The Proven Reason! It's Never Too Late to Find Love | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

if you have ever had the thought maybe

i'm never gonna find love

this message is for you because today

i'm gonna prove to you

why it's never too late to find love

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hey there my name is matt boggs and i am

the founder of the love and relationship


of the brave thinking institute and if

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love living now we actually just wrapped

a live event

virtual event that we were producing i

was co-leading this with my mom mary


and we had over 3 000 people

from 111 countries tuned in from around

the world

and one woman in particular signed up

for a coaching program and it totally

inspired me this woman was in her 80s

and she said look i'm not done yet and

i'm tired waiting

if i'm still breathing god's got more in

store for me

and i'm ready to build my dream and i

love that it totally inspired me

and so if there's any part of you that

feels like oh maybe

it's just not in the cards for me in

this lifetime to have love

let me tell you this your history does

not determine your destiny

and i'm going to prove it to you in this

video one of my clients named marianne

came through a program i do called

manifest your man now

marianne was in her 70s marianne was a


for many many decades and she retired as

a nun

and felt this loneliness felt this

calling to really

have partnership and to have love in her

life and have a companion

in her life and she didn't know what

she was doing regarding dating she had

never dated she'd never been with a man

she had a brace on her leg she didn't

feel sexy

and so she began to go through the

manifest your man process

and one of the beliefs she had to

overcome was that love could be

possible for her in her 70s and so the

first thing that we did was we helped


understand the cause of results and so

i'm going to show you this formula

and there's going to be a part of you

that resonates with

the truth of this formula and so here's

how this formula

works all results begin as a thought

right the close on your back first

started as a thought in the mind of the

designer before they became the close

the car that you're driving first

started as a thought in the mind of the

engineer before it became

a car now those thoughts cause our


and you know this when you think scary

thoughts your heart beats fast and you

feel scared

when you think embarrassed thoughts your

cheeks get red

literally the cells change secrete your

cheeks get red

and you'll feel this embarrassed feeling

if you're feeling happy you'll naturally


those feelings by law must be expressed

into your actions

so when you're feeling depressed or

discouraged you take different action

than when you're feeling confident and


and it's your actions that produce your


this is what we call the law of cause

and effect

your thoughts cause your feelings

feelings cause your actions actions

cause your results

and yet most people live backwards most

people look at their results

and they say that's the cause of my


these results i don't have what i want

because there's no good men

in my town i don't have what i want

because i'm too old they look at their

results and they call that the cause

but they're way too smart actually to

call it the cause most people will call

it the because

i can't have love because there's no

good man in my town i can't have love

because i'm not attractive because i'm

too old because because because whatever

the reason is

where the real cause of the results is

your thoughts

it's what's happening right here this is

the first cause

my mom used to say it this way my mom

would say matt you can't get to your


and i say thanks mom and she's saying no

you have to come from the dream

you can't get true it you have to come

from it and i

really didn't understand what she was

talking about for many many years

until i began to really grok what that


and this model i'm going to show you

right now helps explain

that principle right here check this out

so imagine that this little figure is

you there

and you are swimming in a field of


we know that everything is energy you

are pure energy and everything around

you is energy

and that this energy in the field in

which we're swimming

is in superposition in other words this

field of energy is responsive

to your thinking and so let this r

represent your current results you have

results in your love life you've got

results in your

career you're making a certain amount of

money you have results in your health

well what do you notice about where you

are and where that

r is they're connected by the same

lines of vibration in other words the

same frequency

on which you're thinking leads you to

take certain actions

generate certain feelings come up with

new ideas new actions new feelings

as long as it's on the same frequency

you're going to get the same

result and what happens is we fall in

love with an idea

we want to manifest the love of our life

or we want to

write a new book change a career we get

in love with this idea we say i

want that but as long as we're

thinking the same frequency thoughts

we're going to take actions that are

going to continue to get us the same


you see studies show that we will think

4 000 distinct thoughts a day

and 95 of them

are exactly the same thoughts and that's


people live exactly the same lives

it's been said that some people live 90

years but

way more people live one year 90

times and this is exactly why you can't

get to

the dream you have to come from the

dream and what does that mean

it means shifting how you're thinking

and to think along the same vibration

as your dream and that's exactly what

marianne did she began to

shift the vibration of her own

thoughts she began to think new thoughts

and she thought if i was already in this


how would i think how would i act how

would i

feel and in the mornings before she

would take a shower she began to look at

her body and instead of feeling not sexy

and discouraged she started to notice

her body and think

what would my man find sexy about me and

she began to feel and generate that


of being desired the same version and

way that she would if she was in a


she dreamed up what would she do in a

relationship and she thought you know

i've always had this idea

of dancing to the song lady in red in a

red dress

in the arms of my beloved and so she

practiced that she got with a friend

they put on the song lady in red she

wore a red shawl and she danced with her

friend just to

feel what it would feel like to be in

that vibration she created different


generated different feelings led to

different actions and within a very

short period of time

marianne met wayne a sprightly

energetic man in his eighties the two of

them fell in love

created the romance of their lives and

shortly after that she sent me this


and here's marianne dancing in a red


to the song lady in red in the arms of

her beloved

marianne in her 70s a woman who thought

it would never

happen for her changed her thoughts

and it completely changed her life

and that same possibility exists for you

and so to support you in that because

95 of what we think is the same every


i wanted to share with you some new

thoughts some new ideas that would align

you with the relationship that you want

i've created a beautiful gift for you

and it's a 21 day

affirmation practice and these

affirmations have been

calibrated to align you with the version

of you who's

already in the relationship i'm going to

link this gift in the video

and in the description for you just

click that link and you get instant


to those affirmations and i challenge

you to save those affirmations for 21

days straight and it will

absolutely begin to shift your thinking

and shift your vibration and shift

what you create in your life you can't

get to your dream

you've got to come from your dream and

when you do everything shifts

and my question for you is how would you


if you were already in the relationship

that you wanted

post those feelings in the comment

section below just by doing that you're

going to help

generate that state in you i appreciate


thank you so much for watching and i'll

see you soon