Starting A Business In 2020 | Is It Too Late?

I got more such than the Beatles though

nobody says

anyway what's up guy should shine it

Shawna here I'm back with another

youtube video today's quick brief video

is about starting a business in 2020

guess what the runner going online and

yes with everybody losing their jobs and

yes with the market being scary and all

this stuff it is still now more than

ever the perfect time to starts that

business you do not want to face another

crisis next time without a plan you do

not want to have faced another crisis

without passive income and doggone it

you do not want to face another crisis

and not already have money stacked up

and be generating income so without

further ado let's start this video

because you need to protect yourself

your family your business yo kids your

grandkids grandparents great grandkids

fake kids so in 2020 you guys the time

to start a business is now and

everything is so online and everything

ooh my nails everything is so social

media-based an ad base that is so easy

to generate income especially online so

the first thing I want to talk about is

your business plan I always say this if

you're fit if you're planning to failing

to pull how you say failing plan start

over okay planning to fail is failing to

plan okay failing to plan is planning to

fail so if you do not have that business

plan then you are already not ahead now

listen in this business world there's no

blueprint there's no tricks of the trade

like no one's gonna give you the answers

Yes No maybe so in this business world

and nothing is cookie cutter there's no

blueprint there's no rulebook there's no

answer guys so your business plan is

your answer guys who's going to hold you


you'll yourself in your business plan so

that's why you have to have it it

doesn't have to be completely drawn out

but your business plan has to have goals

it means you need to know who your

target audience is you need to know what

your projected to make you need to know

your year one projection two years three

years like you have to have that

established in order to to grow like if

you don't know what you're going to do

day to day

then how would you know like if you're

on track you're generating income if

you're actually losing if you're not

profitable like you have to know all

those things and that starts with your

business plan the next thing you need to

do is make sure that your business name

is available so you want to check

trademarks and make sure that you can

look it up and it's not taking the last

thing you want to do is still Nike and

Nike come knocking on your door like hey

that's our business name you want to

make sure the email is available you

want to make sure you can you make sure

the social medias are available so make

sure the business that you are trying to

get the name is available and make sure

those names are cohesive all across the

board okay that is major major key um

branding is a big thing okay so we know

brands like Nike we know brands like the

Kardashians celebrities everybody who

has their name pretty much established

it's all in their branding okay so like

Beyonce she branded herself to just drop

music so now she rented herself that I'm

higher and mightier than now that we

believe it okay now we're like Queen Bee

is the Queen all hail the king like she

drops music at the drop of a dime she

doesn't do small interviews anymore so

her presence is like when she drops

something you feel it because she

doesn't exploit herself she's not always

out and about and talking so that's how

she built her brand businesses like Nike

they're focused on okay hardwork growth

blood sweat and tears after all their

slogan is just do it so you want to

brand yourself as to okay we know what

you bring to the table when I go to your

brand or when I go to your hair company

I know that you specialize in having the

longest the longest hair and it's

detangled I know that you specialize in

having the curliest softest hair I know

that you're here I can wear for three to

six months whatever you want people to

know about your brand you're going to

take that and run with it so if you feel

like you have the softest Curly's hair

that needs to be posted and blasted

everywhere so we know okay this hair

company has the softest hair this last

company their lashes don't break like

you have to make sure that whatever is

going to be the selling point for your

products that we

see that every single place we go we

need to see your brand on your shirts we

need to see your brand all that's like

for me I sell clothes so I don't wear

other people's clothes and advertise if

I were to mitosis clothes that I'm not

advertising it so same with ice cream I

own an ice cream company so you don't

see me advertising other people's ice

cream like it's just certain things that

you don't do you have to be the walking

billboard for your own company

okay that's huge when it comes to

branding you need to know your color

schemes as your brand your packaging

yellow and gold or golden black like you

have to know so much so branding but

when you google branding you guys or buy

my book I have a book about all this

stuff available right now actually

cha-cha Nico it's only $20 if you don't

have tall service and yourself then

you're doing something wrong okay

because you spin out on food anyway so

branding that is a huge huge thing for

your business

next is social media you want to use

social media for York for everything

okay it's free why not use it we're on

there scrolling anyway anytime I'm

scrolling I'm like okay if I'm gonna

just be scrolling for recreational

purposes might as well comment on

somebody's Instagram why because that's

going to get them to see your stuff it's

gonna get them to like you and see what

you're doing like okay this person was a

fan I always say be a fan to get fans so

comment on stuff make yourself known we

don't necessarily see your Instagram

until we see you come in someone else's

post we don't necessarily see your

Instagram until we see that you post

somebody else and they reposted it so

always be a fan say get fans make sure

your theme is cohesive make sure it's

easy on the eyes make sure you're

offering value make sure your captions

are really good we need to go to your

Instagram and see that you're actually

saying something in your captions I just

noticed that my posts get Reshard when

I'm saying something deep in the

captions not only will they share my

post but they'll say like this caption

is great and that helps bring in

followers as well so you want to make

sure you're doing that with your

products whether it be your personal

brand or your haircare line or whatever

the case may be make sure you're adding

value to every single thing that you

post all your content is

value also when it comes to Instagram

you want to plan out what your feet is

gonna look like and I know a lot of

people say look I just wanted to be fun

and I well that's cute but if you wanted

to grow then it has to be fun and it has

to be right I see so many people posting

pictures but like their little butter

filling your feet and see them blow

blurry pictures with the crowns and the

hearts and stuff floating around your

head that's not branding that's not cute

it's just like okay is this Instagram

for recreational purposes are you

actually trying to make a name for

yourself if you want to be recreational

purposes go ahead and post all that

stuff and your cousin and your pet dog

and your pet goldfish but if you're

trying to brand yourself don't post your

brother and say happy birthday don't

post your little cousins that's playing

in the backyard on your feet post this

up with your story great but we don't

want to see that on your feet we want to

see you what you have to offer and what

can you offer us for your Instagram this

is huge for business in 2020 is

definitely social media we find out that

the government is shutting down on

Instagram before we find out on the news

so that tells you how powerful Instagram

is right now next marketing we already

talked about social over here to talk

about Instagram

next is ads you always want to do ads I

always say start low five dollars for an

ad is fine you can see quick like what

people are doing what traffic is coming

from what places with just five dollars

a day for your ass kick it up to six to

eight as well you also want to create

like a PR list in people items if you

can't afford to pay people because a lot

of people charge okay if you can't

afford to pay people then start with

your family and your friends you got to

think everyone has some type of audience

whether they're big little they have an

audience okay so you want to send your

product to your closest friends your

closest family and make sure that

they're posting for you if you do know

some people with the heavier influence

reach out to them hey I don't have a big

budget because I would love to send you

some of my products and you want to make

sure that everyone is pushing your

products around the same time as well

and that will really help get you going

especially for a great launch another

thing you can do is pay influencers ten

fifteen twenty dollars and they'd post

like memes create a make a meme around

your business

that's something you definitely want to

do that will help boost your views your

following and then tag like small

businesses tagged like melon attack all

these different things because companies

who post those types of things they see

and a lot of times they will repost it

as well for marketing you want to do

newsletters SMS text messaging you know

you when you go to a place you need a

text like they say like text three point

two three one two five sale and then

they'll send you like a twenty five

percent off coupon and then they keep

texting you like hey we have a new sale

today we have a sale today you can sign

up for that it can be kind of expensive

to build SMS text message marketing but

that's another great way free marketing

for newsletters will be MailChimp that's

a great way to find emails and get

directly to your customers and tell them

like hey this is a coupon for you or you

know we have new collection or new

arrivals whatever the case may be email

marketing is not dead as well and then

even for yourself you want to be posting

all the time even if you don't want to

be the face of your brand act like an

influencer or ambassador for your brand

and just say hey I have this great shirt

from so-and-so themselves website you

don't even have to say it's yours if you

don't want to be the face but brand

yourself as an influencer and then you

yourself will have leverage this is what

I had to do to get leverage to post

other things so now I don't have to

break my necks to go find PR and all

these people to advertise for me what I

have the following now that I can do it

for myself so while you're building up

your company's brand you want to be

building up your personal personal brand

as well because I would definitely help

you to become an influencer or an

ambassador so then you can to promote

anything and that has saved me a ton of

money trust me and it's made me a lot

more money by focusing on my own brand

in my own influence especially in 2020

that's crucial last but not least some

things to really keep you going and to

really remember is it's ok to fail

you're going to fail

maybe not once maybe not twice and be

not seven times you're gonna fail as

long as your I hate to say fail for it

but that's true

fail for meaning if you fail be

optimistic like okay I can still do this

I'm still gonna be great

it's not dead I just got to find a

better way to do it I got to just read

direct what I was going to do

but just stay optimistic you're not

going to see succeed every single time

right away right when you think

something will take off it may not and

then it starts with your mindset if you

tell yourself positive things like this

is going to be great

even if it doesn't get the sales that I

want I'm going to learn so much it all

starts with your mindset if you're

feeling stuck and you're feeling like oh

my gosh there's no way what if it

doesn't work what if you know people

laugh at me then that's what's gonna

happen because that's what you put out

into the world like you have to be

confident and know that it's all a

learning experience rather it takes off

where it doesn't and just stay

optimistic you guys if that doesn't work

try something else like there's no rules

to business

you just have to fall in love with the

process like you have to tell yourself

I'm in love with the journey that I'm on

I'm in love I'm so happy that I'm able

to even start the business I'm so happy

for the nos that I've learned for

starting the business I'm so happy that

I now know what a domain name is or I

now know how to create a website you

have to put those things into your heart

in your spirit and fall in love with the

process don't just look for money fall

in love the process and then also fall

in love with helping others what can I

do to add value to someone else's life

how can I be the solution to their

problem those if you think like that

you're on the right path and you're

already successful remember that because

life is all about what you can do people

are only didn't remember how you make

them build so if your product can make

somebody feel a certain way you're

already winning so those are my tips for

starting a business in 2020 again really

brief I do have an e-book like I said

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one line my money people are still

living your best life online even if

they're at home so thank you so much for

watching this video I will see their

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