How to Plant Winter Rye as a Cover Crop

hi welcome back to happy home and garden

with John and Don today I'm going to be

planting winter rye in this empty garden

bed that I just cleaned up the first

step that I'm going to do is to loosen

up the soil there's a couple different

tools you can use to loosen the soil I

like this but I also have a hand tiller

here and a metal rake that also works I

like to use this because it's quick and

easy next I'm going to spread some seed

by hand here's what the seed looks like

I'm just gonna spread it out just

eyeball it

once you've spread out a generous amount

of seed the next thing you want to do is

grab your metal rake and rake the ground

level just want to rank it out get rid

of the bumps just drag this over that

helps push the seed into the ground as

well get it covered by soil

tamp it like this that also pushes the

seed into the dirt and levels it

then I like to give it a good watering

get it off to a good start this is what

the winter rye looks like when it first

sprouts should take about one to two

weeks to sprout and germinate depending

on how late in the season you plant it

here is winter rye that has been growing

for over a month and if you want to see

the winter rye at full growth in the

springtime I shot a video of when and

how to cut winter rye a link to that

here and in the description below so

this was planting winter rye I hope you

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