DIY Projects 🧵🎀 | Part 2

we got it honey





i recently thrifted these adidas track

pants because i think the color

is so pretty but they're a little low

wasted for me and a little bit short so

i decided to turn it into a matching set

instead so to make the skirt i just seam

ripped that whole inner seam and then

laid over top

a skirt that i've already made to get

the length and then i took those little

like crotch triangles on the front and


and pinned and sewed that they laid flat

and then i just finished off that little

triangle that was left on the front

then i took some extra pant material and

just you know closed off that

triangle and then hem the skirt so it's

done it's so cute

and then to make the top i started seam

ripping all those little adidas stripes

because i want them to be my straps

and then i just hemmed off the top and

bottom of two panels front and back

made them match up i put them right

sides together and

sewed them together so that it fit my

torso nice and i just finished off the

straps made them a little long and

attached them in the back so it's a nice

one shoulder top

i think it's so cute i feel like a bratz

doll and i love it

okay so a couple weeks ago i bought this

purse and i was like you know what

i'm gonna revamp it then i found this


but that's the thing i bought this a

couple weeks ago i had already attempted

to draw that it didn't go that well

like at all but my cheap ass isn't gonna

waste a purse so i'm gonna fix this with

paint so with a little love some paint

my family

and lord of the ring i think we can make

this happen so stop

judging me tina you know from far away

it kind of looks cool but then when you

zoom in

this is me in a crowd

oh my god i think i actually fixed tina

man gene's making me hungry for

paint why is this looking good

damn that's a good looking burger all

right the only thing left is to outline

it and i pray i don't ruin it here goes


late oh my god i actually did it i can't

believe i have a custom-made bob's

burger purse

i mean linda is looking a little rough

but you know what she had some wine

we are going to be doing a goddess mold

we got some gold flakes

some rose gold and we got some glitter

because the flowers in there already is


and we got our resin down in there some

rose gold next some gold

finally time for the glitter now we can

start mixing everything


i love the color combination so now we

can start pouring it in

now we can start pouring it down

this is totally running over thank god

no resin got on a carpet it's kind of

like a little bit

but this is how it looks time to get rid

of the bubbles i should have been doing

this on a silicon mat

so we have some resin left over let's

use the small

she is ready to be demoted see how

perfect she turned out

now we have a thousand elastic these

elastic are now ruined

because of the resin so we cannot rip it


and this is the last one


and this is the back of it

this is cute it's nice and simple i like



i just need to clean it up

voila this is how she looks

i thrifted this dress recently to

upcycle and i originally was going to

keep it as one piece but then i decided

it looked a little too

like i love america and that's not

really my vibe so i separated it and i

took in the skirt a little bit

to make it more straight fit instead of

a-line and then basically

i took it more of the back and i wanted

to reattach the zipper but i

[ __ ] it up so bad and after like hours

of frustration my mom walked in

and she said why didn't you just make it

a cute little wrap skirt and i said i

don't know

i wish i thought of that too but i added

little slits to show you guys what i

want it to look like and i moved on

to the top so i took in the sides a

little bit to make it fit better

i cut off the back and just pulled it in

like that and took the extra fabric and

made these little loopy things to have a

lace-up back

and then my vision was taking this

little handkerchief and ruffling it up

and sewing it in place along the bottom

and then making that little strap out of

handkerchief and then here's the final

products i love the pattern of the skirt

but i don't know it's just like

not my favorite thing ever but i love

this shirt i think it came out so cute

okay this is that video that people were

requesting to see how i do the

crisscross ties so you're gonna cut your

design of your shirt

out in like a box or rectangle shape and

then you're just gonna use scissors and

literally shove them through to create a

small hole but make sure you're going

through the top and the bottom part of

the shirt

and that does take a minute and then

use the rest of the shirt and you're

going to cut two

long strips and

stretch them out because those are going

to be the strings that you use

and then you're just going to go in

through the bottom of the shirt

pull both pieces through make sure you

do both sides at the same time so you

don't mess it up

and then you're going to crisscross


and start weaving them through the top

of the shirt and you're just going to go

top bottom and then i fixed it a little

tied the bow

and there's the finished look thanks


here's a tutorial for how to paint the

perfect arch on your wall i like to use

the string method

so you pin down one end of a string with

your finger and you hold the other end

and your other hand with your paint

brush and then that allows you to create

the perfect circle

i like to start a little bit smaller

than i think it needs to be and then

gradually and make it larger

don't overload your brush with paint

just enough to keep a steady flow so

here's the key i know a lot of people do

this and you can see the corners from

when the painters tape meets the arch

so to avoid that you have to manually

connect them so then you can go ahead

and fill in the rest of the arch

i like to use a roller for the center

because it gives a more even coat

and then while that's drying i go ahead

and touch up any areas on the arch that

are a little bit jagged

and then when that's dry go ahead and

give it all a second coat so that you

don't have any patches

and then here's the most important step

when you're done touch up the edges with

the original color of the wall

that's what takes this whole thing from

like oh that's cool to like holy crap

how did you do that

it like seriously polishes up the whole

thing i mean look how smooth

and that's it so follow me for more

artsy fartsy stuff

this is part two of making these acrylic

escort cards for my wedding this is the

tutorial of how to make them

i got my acrylic hexagons from amazon

and i take off the brown paper that

protects them and this is what they look


for this project i'll be using a sharpie

oil-based pen and a fine tip

i printed off the font i wanted from

microsoft word and then i just

traced it onto the acrylic and i keep

doing that with the other names

and of course you will have mess-ups so

here's how to fix them

using any nail polish remover you can

take it right off and restart

the beauty of the oil-based pen is that

you cannot smudge it this is what they

look like

these are the paints that i'm using part

one explains what each color means

and i just go in and paint i start off

doing light strokes on the edges and

then filling in with more paint in the

middle and then i end up doing two coats

of paint per

little tile after the second coat of

paint is dry i go in with some mod podge

just to see a little

that is how i made the acrylic escort

cards for my wedding a more in-depth

video and all the supplies used are on

my most recent youtube video which is

linked in my tick tock bile

so y'all wanna know who i think is so

slept on tick-tock artists

i'll be scrolling through my for you

page and come across somebody making an

absolute masterpiece but then i'll also


that that video didn't get nearly as

enough love as the next one of the

shirtless boy doing nothing

i don't want to see that [ __ ] i like to

see things that exemplify

talent and skill so all my tick tock

artists out there

so i was scrolling through instagram one

day and i saw these adorable pants james

charles was wearing and that's what i


huh i have these really cute jeans that

are way too tight for me

and i can be a crafty [ __ ] so i decided

i'm gonna make them

so i cut them down the sides and

spaced out these holes about an inch and

a half apart and then i put these little

eyelets in them i think i put about

eight down the side

and it was a lot easier than i thought i

just got this little package off amazon

don't mind me this is me chewing away a

spider don't worry i didn't kill him i


try to get him to not climb all over me

so once i got all the ringlets in i put

this chain through

that i also got off really cheap from

amazon that was pretty heavy duty and i

was surprised it was good quality

after i chained them all up i just cut

them to the length i wanted them to

and i opened it up so i could just

reattach and it'd be

a seamless chain and i think they turned

out adorable i'm so excited

people are painting they're air force


i haven't touched acrylic paint since

middle school so i went to target

these are my old air force ones i will

be washing them with toilet bowl cleaner

please don't roast me water bleach

mixture in a bowl

i brought a toothbrush don't worry i'm

genuinely impressed how well that worked

on the weather

shoelaces we don't know her they get

sunshine to dry

due to my immense lack of experience i

bought a notebook to practice before the

real deal

already i really like this

first attempt with garbage i found bob

ross bob ross makes me feel bad about


i'm not emotionally prepared i'm gonna

start anyway

i'm so scared time for the clouds a

little cloud

this one's going to be different bye


they're so happy

isn't that

oh yeah you [ __ ] it up did i yes

there's no hand

yeah it is that's in there don't look

like it it's in there

just don't [ __ ] up my fingers

oh wait it's twisting does that mean we

[ __ ] up

oh look you cracked it you cracked the

whole thing you were supposed to squeeze


you have to be careful around the

fingers yeah well if it even like turned


we see it

we [ __ ] it up a little bit but like

oh my god so

we tried to get some of the stuff off

the level of detail is so someone asked

if i could show the process of how to

make these

adorable stars so here is the strips

that i use

i grabbed one i think i took up two

yeah those one i grab an end i loop it

around my

finger and i hold it like that

and then it leaves this little gap that


want to push this one through oh

go okay maybe you don't want it that


so you could you know adjust it however

you want

and then you grab the bottom you pull it

so it looks something like that

and then this tab goes to the back

and this long tab on this side

goes to the back as well and i guess you


be here usually flip it around wherever

it goes

it's easier for me and

so part two of how to make the stars um

so i flip the long tab to the back

so this is the one that you're gonna be

wrapping it around so when i usually

flip it to the back i just

turn it around and now since i'm gonna

start wrapping it

wherever it like

creases too i guess since they're like a


diagonal you just wherever it creases

it kind of like shows you which side to


so it would look pretty weird if it's

going this way

like so just like i think um

i see like too much go diagonally in a


so i'm just wrapping it around

the more you do it the more you'll get

used to it and there's plenty of youtube


out there that i'll teach you uh i


saw one to learn i don't remember

who or where well obviously we're

youtube and so we're at the end of the


and this goes into this little pocket

right there but we're not done now we

have to make it

into a little puffy star so how we do

that is we

push in between each of these sides

oh we'll push we'll push and hopefully


become puffy sometimes this thing is


and it'll just be flat hopefully we

don't have that problem here

so let's see i'll grab it

and we have that problem it did not

get puffy when i pushed aside

and that's okay we just try again okay i

made another star so let's try again

ah okay this one worked so we're gonna


an indent between each of those

sides and it becomes a little star

you could squish the corner so you want

to make it more sharp but yeah

let's go