How Late is Too Late to Plant Garlic?

today we're gonna look again at garlic

and planting it out


one question we might ask is how late is

too late to plant garlic I think we are

still ok but as you know there's already

snow on the ground we've already had

some hard freezes so we'll have to clear

out the snow and some of the weeds that

have grown here and then we'll plant it

one thing to observe is that the soil is

still workable we don't have a hard

freeze that has taken the soil to a

point that's not being workable which is

very important to what we're doing

yep see bone you know it's gonna break

it apart we'll kind of use this notch as

our watermark we want to plant this

probably about two inches deep this soil

is all moist and wet and pretty easy to

work down more or less you want your

garlic to be oh they say six inches but

you do pretty well even at around three

depending how big you're wanting your

garlic to get you might want the extra

space you do want to plant these not

right on the surface but down a couple

inches just to prevent them from

ultimately freezing so garlic is

actually going to grow its roots over

the winter and then it will continue to

grow into the spring intelligence of

actually having a nice bulb on it as

you've seen previously there will be a

nice escape that develops that you could

cut off and use for various recipes but

ultimately we're going after that big

bulb and it grows over the winter as

long as you get it in early enough that

the grounds not frozen solid

and your planet you do want to plant so

the pointy end ends up up bring it up

I do also have a few saved rounds and

these actually were saved not from this

season but from the season before so

we'll see how they do it is advisable to

lightly mulch and here I'm going to use

some kind of decomposed partially

decomposed use as my mulch the mulch

helps to protect the garlic from

critters that might dig it up and also

from the cold which is the most

important it keeps it a little bit more

depth and the garlic will shoot right

through that most without a problem

if you'd like to learn more about

growing garlic from bubbles and rounds

check out this video and we hope you

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