Is It Too Late To Learn Piano? Advice For Adult Students Wanting To Learn To Play

hi everyone this is Josh with Josh right

channel TV today's episode is actually

requested by over a hundred thousand

people my wife is always helping me with

marketing and she said oh my gosh

there's a question on Quora uh is it too

late for me to start piano as an adult

and today we're going to answer that

question and we're also going to go over

recommendations of repertoire books that

I would recommend starting meant that I

start with my students before we do that

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which I want to start with the statement

that it is not too late to learn piano

that I've taught many beginners

I've taught that as adults I've taught

beginners in their 80s and I've taught

beginners in their 20s so that all Falls

an adult age but even if you're a

hundred it's not too late because why

are we studying music it's to bring

ourselves joy we're not studying music

to beat somebody or to you know make a

lot of money trying to be this famous

concert pianist because I can tell you

the famous concert pianists aren't doing

it for the money they're doing it for

the passion there's a lot of other

careers that would be much easier to

earn money than trying to make it as a

concert pianist so having said that how

do you get started

the first thing is is I would get the


you can afford that is such a good piece

of advice that everyone passes file if

they know I want to learn on my own now

if you just want to dabble today's video

with the repertoire ebooks will help you

but I firmly believe that the only

reason I've had as much success as I

have in my career is due to my teachers

especially my first teacher Susan Jewell


well my first teacher was my grandma for

for your shoe is amazing she taught me a

great love of music and reinforced all

the basics but then my teacher sue them

to a Meyer who was the piano area chair

at the University of Utah from age 9 to

25 I took from her is amazingly a long

time and during that time the last few

years I also did private studies with

Sergey Bobby on and then for my

doctorate I went to Logan Skelton at the

University of Michigan all amazing

teachers so important get a good teacher

second of all you want to cover a few

things in your practicing each day you

want to cover exercises to improve your

technique if you don't have good

facility you're never going to be able

to play well you need to cover

sight-reading which is self-explanatory

you need to work on site reading each

day try to get something new each day

just one piece work on it I generally

like to do things about five times in a

row people said oh it's not sight

reading on the second time yeah it is

you're still learning it it's still very

introductory now if you can play the

piece perfectly on your first try get

something harder if it's impossible to

get three in one measure get something

easier okay so do a little site reading

today that's tip number two tip number

three work on repertoire pieces you need

a good balance of all of those things

let me go through the technique

exercises that I recommend first of all

tenon is you know as old as it gets

so far as a classic repertoire classic

exercise book the first part of the book

I'm getting sixty exercises for piano

they sell them in 20 exercises I don't

like that book you want the 60 exercises

so started

watch my technique series even if you

just watch the YouTube samples because

it's a paid video course through my

website I'll link it below in case you

want to view it but even if you just

watch the samples on YouTube you can

still get a lot of valuable tips on how

to practice that creatively it's not

just working your fingers each day it's

working creative things like finger

staccato the second book that I like oh

by the way Hannon has all your scales

arpeggios chromatic scales have like a

bunch of turtle exercises and repeated

note exercises but it will have all of

those you may want to also get a chords

book exploring chords and seventh chords

I don't have a good recommendation I

believe there's a book called the brown

scales book that has those but I don't

know I think they do they do I need to

explore that myself okay anyways there's

plenty to do here anyway second book I

love is Schmidt preparatory exercises

which is all about gaining finger

independence it starts with little five

finger patterns which are so dinky

exercise three getting your fingers

moving but when you get to exercise

number 35 all 34 have you hold on in

those like everything else very

beneficial for helping you gain senior

independence I've seen a lot of people

getting a lot of value from working on

Schmidt chair knee exercises c-zer NY by

the way I'm going to link as many of

these down below for Amazon links as I

can find so that would be quite a bit of

work but I will go through and try to

find as many of these guys as possible

um these start out with very basic

little exercises that they're cute

little pieces that deal with very basic

harmony and you can work on transposing

with these as well so for instance

here's exercise 13

you can practice okay that's also very

beneficial accent and e-flat major

accident G major very good book for

reading learning to read I highly

recommend this book not because I'm

endorsing this company or anything but I

just think they've done a better job

than most other companies that's just my

opinion if you learned with Bastian and

I'm not dissing on batch and I actually

alerted with fashion lousy kids

I like favor better it's called piano

adventures and this is the adult piano

adventures it's a lot better than

working through like a million of those

little kids books because all the kids

books have technique lesson book

performance book theory and then a

couple others this is B's collapse it

into two books and by the end of the

second book you're playing stuff like

this clips come to the very end you're

playing Grieg's letting on Mendelssohn's

wedding march that's what one of the

things I love is they simplify those

pieces now now that's pretty complex

just through two books they're about 200

pages each great books they explain in

detail every concept and I even have a

student in New York that I teach who has

all of the supplements on his iPad which

help with playing along with the pieces

of compliment sir I'm on low battery

here let's see okay next so those are

going to be your sight reading pieces

and they're also kind of your repertoire

pieces for the first few months

once your sight reading and your your

beginning repertoire into those books

and then also explore repertoire books

now these are three or four books that I

really like this first one is nice

because it goes through in levels this

is called Pete Snell it has two

different books baroque and classical is

one book and then romantic and

twentieth-century is another book

so this is the level one very easy stuff

this is called round dance by Ferdinand

buyer it just is all classical

repertoire pieces so it's not

simplifying them like the favor did

these are actual pieces so so forth okay

so and there's even pieces by famous

composers on an office in this book


folk dance so that's a really good book

because it goes in levels easy to kind

of track your progress one of my

favourite books that I recommend to all

students for sight reading when they're

in an intermediate level and it's a good

repertoire for beginners is easy

classics to modern I like the volume 17

obviously they have a lot of good

volumes though that this one has real

famous pieces like Bach minuet or

Catina by kabalevsky so easy classics

too modern it's very fun because it goes

in chronological order

not necessarily difficulty level they're

all around the same difficulty level

within a you know giving yourself a

little window this is a really fun book

this is called jazz rags and blues by

Martha Mayer I'm not going to

demonstrate any of this because these

are copyrighted pieces

nothing I've played up to this point is

copyrighted because the favor is a

derivative work but this jazz rap and

blues is very good and it's super fun

for little kids

the last book is called applause I

really love this book it's showy

classical pieces so umm sonatina and a

minor by Bend

really fun has footage yet oh really

funky just so many great showstoppers

and those are getting more towards the

intermediate maybe even early advanced

level but usually by the time students

get through the favorite books they're

they're ready for stuff like this or at

least those easy classics once they get

through a few of those then they're

ready to go into this applause book I

hope this has been helpful studied the

piano it's one of the greatest things

for your brain

it helps they've done studies that say

it helps ward off Alzheimer's and

dementia I don't know how true that is

because sadly my grandma has dementia

right now and she was a piano teacher

her whole life but I know it does keep

your brain very active and the amazing

thing is my grandma can't remember the

little details in her life she can still

sit down and play all these amazing

pieces on the piano in the rest home

that she's in so it's quite amazing what

kind of impact music has she taught me

my first great love for music so this

video is dedicated to her if any of you

have any questions please let me know my

email is Josh at Josh Reggiano calm

thanks so much for joining me today have

a great week hey guys thanks so much for

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