can exacerbate the feeling

of a crash because you're already

sleep-deprived right so it's gonna be

tenfold later on when you do crash

another thing I've noticed it works

quite well is getting adequate nutrition

evenly spaced throughout the day so

instead of having big dips in blood

sugar by having large meals perhaps have

smaller meals so maybe six meals a day

something like that now this is

subjective so don't take my word for it

but I believe from experience that when

the body has less to process it's gonna

be more efficient right so you're not

gonna have any disruptions in my opinion

I think if you have regular feedings

throughout the day your body is gonna be

able to efficiently process things and

metabolize the drug and the food so just

try it out another thing that helps good

old h2o these medications are quite

notorious for causing a dry mouth and

the feeling of thirst you want to make

sure that you're getting adequate

hydration throughout the day it's pretty

common knowledge the dehydration

increases fatigue so therefore I would

say it's even more important that you

get adequate hydration when you're on

the stimulants another thing is stay

active resist the urge to sit down and

park your bum on the chair resist the

urge to get into bed and have a nap

why because I find that if I do this it

just brings the crash to my attention

even more so a little trick is stay

active perhaps even get a workout in

perhaps if you crash around a certain

time you can plan a workout do whatever

you don't even have to do that just go

out for a walk get some fresh air stay

active stay on your feet right because

that is gonna trick your mind into

distracting yourself from that crash

feeling and finally I would say one more

thing you could try is supplementation

now there are a variety of things that

you can take there's so many things out

there that for me to list them all would

be impossible but a few of my favorites

would be l-tyrosine

and Althea Knight these are natural

supplements so therefore if you take

something at the end of the day to

relieve yourself from the crash it's not

going to interfere with this sleep it's

not going to cause any major problems

right from my experience

I have issues with sleep so I'm not

gonna have anything strong like black

coffee but I may try something like tea

with some milk in it another thing you

could try is just supplementing with

vitamins say like B vitamins that are

very good for energy perhaps just take a

multivitamin that's got a bit of

everything so you're not deficient and

you know you're covered aside from that

there's not much else you can really do

I've done as much research as I can I

can't really find a whole lot of

information the problem with the

stimulant is that it's the very nature

of it you're gonna have some kind of

come down and depending on how sensitive

you are in general just genetically

you're just gonna have more side effects

when you come off it right so it's just

all about managing your lifestyle and

strategically managing your dosage right

so combine that together and you've got

a nice little system so it's all trial

and error just try it out thanks for

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today guys thanks very much and I'll see

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