Is It Too Late to Start Ballet?

hey everyone happy new year it's Jana

from ballerinas by night here to kick

off the new year with a really common

question that we get here on YouTube is

it too late to start ballet and while

the answer is in every single one of our

videos that we've ever made

I'm gonna go ahead and just address it

here directly and the answer is no it is

not too late to start ballet now I

realize that a lot of the times this

question comes from the younger age

range like teenagers 12 to 16 18 like

that and when I first read comments like

that from when they say oh I'm 13 is it

too like to start ballet and I look at

that question and I'm like it's 35 year

old and I'm like no of course it's not

to like to start ballet but I do also

forget what that feels like to be that

age and just start something that like

probably your friends have been doing

since they were like 3 or 5 and they're

at a much different stage of it than you


so I get the fear behind that of being

behind from your friends and feeling

like you aren't the same level I totally

get that but the answer is still no so

hear me out because no matter what you

do time is gonna keep going okay so like

whether or not you decide to do ballet

that time is gonna pass by so if you're

13 and you're thinking about starting

but you're just not sure when you're

like 25 years old and you haven't

started yet that means you could have

had 12 years of dancing 12 years that's

a lot you can do in 12 years so if you

have to think about it in like the broad

range of your life and then starting

something at 13 is really not a big deal

at all but I will talk it through with

you if you are a teenager here in that

names are at age range and you're

struggling with the concept of doing it

I totally get it and there is gonna be a

little bit of difficulty if you go in

and everybody this and you're great and

your friends or whatever you know they

might be an on point already and it

might be preparing for a point and

you're gonna show up and you're gonna

have to learn how to just stand at the

bar and learn your positions and your

placement and there's a lot to catch up

on but

if you really want to do it and you

really want to learn you're gonna have

to start at some point so you might as

well start now so just keep your focus

keep your blinders up if you need to

don't let what everybody else is doing

take away from your focus and have fun

too you don't I mean like don't go do it

if you're not gonna have fun so just

start if you decide you want to take it

seriously and try to go to summer in

tenses and try to get a job or whatever

like that's totally cool but also you

don't have to do it that way there's a

lot that you can add a ballet even if

you decide to stop at 18 and not do it

anymore you know you learn a lot of

discipline you learn point poise and

respect patience how to work in a group

how to push yourself there's so many

things that you could out of ballet and

it doesn't have to be a job which I know

can be a stigma about ballets I go if

you're not gonna make it a job then why

do it but there's so many other like

sports and activities that we do that we

don't do it's jobs we just do it for fun

so it's okay to do ballet for fun it's

okay to do ballet in the job all of it

is okay so we need to just take that

pressure off of ourselves nobody of

defining what we can or cannot do so you

can decide if you want Valley in your

life the put Ballet in your life of

whether you're 13 or you're 52 it just

it doesn't matter if it's gonna bring

you joy and happiness then you should

incorporate it into your life no it is

not too late to start ballet whatever

age it is and I don't think that it's

ever too late to start anything that

you're passionate about because time is

gonna keep moving so I might as well

enjoy it while we're living it so that

is my message going into the new year I

hope that if you've been wanting to

start ballet or start anything that

you're passionate about that you will

make 2020 the year that you do it if you

need some additional support or you have

like specific questions just throw them

in the comments below and we will get to

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Jana Mai

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so Happy New Year's guys happy new years

happy I can I can't talk so Happy New

Year guys I will see you in another

video soon bye