When Is It Too Late To Plant? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€”πŸŒΏ// Garden Answer

hey guys how's it going so today I want

to talk about whether or not it's too

late in the season to plant so we're at

the end of October were consistently

freezing at night we've had several

nights in the low 20s already and so I

just wanted to talk about it because I

do see questions come through from time

to time about how risky it is and if

it's okay to plant how late is too late

to plant so you might be like me you may

have had plants sitting somewhere in a

hoard since spring I've had these

winterberry Hollies these are called

Barry Poppins since March the reason I

still have them is because I couldn't

really figure out where I wanted to put

them maybe you're in that situation

maybe you found like an end-of-season

plant sale and you got a bunch of

beautiful things that you've really

wanted and now you really want to treat

them nice and make sure that they

survive to the next year whatever the

case may be a lot of times as gardeners

end up with a stash of plants that we

don't really know what to do with so I

want to go through several options the

first and best option is if you have the

ability to dig a hole still if your

ground isn't frozen yet put your plants

in the ground because there's so much

better insulated with soil all the way

around their root ball as opposed to

being exposed possibly to the elements

through these thin nursery cans and so

that is definitely the best thing to do

now if you are planting them which I'll

talk a little bit more about that one I

actually plant them in the ground you do

want to make sure to keep them moist

there are a few exceptions to that like

Carrie after some butterfly bushes

they're better off planted early on in

the spring if you do get a hold of those

you don't want to make sure the soil is

too wet around them but most everything

else you want to make sure that you just

keep them evenly moist not too soggy and

then put a nice layer of mulch around

the base of the plant like a two-inch

layer of shredded bark mulch that helps

keep moisture in it helps insulate the

root ball so I'm going to be doing that

today I have to go grab my mulch I

didn't have enough room in my cart

the second option you can do is if you

have an area like if you can't get them

in the ground if you have a cold frame

an unheated shed or garage you can store

them in that area and I do that with a

lot of plants too in our cold frame it's

not heated I just kind of huddle my

plants in there and it usually keeps

everything about 20 degrees warmer than

the ambient temperature outside and that

- like things tend to come out alive out

of the cold frame if you have evergreens

or anything like that you do need to

make sure that they are getting a little

bit of light you can't just put those in

a dark place for the whole winter

because they still have leaves that need

to take in the light so that is a really

good option if you have the ability to

do that now in areas like my name zone

five most plants that I'm putting in the

ground that I want to live from year to

year they need a cold dormant period so

they need the winter time to do that so

you don't want to put them somewhere


you want to make sure that they're in a

colder place not as cold as outside but

colder than like an inside temperature

because if you store them somewhere warm

they might be tricked into thinking it's

you know spring and they might start

pushing growth and it can kind of

disrupt the cycle of your plant and kind

of stress them out the third thing you

can do if you don't have any cold place

to store them or you can't put them in

the ground you can huddle them all

together in a group somewhere this is

what we do at the garden center anything

that's left over we huddle in a big

group and then we line the whole thing

with mulch bags or soil bags whatever we

have on hand so like I usually have a

stack of soil or a stack of mulch behind

our barn so I would put all the pots

together and then I would just lay mulch

bags around outside because it provides

a little bit of extra insulation with

any plants even the ones like in the

huddle or the ones in the cold frame you

do want to make sure to keep them on a

water schedule as well and then the

fourth thing you can do is you can Hill

them in and that's basically just

digging a hole somewhere putting the

whole thing down in it just planting it

in its pot essentially just so that

there's soil all the way around the can

providing that insulation in that case

you also want to make sure that they're

staying moist that they don't dry out

completely but when they're covered with

soil I mean you're not covering the

foliage you're not covering the top

you're just covering the pot as if you

were planting it in the ground that for

real except in the spring you can pull

it out easily in its nursery container

and take it to where you want it to go

so those are the four options that I am

familiar with there's probably other

ways to do it but today I am planting

these Barry Poppins in the ground

because our ground is not frozen yet and

I finally figured out where I wanted to

go we're over here on the

Westside and I planted three evergreens

in here this spring one of them did not

survive and I think it was my fault

because I don't didn't check the water

around I think it was staying too wet

right here so I'm gonna replace that

this next spring hopefully so I've got a

little trio of these Barry Poppins that

I think will be really beautiful right

here because they're gonna provide so

much winter interest look at those

berries so I'm gonna give you just a

little bit of information on these just

because I think they're really neat

plant and I finally got my hands on

sound and that's why I've held onto him

for months because I got him while the

getting was good and now I'm ready to

put him in so these are his own 3

through 9 which is awesome so like I

said I garden in his own five which

means I'm not gonna stress at all about

putting these in the ground because

they're so extremely winter hardy and

these are not like your traditional

winterberry Hollies that get super big

these grow about 3 to 4 feet tall and

wide so they'll just be like this nice

shrub in here I've got one right over

here that's kind of in between these

evergreens and by this autumn brilliant

service berry that's coloring up so

beautifully I'm so happy with this and

then this other one over here which I've

got my hot and cold in the fovea which

is blooming end of October look at this

isn't that the coolest I'm really

impressed with this and I've got a black

cat pussy-willow and a spring snow

crabapple right here so just to give you

an idea of what I've got planted around

so these like a full Sun or part Sun

situation so I think they'll be happy

here and they're really good in wet

soils and like I said this was staying

too wet I think that these are going to

be very very happy here you do have to

have a male pollinator though these are

the female plants so you have to have a

male within 50 feet one male will

pollinate up Technic five females so

I've got my mr. Poppins right here which

has already lost all of his leaves I'm

gonna pop him right over the fence these

are not a showy of a shrub so the fun

thing about it is you can put your showy

shrubs where you want them to be seen

and then you can tuck this one as long

as it's within 50 feet you can tuck it

somewhere where it won't be seen quite

as much so what I mean by needing a male

you don't need a male pollinator in

order for these shrubs to survive but

you need one in order for them to

pollinate and create these red berries

which is why we buy this plant in the

first place right like I love to have

these for Christmas decorations and

working into wreaths and Garland's and

things like that and then just for the

beauty of them in the landscape they do

attract birds but they are toxic for my

understanding of these is that they can

be a toxic to pets like cats and dogs if

you have cats and dogs that like to eat

them but it takes an enormous amount and

even if they got an enormous amount it

would be like I read it would be like a

caffeine overdose like they probably

diarrhea stomach pain that sort of thing

it's not something you would die from so

I thought I would mention that I don't

have anything that wants to mess with

these our cats leave our stuff alone for

the most part so I'm not worried about


so what I'm going to do right now is get

him in the ground I'm gonna go grab some

mulch and then we'll take a look


alright guys so I got them all planted

and they look really good in this area I

think so I've got mulch on the top and

you can tell that I use using a

different color of mulch in the spring

when we initially mulch this area but I

think we're gonna start in with this

stuff now it's a little it's more

natural there's no dyes in it so until

we have a chance to do the whole thing

it's gonna look a little patchy for a

little bit but the plants should be

happy I've got them all watered in and

the thing that you have to do in the

fall so I've got them watered now if you

have a really dry or windy spell you

need to make sure to come out and give

them a little bit of water with a

watering can or however you need to do

that like in our area for the next ten

days there's no rain no moisture at all

so I'll probably come out in five six

seven days something like that come

finger test the soil see what kind of

moisture levels in there and that may

give them a little bit more of a drink

of course they don't need a ton of water

this time of year because they're not

utilizing it so anyway I hope this video

was helpful just you know hearing a few

different options on what you can do

with containerize plants this time of

year I hope it gave you more confidence

on what you can do if you find yourself

in the same situation that I'm in or was

in this morning so anyway thank you guys

so much for watching this video and we

will see you in the next one bye