Why Did You Get Divorced After Less Than A Year?

people who marriages lasted less than a

year months

weeks days or even hours

when did you realize you'd made a

mistake and why

cliffs my new wife changed the second i

said i do

she instantly became controlling

manipulative and would lie about

anything to get her way and double down

when caught

the marriage lasted about 10 months

before we got married

she was considerate kind and sweet

apparently all for show this is my dad

in a nutshell

he is on divorce number four now every

time i have seen he is the perfect


opens doors buys nice things keeps his

appearance up

goes out to eat with them never swears

basically a great act he can keep up for

a year or more

second he gets married he completely

stops buying anything that isn't fishing


grabs his old ratty clothing from

college he is 60 now

starts drinking and swearing like a

sailor and completely stops cooking and


his last three wives were all super

confused with what happened but the

short answer is he is a child

when he is dating he is a salesman

trying to close a deal

when he gets married suddenly he has a

new mother to take care of everything

for him so he can off

two months in he told me i was too fat

and will no longer be having sex with me

i lost 75 pounds in three months by

doing it the wrong way

and he told me he was already seeing

someone else he seemed surprised my

parents would no longer pay his bills

and was kicked off their property 30

days later per laws of my state

not me but my ex-girlfriend a few years

ago before we met she was dating a guy

for about seven years or so

due to family pressures tradition etc

she went and got married to the guy

they went home in separate cars because

she said they both realized it was a


lived with her cousins for six months

because she was scared to tell her


when my former buddy called me to tell

me he got herpes from my wife

i had two good friends who were brothers

they were party animals

out drinking at bars all the time

sleeping with different women every


recreational drugs their idols were the

whole jackass crew back in the day

they just loved that whole bachelor

lifestyle and to be

honest i was a bit jealous of the fun

they were having

i was in a longer-term relationship for

many years

eventually the younger brother settled

down and got engaged to a really nice


something broke in the older brother's

mind and he suddenly was

in some sort of race to get married

before his younger brother

he kept living the bachelor lifestyle

but then one day announced to us all he

was engaged to be married and with his

fiancee they'd set a wedding date to be

married six months before his younger


none of us ever met this girl before we

found out he was engaged

when we did meet her it was clear he'd

not been open with her about his


she was a very prim and proper lady very


quiet they worked together so she only

knew the professional side of him

over the months leading to the wedding

his partying kept going

he was cheating on her with one night

stands but she was oblivious

our group of friends told him he needed

to tell her what he was

doing but he refused i was nominated to

be the one to tell her before it was too


i met her for coffee and told her how he

was cheating on her and the drugs he was


she was generally taken aback but she

told me to my face

she was still going to marry him and

that she could change him

i left with a clear conscience after

that fast forward to their wedding day

and it is an absolute mess

he is drunk before the reception even

starts and passes out in a corner

sometime after dinner

as i am leaving i say goodbye to his


and i can see it in her eyes the

definition of regret

they ended up being together for a year

her final straw was when she really

wanted to go out for a special brunch

for their one-year anniversary she made

plans at a fancy place

he told her he was going out to party

the night before but would be home in

time to get some sleep before their

anniversary started

he ended up going home with some chick

he picked up at the bar

and when he finally made it home the

next afternoon his wife had packed her

bags and left

i felt bad for her at first but then i

remembered how i laid everything on the

table with her and she still did it

i've never seen or spoken to her again

my friend

ended up repeating his pattern he is on

his fourth marriage now but does seem to

have finally settled down this time

when i found out on my son's first

birthday that she cheated again

not me but a friend their marriage

didn't last through the reception

groom got absolutely shit-faced drunk

and slaps the bride's child from a

previous relationship and then hits the

bride in the face

she filed for an annulment the next


to be honest i didn't really want to be

married to her

however she was determined to get

married by age 24 regardless

and at the time i had significant

difficulties saying no

i was working 60 plus odd hours a week

in a kitchen to help pay for everything

and i was struggling with my mental

health at the time and we grew further

and further apart emotionally

i found out less than five months into

the marriage that she had been

unfaithful to me for at least a year

so six sevenths of a month before the

wedding whilst she had been planning it

she had been sleeping with other people

whilst she had been putting serious

pressure on me to provide pound pound

pound for her dream wedding she had also

had an abortion because she didn't know

whether i would have been the father or


when i found this all out i basically

had a breakdown and tried taking my own


i also spent a few years after this

blaming myself for the breakdown of my

marriage and her behavior

i had some friends that got married and

divorced within a year

it turns out she had major doubts but

went through with it anyway

then cried for the whole honeymoon and

told him she had made a huge mistake

they posted all these normal pictures of

them looking happy in hawaii

but it came out later what a miserable

nightmare the trip was

wasn't my marriage but i am involved in

the story

basically my ex-girlfriend's boss left

his wife on their honeymoon because she

and him were having an affair

they had the wedding and flew off to

bali but he was sneaking off into the

bathroom to send my then-girlfriend dick

pics from his honeymoon

i saw one of the pictures and confronted

her she admitted to it and messaged him

back to tell him that i had found out

my understanding is that he basically

came out of the bathroom

told his wife i think this was a mistake

we shouldn't have gotten married

got on a plane and flew home left her

there on her own on her

honeymoon with no explanation in the end

i had to be the one to go over to her

place and tell her what had really

happened because he wouldn't own up to


so i think the marriage lasted all of

about three days not my story but a

fraternity brother of my husband had a

marriage that lasted maybe 100 days

before they split

apparently she didn't internalize that

marrying a military person would mean

moving around

and he just assumed she knew and was

good with it

my sister's marriage lasted about 40


she found out he was a paedophile when

my other sister came

forward that he'd been raping her for

the last four months

when he was arrested police found a

video of me getting dressed on his phone

i thank god every day that she came

forward when she did

because he was grooming me to be his

next victim he was sentenced to 12 years

in prison and has no contact orders with

everyone in my immediate family

this event was the end of my childhood

skeptical smiley face

when she cheated on me for the third

time in 10 months

because for some reason the first two

didn't convince me

i had a friend who married one of the

most horrible people i've ever met

so charming at first but within the

first three months of them being


we all started to notice a few things

and we decided none of us liked him

one day we saw hand-shaped bruises on

her arms

and literally the next day they were at

the courthouse getting married

we had a small gathering shortly after

which he ended up turning into their

wedding celebration

bachelor party whatever he could to make

it all about him

he got extremely drunk and basically

tried to kill her in front of all of us

she told us they didn't have their rings

yet but they would get them

soon and he walked over to her and

started strangling her for embarrassing


she ended up breaking down and realizing

that for the entire four months of their


and nine days of their marriage he had

progressively gotten more and more


and she made a mistake very glad she


strangulation in an abusive relationship

is the number one

indicator of murder as in the chances of

him eventually killing her over over 95

on our honeymoon she didn't want to do

anything but fight

so i left two days early to be with my

dog lol

then she stopped wearing her ring and

refused to tell people she was married

referring to me as her boyfriend instead

the final straw was when my grandpa was

dying and she said i wish he'd just

hurry up and die already i'm tired of

this apartment being so depressing all

the time

made it four months in all before filing

for divorce

four months in he dislocated my jaw but

really what i want to share is the signs

were there and people should be aware of


first it was just grabbing my arm kind

of hard then grabbing my arm hard enough

to bruise it

then pushing then slapping it took years

so escalate

i heard it gets worse i didn't think too

much of it

i thought i'm not a wimp and it isn't

like he's beating the out of me

every day i thought that's what domestic

abuse looked like

then i married him well let me tell you

if they're grabbing

pushing or hitting you they will

eventually hurt you worse

happened to my friend's husband suggests

an open marriage

girl for some reason agrees fast forward

three months into being married

he gets jealous because they find a hot

guy and the girl likes the guy better

than her husband

they lasted six months reminds me of an

old aita of a guy who was jealous

because he'd made his girlfriend wife

have an open relationship and now she

was getting way more and better guys

than he ever did women

hilarious karma not me but my brother

he got his first serious girlfriend

during his senior year of college

he was doing a lot of different stuff

with her and told me that he was really


i told him that i thought that was great

but that he needed to remember to take

things slow

a week later he bought a ring everyone

in my family attempted to talk him out

of it

everyone but i knew my brother was going

to do whatever he wanted

so i just said sure they rented a house

bought furniture moved in got married

and after a month

they got divorced i think it was soon

enough to get an annulment

but i'm not sure main thing was that my

brother wanted to move out of our

hometown when he was finished with


his wife was completely fine never

leaving i don't even think she was going

to school

she would just sit at home all day so

that was that

good times