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we are talking about issues revolving

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good night for Jennifer impact ville she

says I was in a car accident a year ago

and I've been treating with a doctor

since the accident is it too late to

hire lawyer so a year Jennifer says can

she still do anything Jennifer you can

you know you have a good treatment

history you didn't tell us any about

anything about the facts of the of the

of the crash but it's definitely not too

late to hire you know hire a lawyer for

this you got good medical documentation

you know for your injuries as a result

of this car wreck get the police report

so you could document the liability if

there's any witness statements you know

you get you could track those down as

well but definitely not too late to hire

a lawyer on this yeah and the real issue

you're asking about is what's the time

frame in which a car accident lawsuit

could be filed the answers two years so

from the day the accident until the time

you can file a court action you have two

years that's called a statue of

limitation so we always tell people know

any time you're an accident call get an

opinion so you know what your statute of

limitations are get a consultation

because if you miss the statute of

limitations you're out of the box you

will not be able to move forward now if

yours I want to say goodnight or maybe

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