Going Back To College In My Late 20's | Best Decision I Ever Made


is the first time I will be uploading a

video so thank you for being a part of

this in this video I wanted to talk

about my decision and going back to

higher education to college at age 27 I

think I was 27 going on to 28 and why

that turned out to be one of the best

decisions I ever made a lot had to

happen in order for me to decide to go

back to school I initially did go to

community college right after high

school and I didn't exactly know what I

wanted to do I knew that that was what I

was supposed to do or at least that's

what I thought at the time that I was

supposed to go to college I didn't have

the resources at the time to go or the

the belief in myself that I needed to go

straight to higher education like a

four-year university so I went straight

to Community College because that's what

I thought I was supposed to do and I

went for two years and I took general

education classes during the second year

at Community College just it wasn't

doing anything for me so I stopped going

and I started to pursue doing freelance

work and in the midst of that I started

the journey on to work working job to

job eight to five jobs Hotel jobs

bank job variety of jobs that I was

working so I got kind of lost in that

cycle of just work and making money and

paying bills so that lasted up until I

was about 27

so at 27 I was fortunate enough to meet

someone really great that person just

completed their bachelor degrees so they

knew the ins and outs of college system

applying and just knowing that it was

possible I didn't really have anyone in

my life to to look to to see like oh

like that can be me I can go to a

four-year university I can get my

bachelor's degree there was not really

anyone around me so it didn't really it

wasn't really something that I thought I

could do and maybe at one point in high

school I wanted that but because it

wasn't around me I just kind of lost it

I never really it wasn't nothing I

aspired to but dating someone that had

just completed their degree kind of

brought that idea back into my mind what

if I do go back to college what if I do

get a degree what would that look like

and thankfully I had that person

my boyfriend now to guide me through the

steps of going back to school because

it's not an easy journey at least for I

don't know if it's like this for

everyone but when you come from a lower

income background the college education

system is pretty daunting and daunting

enough to not to just kind of push you

away so you never really like even try

because you just don't think you have

what it takes to to journey through that

system of applying for financial aid of

applying for colleges there's just a lot

to it and if you don't have resources

and people in your life who have already

done it it can be pretty intimidating

and some times you never try which in my

case I didn't when I was younger so

without going into too much detail I

don't want to make this video long

because I'm already talking a lot I just

want to point out why this turned out to

be one of the best decisions I ever made

after being at the University at I was

attending for so long one day I realize

that if I had gone straight to college

right after high school I probably would

have chose to study something that 10

years later wouldn't have been what was

truly for me and what I mean by that is

after so many years of doing life a lot

happened a lot happen that helped me see

life in a different way at 27 at 28 30

29 30

I just don't think the same as I did

when I was 18 19 even 20 so I know if I

would have had the resources the people

in my life at the time to expect me to

go to college so I would have gone to

college pursuing my degree I would have

chose something that I thought was

popular or think that those around me

wanted me to pursue or that just by

chance or that was somewhat interesting

to me but in going back to college about

27 28 I had a better idea of what it was

that I wanted to understand better what

it was I wanted to learn so what I ended

up studying turned out to be really

great it filled those things inside of

me that I wanted to know so the first

reason why it was one of the best

decisions I made is because all the

experiences that I've had in my life for

the last 10 years or so

15 years really helps shape Who I am at

this age and allowed me to choose a

major that I truly was interested in and

passionate about so I made a better

decision in my major at this age versus

what I would have chosen

age 18 19 or 20 a second reason that

this was one of the best decisions I

made was I was ready to absorb all that

College had to offer being in the

classrooms being in discussions it was

something that really like ignited my

soul and like got me going and I was

eager to learn that was not me when I

was 18 or 19 or 20 I think when I look

back at my community college time I

think I was just trying to get by I was

just trying to get the grade I was just

trying to pass the class which is

understandable you you just added age

when there's other things that are more

important to you in the bigger picture

or when you step back or years later you

realize they weren't as important but if

that age they are and that's just

sometimes the way life is so I carried

more about boys or partying but because

I was now 28 29 30 I was able to absorb

what the professor's were discussing the

books articles journals that I was being

being given I was genuinely curious

about the topics that I was learning I

wanted to know more and as a result of

that eagerness and readiness to absorb

the information my mind expanded I was

able to really grasp what the

professor's my professors but also what

these teachers in the books and these


we're really trying to communicate to

their audience to the world about what

is going on about what happened my mind

was ready to absorb that and yeah

so this has been something that I've

been thinking about for a while it's

understanding of why going to college in

my late 20s or in my 30 or in your 30s

it's possibly a better decision not just

for myself but for other people and the

reason why I feel that touches on what

I've already talked about is do we

really know what we want when we're 18

19 or 20 years old I guess 17 as well

because most lot of people are

graduating at 17 by that time they

already decided where they're going to

study at their major but is it like in

looking back it doesn't make sense that

we expect a 17 18 19 or 20 year-olds to

choose what they want to do for the rest

of their life that's just that's

unrealistic and it doesn't make sense

but it's a system that we follow in the

u.s. at least in many other parts of the

world that we're supposed to at that age

know what we want to do that doesn't

make sense to me anymore I think I

believe in at least for my for my self

the healthier approach and the

healthiest approach for me was to go

back to school once I had all this life

experience because it helped me choose a

field of study that worked better for me

not for what others wanted for me but

for me what truly fulfilled me I find it

interesting that we are expected to make

some of the biggest decisions in our

life that's such a young age we're

expected to know what we want to do with

the rest of our life by choosing a field

of study and we're expected to go to

university and in

commit to taking on a huge financial

weight based on the college that we

choose to go to you that doesn't make

any sense to me and it's it's sad that's

we expect that from from one another at

such a young age and when you're that

age you're vulnerable unless you grow up

in a really healthy environment which

more power to you if that was you but

most of us don't and we're shaped by

unhealthy environments by the media some

of us come from dysfunctional homes so I

that age chances are you want to be

accepted you want to be liked you're

going to do and follow what society

expects of you because you still don't

know how to think for yourself how to

believe in yourself how do not need

others approval of you - that you are

worthy that you are enough so we're

vulnerable at that age and it's

unfortunate because we are likely to

follow what society expects of us choose

the college if we can't afford it if we

don't come from a high-income home a

wealthy home take on that financial debt

and choose make a decision as far as

what we want to do for the rest of our


I wonder if most people could go back to

college what they have studied the same

thing a gut feeling tells me that a lot

of people would choose something

different life has a way of shaping you

and shaping our perspectives and

and awakening us to what really matters

although this was I believe the best

decision I made for myself there were

difficulties being a non-traditional

student if you are attending if you're

pursuing your higher education and

you're nearly 20s and your 30s chances

are you have a full-time job you may

have kids a spouse and that can be

really challenging because you were

working a full-time job obviously and

being in school full-time is challenging

and in in a in of in itself if you're a

mother or father you don't come home and

rest you have kids to take care of and

then you have to study so you're staying

up late one thing I found I was I was

fortunate enough to not have to work

until my last semester at the University

that I was attending but one thing that

I found to be a challenging part of

being of going back to school at this

age is you have your social life if

you're in a serious relationship or your

family or you have really important

relationships with friends or you're

involved in a community or church that

you genuinely care about it can be quite

frustrating when you know you want to

spend meaningful time with people you

care about but you have that study cloud

that follows you everywhere

and because you truly care about your

education but you also care about

spending meaningful time with those in

your life so that that tension exists if

that makes sense

when I was 18 19 20 I definitely had a

social life I went out but I wouldn't

say that it was valuable or meaningful I

didn't give all of myself to it if that

makes sense because my education wasn't

was more of just to get by to get the

grade I wasn't giving all of myself to

my education but I wasn't also giving

all of myself to the relationships and

my social life it was just kind of all

mediocre when you're older your

relationships truly matter or for me at

least they should be matter and when I'm

with people I want to give all of myself

to those spaces as much as I can because

that's important to me I want to be

present I value that time but I also

really value my education so you tend to

have that these two really important

things pulling you in the opposite

direction at times and you feel it

because both of them deeply matter to

you I hope that makes sense

so just to summarize the reason going

back to college at an older age at 28 29

30 I'm not trying to hide my age I'm 31

but I just want to give the age range

that I was in college between 27 and 30

31 but the reason why this turned out to

be a very positive decision was because

all of all of the experiences that I had

all of the things that I had experienced

up to that point I didn't realize until

you know as until deeper in college that

were really helped me be successful and

get the most out of my experience in

college so life experiences I think is

one of the best teachers and really

prepared me and helped and allow me to

be ready for all that I was going to

learn and I just don't know and I really

don't believe that at 18 19 or 20 I had

enough life experience to have made the

healthiest decision for myself I just

don't I don't think that's the way it

would have played out so it was one of

the best decisions I ever made but it

comes with a small cost and that's just

there is sacrifice because you have more

meaningful valuable relationships at

this age and also having kids or a

full-time job can be challenging so

that's all I have for now thank you for


and I will see you in the next video bye