hello everyone my name is Paige welcome

back to my channel today I am going to

be doing a video on kind of for people

who want to get into horse riding a few

things you should be thinking of and

ways in which you can be most successful

so let's get right to it

the first thing obviously is if you are

wanting to start horse riding experience

it before you make any long-term

investments so whether that they go on

trail ride and you know I wouldn't

really recommend doing that because

right most trail places that run them

the horses are very automatic they just

follow the other horses and you don't

really get a feel of how to actually

control your horse so I would recommend

just going for maybe a private lesson

having a one-on-one thing with an

instructor and making sure that you

understand that yes you do actually need

to ride there is an effort needed so

first thing's experience it and then

once you like it start thinking about

these things obviously if you're going

to be paying for your horse riding on

your own where the cost think about you

know it's it's gonna be a long-term

investment it's not just a horse riding

itself even if you don't own a horse but

it's the attire it's the driving there

it's where it's a way of all these costs

and you might need to get away insurance

which is equestrian Australia insurance

um a lot a whole bunch of things so

where the cost if you're going to be

funding up for yourself and see if you

can actually afford it so attire all you

really need when you start is jodhpurs

some pants and boots I think some

paddock boots are fine with just some um

jodhpur with some short chaps or

something like you don't need to go

overboard when you first start because

it's true the memories you might not

like it you might not want to stick with

it I personally think that everyone who

starts there's a 90% chance you're gonna

love it

but there are people who don't so don't

invest heaps of money into really

expensive gear when you're not

going to use it so usually most of

Australian places will provide you with

their own helmet so if that's not an

investment you want to make from top all

you need really is jumpers so yeah

dangerous so I actually had on a pony

problems at Paige episode that I did

last week and one of the questions I

didn't actually answer was I mean it was

something along the lines of I want to

start trying to put my parents won't let

me they think that's too dangerous the

truth of the matter is is that yes horse

riding is dangerous

whether you're handling them or whether

you're riding them however I think that

being experiencing something amazing

teamwork stuff that's gonna build you up

the danger the good things outweigh the

danger um but do be aware that yes

you're gonna fall off it's going to

happen and I don't think dangerous

something you should be concerned about

and you shouldn't let it consume you if

that's something you are concerned about

because if you do let it consume you

you're not going to enjoy it and you're

wasting money on something that you're

stressing about so yes there is fear

involved for some people or for pretty

much all people but at different levels

but I would recommend just try not to

let that danger continue and if it's

something you're really concerned about

start on an easy horse speak to your

instructor and try and build it up into

a horse that you feel needs a bit more

riding and needs a bit more experience

so yeah just start with some beginner

horses but don't be too concerned about

I wouldn't be too concerned about the

danger I just be focused on getting the

job done riding as best you can

putting in the most effort and that's

really it okay so the next thing was

attitude so in regards to attitude I

just want people to understand that yes

when you do horse rider there is a lot

of work involved whether that be

building your own muscle building your

mental status building your confidence

there is so much involved that I think

people realize think about you know do I

have the right attitude am i open minded

am I willing to step outside of my

comfort zone a lot of the time when your

horse riding especially

small for people who want to push it out

of a leisure sense this is for people

who want to actually learn build their

skills if you just want to ride a horse

once a week just because you love it

that's fine but that's not what I'm

talking about here I'm talking about

people who want to get into it and build

their riding almost every single ride if

you are being the best riding you can be

you're pushing yourself a little bit out

of your comfort zone whether it be a

small bit a huge bit you are always

pushing yourself out of your comfort

zone and the important thing to remember

is that horses are you are not

dominating your loss but then looking

for you to be the leader and if they

don't want to go outside their comfort

zone you have to be there to persuade

them to do so so for you to do that your

comfort zone needs you need to be able

to push the boundaries and then yourself

and by that I mean if you are asking a

horse to do something you continue to

ask until you get your results you're

clear you're direct and you can't give

up you've got to keep pushing and

pushing and pushing so attitude is a

very big thing and I think you should

basically just look to I need to push my

comfort zone two steps forward one step

back I said that all the time in my

videos but it's true and you need to be

willing to try new things you need to be

a bit ambitious

but at the same sense listen to what

your instructor says and don't do

anything dangerous if you want to be

successful in your writing you need to

be in an environment where people are

going to support you in your endeavors

and are going to push you to your

boundaries so by environment within

yourself have friends and family who are

going to support you and who are going

to be like hey right it's great keep


have people who are going to come out

and watch you have a supportive network

of people that are going to make you

want to build your writing and push your

writing because having a supportive

environment is definitely going to push

it further and then if you're looking

from a writing point of view you have an

instructor who's really supportive have

the group of people that you write that

the stables or where you do your horse

running make sure they're supportive

surround yourself with a positive group

of people and that will encourage you to

get positive results in your walls


is more kind of you're raising why do

you want to do it don't do cost writing

if it's just something that you've seen

and you've been like oh that would be

nice or you've seen one of your friends

does it and you just want to get

involved like I said I will continue to

say but Hollis writing pushes your

mental limits when you get to the point

where you want to build it and if you're

not doing it for you it's not gonna last

in the long run so make sure you have

the right motivation or doing it for the

right reasons and you're not just doing

it because it's a trend or because

everyone around you is doing it if you

yes you can go and follow you can be

like hey I'll give it a try because

everyone else is doing it but don't

stick with it unless it's really gonna

be for you because in the long run you

know it's money you're gonna waste

energy or waste time and you could be

directing your energy into something

that's really gonna make you happy

like I said 90% of people will love it

but make sure your motivation you're

doing it for the right reasons and

you're doing it for you this again goes

back to have your attitude you have to

remember that if something doesn't go

right that's not the end you've got to

keep pushing you've got a kick going and

you can't just give up because the truth

of the matter is that you are working

with another teammate yes they're not

humans yes they can't speak you'll pick

up a body language and you'll pick up

communication skills with your horse and

sometimes you won't get those

communication skills or sometimes you

won't get what you want and you need to

be persistent so that you get the

results that you're looking for and I

think that's kind of anything in life as

well see some advice from lots of

different resources so look at some tips

for beginner horse riders look at ask

your instructors talk to other riders

you may know and see what advice they

can give you when they started and I

actually have a video on my channel

called tips for beginner for Stratos

which I'll leave a link to in the

description box or pop-up card right now

and if you guys want to go watch that I

have about 20 tips that I would really

give to you guys and it's not really an

attitude it's more like physically what

you should be doing so yeah if you're

thinking about it if you've experienced

it and you have enjoyed it first up dive

straight into it it's gonna be so much

fun it has some

health benefits it relieves you from

stress it it's just such a great

environment to be and it's such a great

thing to do you feel like it constantly

works in with a team you build this bond

that no one else can really explain with

the horse that you're riding and it's

just really amazing okay so a few things

that what training does do is it does

increase your compassion with an

understanding of learning and

communicating with other people it's

just great in that sense and it reduces

your stress I can tell you me personally

and lets them in a very stressful

situation but most of the time if I'm in

a downer mood I get on a loss instantly

as soon as my foot goes in master but

I'm in this paddle and a happier person

whether that be by a little bit or a lot

I'm always a be a person treasom our

history is it requires a lot of muscles

so yes you are gonna burn calories you

are gonna become fit it's going to test

your cardio there's a whole bunch of

Fitness things true that if you do them

you're going to become a fit of person

no pun intended but you need to take the

reins when you are on a horse you need

to take control you need to be the

leader and that's gonna help you so much

in other situations where your

psychological attitude has kind of

changed to and how you want to control

situations and it makes you not be a

dominating leader it makes you be a

leader who works with people and the

stand and cut empathize and bargain and

it just does all these things bring your

own mind that is going to help you so

much else in life as well I've seen a

whole bunch of people who've come into

stables where I written and they might

be autistic or they might have gone

through something really bad or not be

they might have changed schools or they

might be in a situation where they're

not thrilled about life basically and

you see them get on horses and they

instantly become happier people so my

final statement is if you are thinking

about it you've experienced it it feels

great go ahead and do it it's going to

be one of the best decisions of your