4 Ways To Fix A Dying Marriage Before It's Too Late

what's up ladies and gentlemen I am Brad

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and divorce expert and welcome to my

latest and greatest free advice video in

which I'll be sharing four ways to stop

a divorce and repair your marriage while

you still can

now I'm going to keep this video as

brief as possible so you really have no

reason not to watch it all the way to

the end

okay let's dive straight into it

starting with the first step towards

saving your marriage and step number one

is to accept that your marriage is in

crisis now there is some good news here

folks if you are watching this video

then you've already at least partly

accomplished this first step in most

cases you know a relationship that's

failing is not going to fix itself so

the first key to fixing things is to

accept that the marriage is failing and

that you need to take action to repair


now this can actually be a difficult

thing to recognize when it's happening

in your own relationship but once you

acknowledge the challenging situation

that you are facing you can then begin

to work on undoing the damage and

breaking out of the negative cycles in

the relationship in the marriage that

have led you to this point now number

two is to use my dispute defusing system

to prevent further damage so many

couples facing a marriage crisis arrive

at this point because of you know

ongoing toxic attraction killing

arguments now this isn't the case a

hundred percent of the time

you know sometimes marital problems

arise out of a single incident like

cheating but usually ongoing bickering

and arguments are a major problem

solving the the underlying issues that

lead to major disagreements can take

time and be very difficult but you can

do a number of things that will ensure

that these arguments don't become toxic

or caused any further damage to your

marriage now I've developed a series of

easily implemented techniques and tricks

which I call the dispute defusing system

that will either prevent an argument

from starting or ensure that things

don't get out of hand and spiral into

those attraction killing screaming

matches that can cause permanent damage

to your relationship now I'm not gonna

be able to cover the full dispute

defusing system and here in this video

but please head to and

watch my full tutorial presentation for

free as soon as this particular video is

over because in that video I explained

more about the dispute defusing system

and I share several of the most

effective tactics again to watch the

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just head to now I do

want to give you one quick example

technique that you can implement

immediately though so next time you have

a complaint or an issue to bring up to

your spouse make sure you avoid using

the word you and instead phrase your

concern with the word I so for example

you know don't always say to your

partner you're always leaving dirty

dishes in the kitchen sink why can't you

just put them in the dishwasher instead

you could phrase the exact same concern

more along the lines of I noticed

there's often dishes left in the sink

which I find frustrating can we both try

to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher

instead of leaving them in the sink now

it's a very subtle change but you'd be

shocked at how small tweaks to your own

behavior can help avoid toxic arguments

and slowly improve the connection with

your spouse and number three share

positive fun experiences with your

partner now here's another tip that

might sound a bit silly at first but

that can actually make a huge difference

to the health of your marriage now think

about the early days of your

relationship you know you and your

spouse were probably excited to spend

time together and most of your time

spent together was filled with you know

positive fun and happy shared memories

sure there were there was probably some

disagreements from time to time but the

ratio of positive to negative time spent

together was probably heavily tilted

towards the positive but what about now

you know if you're like many couples in

a marriage crisis then the ratio is

likely tilted far more towards the

negative that means that for every fun

date night or weekend adventure you

spend with your spouse fun happy times

essentially together there's probably an

equal amount of time spent angry at one

another or engaged in bickering or

arguments now there's a simple way to

shift things back to the way that they

used to be which is to focus on building

happy memories and sharing fun times

together with your spouse and honestly

it can be as simple as you know

suggesting to your husband that you go

to a baseball game this weekend when the

kids are or with their grandparents or

agreeing to attend a weeknight yoga

class with your spouse as long as you're

having fun and showing your spouse a

good time it's gonna breathe some life

back into your marriage and show your

spouse that things can still be fun and

positive like they were in the early

days of your relationship often you know

we tend to get too used to to constantly

arguing and to having disagreements with

our spouse and forget that fun and

intimacy are the basis of every healthy

marriage so don't forget that and make

sure that you have more positive time

spent with your spouse to balance out

any negative feelings and interactions

also you know sexual intimacy is also a

really key component to any marriage so

try not to neglect that side of your

relationship either sex definitely

counts as positive time spent together

and sexually satisfied partners

far more likely to want to remain

married and number four get my ongoing

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ladies and gentlemen thanks for sticking

it out and watching all the way to the

end and best of luck repairing your

marriage I'll see you in the next video