Is it too Late to Start My Vegetable Garden

imperfect gardener here what if you're

more imperfect than me and it's like

June 21st and you haven't planted your

garden yet and you're like ding you know

what I want to go ahead and plant a

garden in here in Michigan and it's like

wow it's a little late for a lot of

things to come up well you know what you

would be surprised if you go late to

your gardening place which I'm at right

now place me up here it's called


vegetables they still have stuff no some

stuff is gone but a lot not and guess

what it's really marked down so it's

also fun if you already planted she like

you know why my peppers aren't doing

well I want some new or I didn't do this

kind of pepper here's a jalapeno pepper

okay normally 369 each all of them are

$0.99 now okay you can come and get

these vegetables 99 cents a piece and

some of them already have little peppers

started growing on them right here okay

so if I decide hey I want to try healthy

no pepper I can go ahead and grab some

of those up and I'm gonna get a good

good deal on them because they're all

marked down because you know pretty much

everybody else already planned their

garden already right so it's just an

idea to go in and check they've got

peppers lots of peppers

there's squash over there radishes which

I've never transplanted that's

interesting and they've got Tomatoes

there's some smaller Tomatoes here a lot

of the tomato plants are gonna be really

big these ones they have back here are

really just falling over cuz they

weren't meant to stay this long let me

show you they weren't going to leave

this this long in this pot you know if

they wanted it planted they haven't

staked it up or anything because they've

not sure frienemies gonna buy it at this

point it's just like okay well these are

I think they're included in the ones

that are $0.99 well yeah they are

because it says all the court ones in

the three quarter inch something they're

all $0.99 so you could grab a tomato

plant right now for 99 cents it's

already got some things coming off it I

don't need tomato plants I got tons of

them but some of these are bigger than

some of the ones I have planted right

now so wouldn't be a bad deal come in

and grab a few tomatoes over here

they've already got some this looks like

teenies or something growing out here

okay some kind of melon squash of some

kind they've got a lot of it 99 cents a

plant it's not a bad deal and then if

you want one that's bigger you know you

look around over here they've got this

big huge tomato plants it looks like

they did not sell enough of but they're

most of them are on sale right now for

less than they would normally charge but

these look how big they are five bucks

apiece isn't bad for a big huge tomato

so it's a thought if you haven't started

garden yet you still want to even though

it's mid-june almost the end of June

21st is a little more than mid-june you

can come and find stuff up here they got

some squash over there you can still

plant okay grab some of these plants

around sale go check out your local

nursery and see what they've got on sale

because this they've got these beautiful

potted back up a little so you can see

it beautiful potted tomato plants

they've already got this wire in him to

hold them up and everything normally

$24.99 it's on sale for $9.99 today $10

and it's already got tomatoes growing on

it this one's called better Bush they've

got a ton of these you could just come

in here at the last minute and pick this

up for less than half price then you got

yourself a little container tomato for

the patio or whatever what a great deal

these are all on sale I think I think

they're all $9 look at that $9.99 yeah

these are all I think these are all this

better Bush variety and then they still

got all these Tomatoes down here to the

Doral they're pretty much all on sale

gardener so I've been shopping here at

the sale stuff and I don't know I know

my garden is huge I already have enough

stuff in it but listen I don't have any

hot peppers so here is a jalapeno

Gigante whatever

that means big jalapeno pepper look is

there anyone growing a buck I just said

I'm an it to my garden for a buck what's

this one it's June 21st hey what you

gonna do you can add a couple of things

why not they're live they're growing

what's this

squash I didn't have any this butter

Bush squash for a buck

I'm taking it there's two of them in

there and then this one I saw that was a

different squash they didn't have I know

it wasn't squash it was musk melon this

is a must ambrosia you must know one I

think I did a musk melon so we could

find a corner somewhere to stick that in

and let it spread out into the grass or

something and then look I got just for

fun I only did one heirloom type this

year so I was like you know what they

got these heirlooms for a buck here's

one that's called Cherokee purple

heirloom it makes these purplish looking

Tomatoes why not try that one and then

one that's called black from Tulsa and

no sorry black from Tula it's not Tulsa

Arizona black from Tula and it's already

got a flower on it and another one's

called German red strawberry heirloom

tomato so I found three kind of heirloom

tomatoes and then I went ahead and

picked up this cuz it I don't know I

want more on the patio just for fun and

it's just a champion but I don't think I

did any champion this year so I'm

getting at so anyway I'm picking off

about three new heirloom ones and cut

thick that stemness man that's cool I

can't wait to see what these look like

Cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes so

anyway yeah that's the end of that but

that's what you can do come in at the

end of the season it's June 21st

everything's marked down all of these

plants ninety-nine cents each

and I could just add them to the garden

I've done so far if you haven't done a

garden yet you run in here you grab some

stuff look at these tomato plants stop

there as I was going through I couldn't

help myself they had some herbs on sale

this apparently is basil I've never

grown basil why not normally $5 on sale

for 99 cents basil sweet ocm basil we're

gonna see what happens with that it

smells like something that use in your

cooking let me smell yep apparently

supposed to use it on I don't

what something so as I learned how to

cook better foods using my vegetables

and learn how to eat more healthy I'm

gonna want some herbs so I hadn't

planted any bay his own for a buck I

bought me some and then I also saw you

know my onions hadn't done well I tried

to put that to my hands from seed the

big onions didn't go well this kind of

big ones so I went ahead and got me

there's some set of white onions there's

a ton in here I cried minded not even

plant them off but they were on sale for

half off of this set and then the yellow

ones they're on sale half off so I spent

a couple of bucks on each of those

actually which might be more than I

wanted to for onions but I don't I

wanted some onions and dinged if mine

went to grow from seed very well so I'm

going to throw these and these will for

sure grow I asked the boss here he says

oh yeah still not lady said he just put

his onions in last week it says mid to

late summer you can plant these so I

think what I'm going to do is I'm going

to plant half of them in us place where

they weren't growing while where I tried

to plant them before and then since it's

mid to late summer I'm gonna plant half

from now and then I'll after I pick some

I'll plant some more maybe I don't know

we'll see how it works out maybe I can

get some growing into the fall time you

have some onions for me and just because

you know vegetables are beautiful but

look at this I had to get me a little

plant it was on sale too nice hanging

plant put out front to make things

beautified so you got to give a little

time to the flowers you know vegetables

are great but a little time to the

flowers so I got out of there in the end

I spent a little more than I planned cuz

of this flower that was about 17 dollars

but that's on sale too it's not a bad

deal they had some for $9.99 but this

one was so much prettier so I woulda had

spent a little more for that but these

veggies I bought were very very cheap

and I'm gonna go and enjoy my home and

enjoy my garden and I really need to go

out there working it's probably almost

noon now and I could've been out working

for several hours already in the garden

instead I've been traveling around

having fun looking for deals so I can

plant more stuff in the space

half all right fun so again don't be

afraid to go to your local nursery it's

June 21st here and I found some more

plants at a wonderful deal really cheap

it's not too late to put a garden in get

out there and do that if you don't have

time you can do a container one or if

you don't have space you can do the

Tanner garden they've got those great

big container tomatoes in there that I

showed you and get out there and have

fun gardening