TOO LATE to CHANGE CAREERS or START A NEW CAREER? Is it really about time and age or something else?

Rather than asking yourself is it too late in terms of age there are other

questions that are more relevant to ask yourself if you want to make a career

change and this has a lot less to do with your current age but more to do

with your current situation your circumstances your expectations number

one would be the level of success that you expect from your career change let's

say that you want to become a pianist and actually professionally play in

concerts and in an orchestra and doing your earlier years let's say you have

already had some experience of playing the piano so you are not completely

starting from zero but you're not really an expert in it and let's say that now

for the past 10 or 15 years you have worked as a teacher and now you have

this really strong intention of becoming a professional pianist so I don't think

it's that relevant to ask yourself if it's too late or not because no matter

what age you are at whether you're 20 30 40 or even 60 or 70 it is not impossible

to become a pianist as long as you're willing to learn it and spend time on it

and put the effort into it then you can certainly become a professional piano

player of course that really depends on each individual it depends on a lot of

things like your talent your grit etc but it is a possibility so now the

relevant question is what level of success do you expect if you're still

eighteen or twenty then you can very reasonably expect that you can get to a

very high level and become one of the greatest piano players in the world but

if you let's say start at age 85 then maybe you can become a professional

pianist but you might not be able to get to that level of success as a 20 year

old could but as long as you are able and willing to accept that kind of

limitation then there is actually nothing that stands in your way of

becoming a pianist right the second question is what kind of risks are you

willing to take let's say that you've been working as a computer engineer but

now you're thinking of switching your career and want to study let's say

German literature and you want to become a professor in that area no matter what

age you are at if you're 30 40 or 50 of course it is possible to study German

literature you can just go and enroll for the program get the degree and then

try to get a job as a professor so the question is not whether it's too late to

study German literature and become a professor or not but the question is in

your particular situation with your circumstances for example having a

family or having financial responsibilities are you willing or not

to take the risk upon you and the risk is for example not able to perhaps

immediately get a job after graduation or maybe making less money than you made

working as a computer engineer number three is your assessment of costs and

reward ratio at this point in time in your particular situation are you

willing to spend the money the time the effort and the energy to get a certain

perceived reward and I think that this has less to do with your age but has

more to do with your particular situation especially your financial

responsibilities let's say that you are 25 years old and you have been working

in accounting but now you want to become a film director at this very moment you

just got married and you have two small kids that rely on you financially so on

one hand this possible reward of becoming a potentially becoming

successful film director is very enticing but on the other hand there is

also the cost the cost of making less money in the beginning and maybe having

to use part of your savings to take part in the courses getting your education or

your experience in filmmaking and the money that you could otherwise use to

support your family better and at the same time you might be 70 years old and

let's look at the same scenario you have been working in accounting until you

were 65 and you've not been doing anything for the last five years and now

at 70 you've suddenly thought about becoming a

FileMaker is it too late or not I don't think that that question is relevant

here here you have a possible reward of becoming a filmmaker or maybe making a

film for your own satisfaction and then on the other hand you look at your cost

perhaps you are at the point in time where you don't have any financial

responsibilities anymore let's say that your house is paid off

and your children have grown up so they are financially independent so in this

scenario although you're 70 years old by pursuing filmmaking you're not really

losing out or sacrificing anything else number four is the amount of energy that

you are able and you are willing to expend on your endeavor and I think that

the question of energy is much more relevant than a question of age because

one person can be much older than the other person but have a lot more energy

let's say that you are 55 years old and that you studied biology but now you

want to build a second career and become an archaeologist I'm not certain if

there is an age limit to that but I assume that there is not theoretically

there would be nothing limiting you to study archaeology and become an

archaeologist and go to the pyramids and do your excavations and research but the

bigger question is do you have the energy or not and this is a very

individual thing and you have to look at it

case-by-case because there are a lot of people who at age 55 or even 60 are much

more fit and are much healthier and stronger than people in their 40s or

let's say you are 40 years old and you want to go into acting of course it's

possible there are a lot of actors that started when they were older and that

made a name for themselves and there are a lot of roles out there for people in

their 40s 50s and beyond as long as you don't expect to always or necessarily

have the main role the question becomes not a question of age but the question

of you in particular you as an individual do you have the energy to

pursue this career path or not and the answer might as well be yes because

I said earlier an increase in age does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with a

decrease in energy many people especially if they reach a certain age

ask themselves whether or not and it is too late to change careers and start

building their career in a new industry or area but I've noticed that not only

do 40 or 50 year olds ask themselves these questions but increasingly I've

also seen a lot of people who are only in their 20s or early 30s who are

questioning whether or not it is too late so let's begin by asking ourselves

what does that actually mean whether it's too late there are certain

professions certain occupations which actually give you an age limit where you

pass that age you are not able to enter that field an example of that would be

if you would want to have a professional career and software at a level where you

would be able to play in the World Cup for that there is obviously an age

restriction I don't know what that exact age is but I'm pretty certain that if

you want to have that kind of career then you would need to start very early

in your teams at 14 15 16 or maybe even that is too late and if I correctly

understood from the website of NASA there is even no age limit to become an

astronaut as long as you fulfill their criteria so when you think about it

there are very very few occupations and careers where there is an absolute age

limit for you to enter it so if you happen to want to build a career or

start a job in a field that actually has an age limit and you are past that age

limit then I'm sorry to tell you that yes it is too late to change your career

to become let's say that soccer player but apart from the very few exceptions

there are really very very few occupations that have a strict age limit

so realizing this what does the question is it too late actually me it definitely

doesn't mean that there is any external party who limits your entry into that

new career or feel so if there is anyone who would say

it is too late to change careers then that could only be you or the people

around you who have that opinion