Enlisting in the Marines Older Pt. 1

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hello world thanks for watching this

video in advance I just included what I

found on YouTube of Armijo instructors

versus marine drill instructors kind of

speaks for itself right I mean

everything you see on YouTube army drill

instructors are kind of like talk to you

like a stern father like they're really

upset with you right now if you don't


I'm gonna be really mad and your drill

instructors are like Psychopaths man

they do not want to be drill instructors

half of them just they just get either

recruiting or drill instructors and then

half of them don't even want to be drill

instructors and they hate their life and

they hate you a lot more so yes being

with that being that said I wanted to

make a build video about me being older

and during the Marine Corps to try and

provide some insight on others who would

like to do the same thing so being older

joining really not too much of a

difference I wish I had done it when I

was younger I think it would have

benefited me more I've made a lot of

really good friends I'm not really I've

been really mature for my age since a

very young age I know it might sound

like I'm being really cocky but that's


and so this is

I just had a lot to deal with from a

very young age and but you know I have

to say being all mature and whatever

these kids these 18 19 year old guys man

some of the most ambitious mature

respectable strong mentally strong

morally strong ethically strong

individuals I've ever met and I'm very

proud to call them my friends I feel

privileged to even be able to have been

their friend now right now I'm in C

school which means we're all gonna go

our separate ways pretty soon but it's

just a story of the Marine Corps you go

to boot camp MCT and your schools and

you you meet people and they they leave

that's just the way it is but uh you

just have to enjoy your time there

you know boot camp was rough but looking

back on it it's probably one of my

favorite memories in my whole life

same with MCT that was pretty tough but

awesome memories and so I just kind of

want to open up the floor to any

questions anyone might have if you you

know 25 26 27 you wanna join the Marines

if you have any questions or you want to

just talk like put a comment down or

reply with the video of your own

I'd love to like share any insight you

know I will say that there are quite a

few but not too many I'd say maybe like

3 or 4 percent of the people that I know

that are Marines are above like 25 so I

mean that's like literally like maybe

like 5 out of every hundred maybe even

less than that but that comes out to

like a fair and a fair amount of us and

like I said like I make really good

friends with a lot of younger guys and

you know they can be really obnoxious

and hard-headed but some of the funniest

kids you'll ever meet I mean they're

they're young they're full of life and

it's contagious so

so far I'm loving it I was really

nervous before leaving boot camp I

wasn't sure if it was the right decision

for me or not

he's very anxious and you know I didn't

feel great about leaving for boot camp

to be honest I I was really excited and

everyone was proud of me but deep down I

was like man I hope this is gonna pay

off you know it's that risk versus

reward and so again this is I would I

would have appreciated someone to talk


he was in that situation so that's I'm

trying to be that person for somebody

else at least one person that'd be great

but my job is a VA tion ordinance I load

I'm going to school right now to load

ordinance being missiles rockets machine

guns shaft and flare on to Cobra

helicopters very exciting my contract

was sixty-five hundred and seventy one

hundred what was it a VA ssin support

and airfield services so crash Fire

Rescue Zhan that list and then the two

fields of aviation ordnance are on that


there's aviation ordnance Tech and

aviation ordnance like specialist and

that's basically just all level and eye

level which you can get either of those

I've done in Pensacola so

yeah you know there's a lot that goes

into being older in the in the military

you know I think that being older kinda

gave me an extra gear to push on and

survive mentally and actually prosper in

bootcamp you know I love to boot camp I

was sick was the time I I was sick every

single day and even after boot camp I

was sick because I personally have a

crappy immune system but I mean almost

everybody was sick and you know the

whole time so that's one thing that you

know it's gonna kind of suck but I'm

telling you man boot camp if you think

would be cool and you feel in your heart

like man just gives you kind of like

amped up you know motivation doesn't

last mind you so don't make a decision

based on pure motivation but man

thinking about it even a little bit gets

you excited and you feel it in your

heart man I'm telling you just do it

it's been worth every day I mean granted

thousands of miles away from the girl I

love from the people I love my family

but at the same time I always told

myself I wanted to come and live in

California and the Marine Corps before I

even joined and uh that's where I am

right now so you know what they're

paying my bill I just get paid to be a

Marine and they they give you this

awesome room but simps worked out in

awesome food to eat you can eat as much

as you want like for breakfast I had a

chicken breast bacon eggs yogurt beans

potatoes and Gatorade you know come on


doesn't get any better than that

so yeah if you have any questions I'm

not gonna make this try a video drag on

forever but if somebody watch this thing

a vet questions maybe your civilian you

know if you have questions you're

curious about something just ask trying

to not make this video dragging on

forever so thank you very much for

watching and do Rob Marine Corps and I

didn't mean to disrespect the US Army

but certainly the way one is trained is

the way one behaves right train hard win

big right alright hoorah take care of

folks and so hope you like the workout

video leave some feedback leave

questions or you know to the two people

that will probably watch this thank you

even for just getting this far if you

even did all right bye