Circumcision As An Adult - What You NEED To Know

all right so I'm doing this video

because before I decided to make the

operation I was looking for information

online you know trying to know a bit

more about circumcision as an adult

what should I consider what's the

upsides was the downsides and I I found

a couple of videos they were a bit

helpful but nobody could cover kind of

all the information that I that I needed

and and now I decided to kind of share

my experience with you and give you some

helpful tips that will you know make the

process easier on you if you decide to

go through this operation so first of

all I'm personally I'm above average

consider myself above average sexually

active person and being above average

sexually active you know that comes with

kind of cost and infections and all sort

of stuff and I was kind of the reason

behind my decision to to make the

circumcision is actually I was having

some infection that would not go away

doesn't matter what I tried and so the

doctor recommended he's like I really

recommend that you do the operation it

will help you in the future there you

have less chances of having cancer of

having infections in the future etc so

when he first said that I was like no no

no no no I'm not gonna do that I'm not

gonna mess with my you know with the

most important part of my body but but

the the infection started actually

bothering me the redness and all of that

and eventually you know I got convinced

to do the operation to be honest I was

very nervous about it I read a lot about

it I was very nervous that it can create

some damage

I've heard that you will lose

sensitivity when you do that and I'm

gonna cover those topics as well in this

video so so I went with this doctor

which was a great choice by the way I

would recommend that you do your

research before deciding on the doctor

that you're gonna make the operation

with I was very lucky to choose mine I

had a lot of experience and he did a

great job so I I did the operation let's

jump through it after I decided to do

the operation to be honest the only pain

you're gonna feel is like once the the

doctor is putting the anesthetics in

your in your penis and that's like the

only kind of pain the rest is just like

more of discomfort rather than pain so

you wouldn't feel anything

I was completely conscious throughout

the whole operation it was just a local

anesthesia and the area and and so after

I've done the operation I'm like walked

home normally just call the taxi

continued with my day but later on

during the the night I started to feel

kind of discomfort and the most

challenging part is to me was sleeping

when you sleep you I personally sleep on

my belly and that was very difficult

because every touch is kind of

uncomfortable if not a bit painful and

so for me that was like the most

difficult part throughout the whole you

know process what I want to tell you is

that few mistakes that I've made and

that you should avoid first of all I

changed my own bandages and I did not

add this little buddy here which is

called yo-yo

is all something like this basically it

prevents the bandage from sticking to

the wound so don't just put on the

bandage because otherwise it's gonna get

stuck to the wound and you're gonna have

to peel it off painfully don't do that

another thing that is very helpful that

this little plaster role whatever you

call it really you should keep that in

your pocket for the first two weeks

whatever like until it heals completely

so keep that in your pocket

sometimes the plaster falls off

sometimes you have you have to cover the

the stitches like that without this I

cannot see myself actually walking out

of the house or doing any activity after

the operation so this helped me out a


another thing I personally like to

shower every day at least once a day and

the fact that the doctor said no shower

no water that was like for me it was

kind of difficult so what I recommend

for you to do is the the first couple of

days when the wound is really still


if you insist on showering just use a

sponge and just like clean your body

with it don't don't put a lot of water

especially not around the wound

once you you're over those two days you

can use a condom to cover the wound the

stitches and then you can shower you

know without like would be normal like a

normal shower normal stream and without

actually affecting the wood now me

personally it took me around one week to

ten days I would say ten days to have

that all the stitches fall off now I've

done another mistake as I mentioned

before I'm above average sexually active

and for me not having sex for one week

or ten days that was a lot

was very stressful for me and so once

the stitches fell off I've jumped right

into it I'm like yes I want to I want to

start having sex and I had sex like

after then ten days very bad idea

because what I did was open the wounds

again it wasn't as bad you know I didn't

need stitches or anything but that just

means that you need another week of

recovery at least for the wound to heal

again so what I recommend you to do is

first even after the stitches fell off

just make sure that everything healed


once that don't do my mistake and use a

condom which will protect the the wound

and protect the skin would make less

friction you know if you wish use even

two condoms if you really insist I

understand the the sex is not gonna be

as enjoyable but just bear with it for

the first whatever week a week after you

the stitches

fall off now I'm personally not that a

patient person and and I really wanted

the stitches to to fall off because

they're also like they're pinching you

all the time in the skin and it was very


this definitely helped but but I also

wanted them to fall off so the way I did

it was after the wound have healed like

after one week or something like that I

was I started taking showers and I

started like doing a bath and jacuzzi

and that definitely helped to kind of

speed up the process of the stitches

falling off if you don't know the

stitches are I don't know made of some

material they're just like this solves

inside the skin or like inside with some

liquids around it so that helps the

stitch is actually falling off I want to

also speak about first of all the

the upsides of making the operation is

that my infections are basically gone

yeah it looks a lot better it feels a

lot healthier the downside is that

you're gonna lose sensitivity and being

a person that you know have lived

probably half of his active sex life

uncircumcised and now I'm actually

circumcised and I know how it feels was

the difference between the two the way I

can describe it is as if you I don't

know if you know but the sprays or like

the numbing whatever lubricants that

once you put it you kind of lose the

feeling and that's how I can describe

the difference between being

uncircumcised and being circumcised so

when I was uncircumcised I was that I

definitely had was enjoying sex a lot

more it was it was more sensitive it was

more pleasurable you can feel all the

the the small you know touches and

whatever once you get circumcised just

the and I don't think it's possible to

keep the sensitivity just due to the

fact that you have the the friction with

your underwear with your clothing it

kind of takes away the sensitivity

because also like having that part

exposed all the time like you're gonna

it's gonna take you some time to adapt

to it too because it's uncomfortable at

the beginning and the way the way I kind

of made it easier is by putting some

some cream on my penis and like a lot

actually and that would kind of take

away that this comfort when the you know

the your skin touches the underwear or

the the jeans you're wearing so

to kind of summarize the whole video

I've did a circumcision because I had to

do it and it wasn't because it was more

fun or was more aesthetic or whatever

was it a good choice yes would I have

done it if I haven't had health issues

no I wouldn't the I believe that you

know having those parts in your body you

know you're born with it there is there

is definitely a reason why it's there

and and it helps with the intercourse it

helps with a lot of things but if if

you're facing health issues you should

definitely consider doing it first you

will like your body more it will look

better from my opinion my partner likes

it more she enjoys it more so that's one

thing you're probably gonna enjoy the

sexual interaction less which is a

downside but but yeah eventually it's up

to you to decide whether it's a good

idea or not that's pretty much it I hope

I covered pretty much all the

information that that is necessary to

help you make your choice I hope you

enjoyed the video if you did please feel

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questions leave them down in the

comments and I'll see you in the next

video I'll be uploading every week see

you bye bye