Get Gardening: How Late Can You Plant Bulbs?

better late than never


hello I'm Alan gray welcome to get

gardening well this one is called better

late than never because sometimes we

have some flower bulbs lying around

maybe in paper bags or something we've

we forget I did it with these these are

little multiflora hyacinths and if you

look at them very carefully you can see

that they one bulb has one two three

four up to five or six flower spikes

individual flower spikes so the bulb

produces lots of smaller flower spikes

which is much easier to look after when

they're in bowls because if you get a

heavy spike he just falls over but these

tend to stay upright another thing about

these I don't think you would guess but

if you look at that bowl full of bulbs

there I actually planted those as dry

bulbs five weeks ago it's very late

but you see they've already made that

amount of growth well the growth of

course is inside the bulb when you plant

them but I've kept them outside on the

shelf here outside the office I wanted

them to have a period of cold to give

them some root growth and they've done

that and here we are watering mid

January and they're already showing

color so if you go along to the garden

center and there's some fairly

reasonably priced bulbs to lists of the

one of the best bulbs are planting late

but even hyacinths like these don't go

for anything that blooms too early you

want something that blooms midseason too

late spring if you're going to be

planting them now but you know Bakula

can have a go and something else that

just say if you're dressing a bowl of

hyacinths like this look how much nicer

it just looks to cover the surface of

the bulb compost or the soil with a

little layer of moss all you need to do

is just give that a little bit of a

spray two or three times a week and it

will keep its greenness and you'll have

a wonderful pot of scented hyacinths you

can take them inside I don't like to do

that I find their scent too cloying it's

rather overpowering inside I like to

have them on a table outside my back

door so I catch a whiff I level with as

I go in and as I go out now once your

bulbs have finished flowering just leave

them but don't forget to feed them

whilst there are still green leaves on

the bulbs feed them give them a little

bit of foliar feed if you like a spray a


feed and give them some liquid

fertilizer as well all in an effort to

beat those bulbs out ready for next year

they know sometimes wheelies involves

cinnamon this is called better late than

never because sometimes we have bulbs in