Let's Talk About The Real Pros And Cons Of Prenups

all right now most of us have heard the

song gold digger by Kanye West and we

know that line when he yells

we won't prenup we won't prenup

now he's of course talking about a

prenuptial agreement where you basically

agree to not touch each other's money if

you ever get divorced how would you

react if you were asked to sign a prenup

when it comes to prenups huh I'm old

school I think if I'm going to trust you

and marry you therefore I do not want to

sign a prenup I think that if I'm going

to marry you I trust you enough that if

things don't work out that you will be

fair I think that signing a prenup

plants a seed of doubt and it gives you

an out and it makes it okay if it

doesn't work out is a commitment it's a

life long commitment that you are making

I understand

obviously some divorces it just doesn't

work out that easily over half over but

for me personally I think once you say I

do then

you do and if someone asked me to kind

of clean up I don't think I'd go through

I really I think it is a complete

mistake not to sign a prenup it is a

complete mistake and and here's why and

and those of you out there who have been

married before then you know that the

person you marry is not the person that

you divorce right and it's all fine and

good when you're preparing and preparing

a marriage and when things go bad I feel

like as women we should be we should be

powerful and we should be in charge and

in control of our futures and I also

think that people think that prenups are

only about money but I have lots of

clients that have signed prenups for

example a recent client of mine signed a

prenup the only thing she wanted in the

prenup and she said if we divorce you

cannot take my kids and it was really

clear upfront because we all know

sometimes you want something you are

left holding the bag so the thing that I

liked actually about prenups is as you

said a lot of couples over 50% are

getting divorced these days one of the

main reasons for divorce is financial

issues and so it brings up the financial

conversation prior to getting married a

lot of times people don't realize where

people are financially and so after they

get married they don't realize how much

debt someone's in or how many properties

they might have or where money might be

stashed it's a good conversation to

start prior to getting married so that

you know what you're getting is there a

certain economic level to participate in

or is it just for everybody I had

nothing - prenup before if you leave me

you're gonna get half

we got nothing that's all we leave you

I'm gonna take 80% we have nothing when

I married Marjorie I had something but

we didn't do a prenup because I knew

this is the chick I'm going to the tape

however I just don't think that most men

think like you are God I don't think

most people think like you and I think

it's a because why you can't go marry

most men I dated they were the type of

person to not be fair at the end that's

why I did not marry them I married my

husband who I knew no matter what at the

end of the day it did not matter what

happened between us and what beef we had

at the end of the day he was going to be

fair and one of the reasons why I

married him is because I knew when we

had kids unlike my circumstance that not

only was he going to be fair with me but

if something did happen between us he

was going to be there for my daughter no

matter what he would have never

abandoned me