Planting Bermuda Grass Seed

man I hate loggin saying hey guys doc

I'm gonna do a video on the second phase

of my putting green but it also relates

to seeding Bermuda so I figured I'd tie

it into the seeding of Bermuda why do

you guys have questions on that so I

think it'll work

hold on what did you find in the poll no

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you leave those frogs alone last week I

showed you kind of how to make sort of a

chipping green and this week what I'm

doing is I'm taking account to the next

level and what I'm doing is I'm adding

some different material and then I'm

seating and then doing a bunch of

different stuff but I figured I'd show

that because it relates to seating of

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out how I'm gonna mall done I'm gonna

try okay so the first thing you need to

understand is in the description below

I'm gonna link to a page and on that

website page I'm gonna put this video

but I'm also gonna put a couple other

videos I'm gonna embed them about

seating other videos I did in those

videos I discussed the difference

between common Vernita hybrid Bermuda

and saw low-quality seeds and

high-quality seeds and why you should

not over seed an existing sod lon there

are so many things that you have to

understand so I'm gonna put those other

videos on this page rather than cover

all that stuff again remember the the

see that you go to a big box store like


Loes all those Bermuda seeds are cheap

common Bermuda they are not the

high-quality Bermuda that you buy I've

got a little bag about this big inside

on the kitchen counter

I used maybe about a third of it and

it's like $40 for that little bag

quality Bermuda seat is not cheap it's

expensive and that's what replicates

that really fine golf course or sod type

Bermuda do not go by common cheap

Bermuda if you're paying ten bag ten

dollars for a bag of Bermuda you throw

over your shoulder it's kind of it's

gonna be common it's gonna be big and

gnarly it's not what you want okay I'm

gonna walk you down here real quick but

I want you to remember the Bermuda lawn

guide has an entire section on seating

Bermuda and if you have not gone and

book bar to Bermuda lawn guide get it

because it has a Bermuda calendar on

there and it walks you through every

single subject that you could possibly

want and it has product links in there

everything so it's free has everything

about Bermuda that you want to know use

the Bermuda long guide there's a section

on seating in there as well too

okay so I'm over here with the new golf

green that we're putting in and let me

give you a couple rules real quick for

planning for me to see number one make

sure you're not grabbing common Bermuda

you have to go online in the description

below I'll link to some seeds UConn

princess Black Jack there's a bunch of

them and all this quality seeds they're

expensive twenty to sixty dollars a

pound is what you're gonna pay for good

quality that replicates sod it's a very

fine grass so make sure you get the

right seed and it's hard to get because

it's limited availability rule number

two make sure you do not have

pre-emergent down if you do not if you

have put down pre-emergent you really

have to give it 90 days so 90 days for

your pre-emergent if you have put down

weed killer I want you to make sure that

it's been at least two weeks since you

put down weed killer and that you've had

good rain if you haven't had good rain

over those two week periods make sure

your water really well number three if

you're going to be putting it on

raw bear soil last year we did a video

where we seated across the street and

any time you're gonna see Bermuda you

really should get a dethatching machine

run a dethatcher and that dethatcher

will will stir up all that ground and

you don't have to till it necessarily

but you really have to get about a half

inch into the ground bermuda sea likes

to be buried about a quarter of an inch

as what we found over the years the best

success is when Bermuda seed is about a

quarter of an inch down so you're gonna

have to disturb the surface in some way

if you're gonna plant for me this next

let's talk about watering you have to

keep that seed way it's a it's a project

I will come out here and I will keep

this damp and wet I'll show you my

sprinkler system here in a minute but I

also come out in hand water if it's like

today where it's gonna be 81 82 degrees

I'll come out several times in the

afternoon and just wet this or hit my

sprinkler system and let my sprinkler

system run I want to keep it wet keep it

wet keep away right before the night

time I usually come out here and I wet

it right right at sunset so it's damp

all night

most Bermuda seed will germinate in

seven to 14 days it's slow to germinate

I want you to understand that too time

of the year that you want to plant you

always want to plan for me to seed when

it's warm so when the daytime highs are

consistently in the 80s that's a great

time to plant you can even stretch that

into the 90s if you have irrigation you

can plant Bermuda in the summertime as

long as you have irrigation and you're

willing to put the effort into water

another rule is you do not want to put

pre-emergent on new Bermuda seed

probably for at least I would say a good

three months because pre-emergent stops

a root growth and that's what you don't

want you don't want to stop root growth

so you just live with any weeds that

come up really for the first year just

live with the weeds let them for me to

grow next year the following year you

can worry about putting pre-emergent

down preparing if you're going to

prepare if you're going to till up a

piece of land put down a ton of you

I mean as much as you can put down if

you're gonna till something up just dump

a ton of human char and get it into the

soil get your area ready put down a

light coat of pgf complete and then put

down your seed last year we had a guys

send in a photo where he seeded Bermuda

on his back yard put down pgf complete

and it was amazing if you want to spray

a little super juice spray a little

super juice the humic the fulvic acid

inside of it is all good for helping

seeds sprout a matter of fact I will

come out here tomorrow and I'll hit this

with a treatment of super juice because

it just has that super juice for some

reason there's something inside of it

and I don't know if it's the sea kelp or

the humic or the fulvic acids or

whatever it is it helps we found it

helps seeds germinate about 20% quicker

and we get better seed germination from

it and that's basically it you just want

to leave it alone and keep it wet keep

it wet keep it with don't use any like I

said if you have weeds pop up just leave

with your we live with your weeds

don't be putting negative things like

weed killers and pre-emergents on young

planted sod or on new on new seed so

what I'm gonna do today is I'm just

gonna run you through sort of what I did

I figured I'd capture some of it on this

isn't a normal seed planting video for a

lawn but I figured I'd show this because

I told you guys I put it on film so I'm

gonna put it on film anyway so you don't

get confused last week we came out here

and we took just our basic Bermuda lawn

and I put in the first transition into a

putting green and what I did was I came

out here and I cor Airy the living heck

out of this area I dumped down a huge

amount of humid or ten times the battery

turned its solid black then came out and

puts and just place in place and place

in and then we raked it shaped a raked

it shaped it so that was basically the

point that I went to just to create a

sort of chipping green I guess you would

call it that you could just stop and

leave it at that cut it real short this

is phase two now phase two what I'm

doing is

I got this I guess you would call it

screen topsoil but it really is a

leveling mix and it's 30% organic

material and it's 70% sand and it's

really dark and that's what you're gonna

see when I put this out you'll notice

the contrast but between this material

and the sand so this in in the golf

industry in my background is golf this

is what we would call a routing mix this

is our routing mix where it has lots of

organic material and if you're going to

do long leveling really that's what

you're supposed to use so this is the

area that grass can grow in our seed can

germinate in I'm gonna put out a layer

of that you'll see me put a layer of

that out and then I'm gonna come back

with sand on top of that later so this

is actually the finished project that

I'm gonna walk you through so we came

out here core aerated put white pure

sand down shape the green the next week

which was the other day it came out here

and I put out the dark material the

growing material put seed inside of it

rolled it put seed and then today

another day I came out and put more

white sand on top of it for that

hardening layer and so now basically all

this is finished I'm gonna let you see

me doing that but this is the finished

product we're just waiting for the seed

to germinate grow and hold all this and

then over time we'll just keep putting

sand and leveling it sand and leveling

it and pretty soon we'll have something

that looks like a golf green so let me

show you what I did the other day this

is kind of relating to planting seeds

you at least you'll be able to see so a

lot of people want to argue about sand

versus leveling mix go ahead argue all

you want but I'm going to show you a

dramatic difference between the two of

them I'm going to show you plain pure

whites and then I'm going to show you

leveling mix and if you can't grasp this


you probably don't need to be doing your

own lawn care they're worse and there's

leveling mix see the difference leveling

mix sand good bad strong people this is

common sense plants don't like to grow

in pure sand that they like to have

organic matter inside of it so if you're

really gonna do a lot of top dressing

professionally then you have to have a

leveling mix it's custom mixed up and I

just don't know how to argue it anymore


to clear my



not concerned about how to live

open your eyes and take my







now I'm done so let me check that looks

like that

see we can barely see any of that seed

now most of it's under the ground if I

want to come up pose this I'll hose this

I'm done for the day

wait that was a long day so that layer

was the layer with the 30% organic

material that's the layer that the seed

is gonna sit and germinate and grow out


and then again today I came out here and

started putting my pure white sand again

on top and again on top and that's

what's gonna make that final kind of

real level

I'll come out here with a leveling rake

and add more more and more and just keep

working it and it's gonna sprout its

gonna grow up through it now in case

you're wondering I have two rollers one

is a water roller and one is a sand

roller that's sand roller it's like 25

gallons times almost 13 pounds per

gallon it's like 300 pounds or something

that is a bear to push anyone can push a

water roller just and roll and my legs

are sore so that's basically where I am

we came out here we did an initial

treatment we did our seeding treatment

and then we're doing a topcoat of sand

now obviously this is more for green

this is a song of green but at least you

get a concept of getting that Bermuda

seed into the soil a little bit and then

covering it up and then watering a

watering now the wonderful thing about

this and I'll show you this here in a

minute is I have sprinkler heads all

around this so I have five sprinkler

heads and it looks like Augusta all

these sprinkler heads start running on

this so I can start watering it but this

is my final that's the final green right

there and like I said once it starts

growing I'll just come back out here and

just keep the leveling widths and

leveling widths and get it nice and

smooth and will actually be probably

able to put on this believe it or not

the Bermuda that's gonna pop up here

unfortunately is not dwarf which you

really need for a pudding surface but

I'm gonna keep cutting it really short

I'm gonna keep it at about probably

close to eight of an inch back here

we'll see how it goes so anyways guys I

told you I'd put that on film

I don't know if you get anything from it

but it's one of those sundae projects

sundae projects I'm starting to just do

something that I want to do regular

maintenance where tomorrow we're coming

out here we're gonna cut all this grass

at least Jacob will come out here we're

going to cut the back got a cut of you

so it's subscribe I'll talk to you later