STOP Sending Thank You Letters After a Job Interview

hey everybody Don George of achier

japanesians stop sending thank-you

letters after a job interview they don't

work at least that's what one guy told

me I had a customer right in the other

day said Don I've been sending thank-you

letters after all my interviews I never

got any jobs thank-you letters don't

work and well you know what maybe they

don't always work but you know what

thank-you letters don't hurt either

I mean all you're doing is sending out a

note of thanks to your interviewer

you're thanking them for them their time

you're thanking them for inviting you

out to an interview you're letting them

know that you're still interested in

this position that's what a thank-you

letters doing how much weight does it


I mean if thank-you letter probably only

carries maybe that much weight maybe

five to ten percent could be a little

bit more but it's not going to carry

fifty percent or 60 percent weight so I

mean if you're you know you're

interviewing for a VP of Sales position

and you've never sold anything in your

life and you sent a thank-you letter

well that's not going to convince them

that you can do the job I mean if you're

trying to interview for a position that

requires twenty years of engineering

experience and you only have two they're

not gonna hire you no matter how many

thank-you letters you send out a thank

you letter or a follow-up letter is only

meant to show appreciation for the

interview and to nudge them a little bit

in your direction that's it

it's not gonna flip them over completely

it's not gonna make them change their

mind I mean if they have their mind made

up that you're not right for the job

you're not qualified it's not gonna

change their minds but if it gets down

to three candidates three candidates

that they all like equally and you send

out a thank you letter that says hey you

know thanks for your time it was great

meeting with you I won't let you know

that I'm still interested it's still

interested in this position and I'd like

to go farther now the three candidates

who are you going to pick

really who are you gonna pick you're

gonna pick the one that sent a thank-you

letter so in that case that follow-up

letter works but you know if you're just

one of 10 candidates where they've

already found three candidates that they

like and you're like number eight or

nine sending a thank-you letter isn't

gonna matter you could send all the

thank-you letters in the world and

that's not gonna matter so yes they work

and yes they don't work nothing works

every time I mean if it were that easy

you just go out and just interview and

just send out thank-you letters and

you'd get every job but it doesn't work

that way but I'll tell you this I have

heard back from far more people ten to

one that the thank-you letter made all

the difference in the world all the

difference I get an email every week

from somebody saying hey Don I

interviewed for a lot of jobs

I sent out a thank-you letter and then

next thing I know I got that job they

called me and sometimes they even say

you know they even mentioned that

thank-you letter you know I thanks for

sending that you know it's nice to

connect in you in that way now this is

not just in the United States either we

can go overseas I was working with a

woman who was in London and I told her I

said you know hey you have to send out a

follow-up letter after your interview

and she's like oh no no no that's we

don't do that here that that's kind of

against our our code of interviewing and

if it's really against it but it's just

it's not customary in Europe to send out

follow-up letters but you know what she

did the girl from London sent out

thank-you letter and then BAM she got

the job and it was because she sent the

thank-you letter she the employer said

you know hey you were the only one of

ten people who followed up with us with

a note of thanks you know that

immediately set you apart from everyone

else and you got the job

so thank you letters work so someone and

the best time to do it is right through

your interview usually within 24 hours

and what I like to do is I like to

already have my thank-you letter planned

out like exactly what I'm going to say I

mean I'll go ahead and I'll make

few changes to it before I actually send

it but before I go on the interview I

actually have it written it's all done

all I have to do is just change a few

things so what we'll do

so go on the interview and I'll get a

few more details I'll come back home and

then I'll send them that thank-you

letter within a couple of hours of the

interview I mean you have usually up to

24 hours no more than 24 hours is is a

good rule of thumb we're sending out a

thank-you letter now to help you to help

you go farther with a thank-you letter I

would strongly recommend picking up a

copy of perfect thank-you letters this

book has over a hundred different

thank-you letters for engineering

accounting finance government health

care teaching engineering I might have

said that one already I don't know sales

you name it it's in here I've got

several different letters for all kinds

of professions it's going to teach you

how to write one it's gonna show you

what needs to be in your thank you

letter to demonstrate that you're

grateful for their time and that you're

still interested in the position

or maybe you screwed up your interview

maybe it didn't go all that well I've

got some tips in here to help you fix a

botched interview it's a way to kind of

you know just bring it out to the

surface and say well you know that's not

exactly what I meant to say or I know

you have some concerns about me in the

interview or me doing this job this is a

way to kind of correct a bad interview

so that maybe it's not so bad anymore or

it gives you an opportunity to to add

more value like you know what maybe

maybe you're in the interview and you

forgot to tell them something that you

could really help them make an important

decision about hiring you and maybe you

forgot to mention that in the interview

I've got an example in here that shows

you how to bring up those lost points

that you failed to mention during the

interview so this is a quick and easy

download from Java TV

I will put a link for this below this

book is only available in eBook it is

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see here this is just a special copy I

printed just so I could materialize this

for you in the in the video but you

really don't

need the heart book this is not the kind

of book that you're gonna go through and

you know making all kinds of changes and

edits and stuff like that so this book

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devtools com

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