During Labor, Is It Ever Too Late To Request An Epidural?

the only time that it is too late to

actually received some form of analgesia

is when the baby is actually coming out

my time obviously the more time I have

to practice my craft the better job I

can do but up until the baby is actually

coming out we can actually give you some

form of analgesia there is a limit

however to how quickly the medicine can

come on board it takes us about if we're

in a real hurry about three to five

minutes to get some form of analgesia

now obviously some is not all okay so

the more time that we have to administer

our medicine do things safely the better

chance that we can get good analgesia

for you as a spinoff from that a common

question is is when is when can I get my

epidural okay that is actually a very

important point typically speaking we

would like to wait for our women to get

epidurals when they're in adequate labor

okay and now adequate labor is chain is

defined as number one a change in your

cervix and that could be from a

fingertip to 1 1 to 3 3 to 5 1 to 9

whatever it takes as well as 3

contractions in 10 minutes okay now as

long as those two criteria are met then

there's absolutely no problem with

getting an epidural okay the concern is

is that if we put epidurals in too early

okay meaning that you haven't met one of

those two criteria the amount of fluids

that we give you to hydrate you as well

as the baby can actually increase the

duration of your pregnancy

meaning the duration of your labor so as

a consequence we want to make sure that

you're in an adequate labor and again it

used to be in the old days they used to

say you can't have your epidural until

you're four centimeters well that's not

really true as long as there's a change

in the cervix and at least three

contractions in ten minutes it's

perfectly acceptable if your epidural

typically they have shown that as long

as you are in adequate labor when your

epidural is placed there is absolutely

no correlation well let me back up

as long as you can wiggle your toes and

bend your knees okay the pelvic floor

the muscles stay nice and taut babies

are able to rotate when it engages and

as a consequence mom has the explosive

effort to be able to push adequately so

as long as mom has those physical

characteristics then there's absolutely

no problem with that