How to Plant Squash | Useful Knowledge

hi this is Jamie with useful knowledge

today we're going to talk to you about

growing squash we're going to show you

how to plant them how to side dress them

and how to grow on this patch of squash

right here is ready for side dressing

once we side dress them that's all the

fertilizer we'll have to put on and

they'll start growing really large and

putting on squash and that's all you

have to do so we hope you enjoy our

video ok I usually use a tiller to make

my heels from my squash but if you don't

have a tiller just use a garden rake I

use a garden rake for many years until I

got a tiller that I could use to make

rows but all you have to do is this

and now you have a heel for planting

squash and just do another one

and so you do okay once you get your

heels made planting squash is really

easy to do I just take my hand and

basically create a little indention into

the mound and I put about three or four

squash seeds in I press them down I

cover them up and that's really all you

have to do now I plan my squash seeds

about twelve to eighteen inches apart

because these plants will really get


once we size dress them in about three

or four weeks okay we planted these

squash plants about four weeks ago so

you can see the size you expect them to

be in about four weeks so you need to

see our video on how to get your garden

ready and then you plant your squash in

heels and once they get up about this

stage you want to sod dress them and

once you side dress them you really

don't have to fertilize them any more

they're going to grow big and they're

going to start producing squash the way

squash plants work is after they produce

a lot of squash they just really die off

really fast so so although we have to

put on this is about a handful about

that much of triple 13 fertilizer so all

we do is we sprinkle it around it all

the way around it just like that

and now all we're going to do is cover

it up

and that's all you have to do and you

just do eat squash plant like that

so you just watched how we side dress

these squats with triple 13 fertilizer

and it's been about a week and we had a

about two good rains look how much this

has grown from last week to this week

just one week later these squash almost

doubled in size and they actually got

some little little blooms just about to

come through so we should have squash

here in about two to three weeks thanks

for watching