Shingles Vaccine-Mayo Clinic

ask anyone who's had shingles and

they'll tell you a flare-up is no fun

the rash hurts and can cause major pain

and discomfort months after the initial

outbreak and anyone who has had the

chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine is

at risk but doctors at Mayo Clinic say

you can protect yourself from the virus

with the shingles vaccine in retirement

remember you cannot plan your whole day

around getting your hair cut and true to


Paul bellows retirement is fire engine

red it's a 1961 Ford but Paul had a

little setback when he was working on

engine number 9

I was lying underneath it and then it

was that evening that I noticed the pain

in my side and I tributed it to rolling

over underneath there onto some tools

hours later Paul's torso was blistered

with the burning rash of shingles you

couldn't stand anything to touch it

that's the the skin is so super

sensitive shingles is a viral infection

and it is actually a consequence of

having had chickenpox or the chickenpox

vaccine says dr. Priya Sampath Kumar you

see after you've had chickenpox the

virus can live dormant in your nervous

system for years then if your immune

system becomes weak because of an

illness or the aging process the virus

can reactivate and travel along your

nerves to your skin causing severe pain

and blisters and just like this little

fire truck can help put out fires

medication may help put out the fire of

shingles but vaccines can prevent it

from happening to begin with the vaccine

cuts your risk of getting shingles

overall by about 50% it can also cut

your risk of severe pain by two-thirds

recommendations are that everyone over

age 60 should get the vaccine I was

supposed to get the shot in two weeks

too late but Paul recovered in about six

weeks and he's having a blast in a

retirement that's fire-engine red even

though Paul has had shingles he should

still get the vaccine to prevent future

outbreaks the vaccine is recommended for

people over 60 but it may not be right

for everyone people with a weakened

immune system should not get the shot

because it contains live virus and

you do get shingles it's very important

to seek medical care immediately that's

because the antiviral medications work

best if they're taken early within 48

hours for medical edge I'm Vivien