WVU Medicine Health Report: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Heart Disease


when the Women's Health Initiative study

came out 15 years ago the study found

that women on hormone replacement

therapy or HRT faced a higher risk of

cardiovascular disease and breast cancer

women on HRT to control hot flashes and

other menopausal symptoms rushed to

their doctors looking for other options

but the recently released elite study

found that HRT can actually be good for

your heart if it's given at the right

time earlier is better you want to start

that hormone therapy when you're

beginning to have hot flashes when

you're starting to skip periods and

within that first ten years of having

completed your menstrual cycles waiting

until you're in your 60s is too late the

elite study also found side effects can

be lessened by delivering the estrogen

directly through the vagina or the skin

not with pills which are metabolized in

the liver still HRT is not for everyone

an ideal patient for hormone replacement

therapy would be someone who is

suffering right now with hot flashes

also women who are at increased risk of

osteopenia or osteoporosis which is

thinning of the bones or bone loss HRT

is not a one-size-fits-all medication

just because HRT isn't right for your

sister or your friend doesn't mean it's

not right for you talk with your

gynecologist about your age symptoms and

family history to find out if HRT is an

option in morgantown for the WV medicine

health report I'm dr. John Phillips