How to Know if you Need Stitches

welcome to another doctor's express

medical minute hi my name is Jeremy l PA

as well as another director of clinical

services at Doctors Express in

Connecticut and today we're going to

follow up with our last medical minute

talking about injury in the summertime

so we talked last time about sprains

versus fractures but now we're today

we're going to talk about injuries to

the skin first and foremost if you're

watching this and you're holding a body

part in your other hand please go to

emergency room this is not your video

however if this is a skin injury of any

other kind of more mild form even if you

are bleeding this might be for you the

first question most people ask us right

off the bat with a phone call do I need

stitches difficult to assess it's the

easy answers always it depends but we

can give you a couple tips and pointers

today in today's video to talk about

what you can do to help yourself out as

well as where you need to go and when

you need to go first and foremost okay

you just cut yourself so now what do you

do try to keep it clean is the most

important thing so you know soap and

water is always the easiest

people love hydrogen peroxide we

recommend that only first time day of

the injury please do not keep using

hydro peroxide it burns your own skin

cells as well as the bad guys not very

good if you keep using it

bacitracin is very helpful that's an

antibacterial ointment also called

neosporin although honestly vaseline has

just as much protective benefit as do

those big studies showing that's really

the barrier that it creates is more

important than the antibacterial little

fun tip there anyway keeping it clean

and dry that's the key

but say you're bleeding a lot so we want

to put a lot of pressure on the area

where it's bleeding and you want to

reassess every couple of minutes lots of

pressure it stops bleeding maybe we're

good keeps bleeding definitely need to

be seen for that but depending on the

size it's usually dependent on how we

treat it so it's big it's deep it's wide

we're probably going to do something

like sutures or stitches for it we also

have other options something called

dermabond or another kind of adhesive

skin glues it's like superglue but

medically safe and for your skin kids

usually tolerate it a lot better than

getting stitches it depends on where

your injury is and how deep again and

how big

it is whether or not we're going to use

it or not we also use things like

butterfly tape also called steri-strips

or other kinds of wound bandaging

devices that we have that can be helpful

if we don't need to actually bring the

skin together mechanically speaking

stitches are something that are easily

put in we usually numb you up and we

deliver the stitches

most people think that they dissolve

it's very rarely used to dissolving time

usually going to come back and get them

removed it also helps to make sure we

don't get infection which is another

important part we have to worry about

with with skin breakage because the skin

is the protective barrier for the body

for infection so in general keep a close

eye on it keep it clean keep it dry if

you think it needs to be sutured come on

in what we happy to see you you know

we'd rather see you and tell you it

doesn't need it rather than you be at

home and not not know also if this if

the injury is too old sometimes we can't

suture it if you've waited too long so

it is better if you come in right when

it happens we just give you the thumbs

up for the thumbs down then we go from


feel free to stop in if doctors

expressed with any other future

questions concerns give us a call have a

great summer and stay safe this has been

a doctor's express medical minute

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