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okay welcome back to another episode of

bermuda grass central

chilling with byd big yard dog guys

i know a lot of you been asking byd you

haven't been on youtube in a minute

got a little sick guys i'm about 80

so i'm gonna go ahead shoot this video

now listen this last video is going to


strictly about your last fertilization

of the season

now if you saw my lawn calendar and i

have a link for that at the end of this


you should know august 15th somewhere

around now should be your last time

putting down

your fertilizer now that's your

synthetic fertilizer that does not mean

you can't put down

a bio stimulant or a miner's blend like

sunny land

or some middle organite or some sunny

land all natural

whatever you're using in that sense but

as far as

synthetic that's your last time so i'm

gonna go ahead and just show you my yard

and guys look i'm gonna show you my yard

and this is real life lawn care

this is not all the hype and this

super build up and showing you the

perfect spot so i'm gonna show you

everything so you'll understand what i'm

talking about

guys while i'm working my way over to

the fertilizer look if you haven't

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are fanatics i'm over here with the

fertilizer and look i i got

both of my hair i got the sunny land um

professional 24 0 11.

you can see that and i got the sunnyland

professional wheaton feed

all right and that's a 2006. all right

we got the let's go spread out here and

we also have

scott's turf builder edgeguard dlx

so you guys can see that now i cut the

more excuse me i cut the lawn today

with this 36 inch x mark

now normally throughout the season guys

don't don't don't

talk about my garage too bad but

normally i was using that green works

right there

um cutting it around two inches

we got another green works in had some

issues with that

and we got the select cut now you seen

me use this ego select cut a few times

but in all honesty a comparison may be

coming maybe not this season maybe next


i do not like the cut quality of the ego

select more it's not that it cuts bad

it's that it's so light when you're

cutting on an uneven

surface uneven yard it just it bounces

around and we swirl marks so i went with


bigger more today primarily because i

just wanted to get it done as fast as i


because i'm expecting a rainstorm all

right but let's get back to that


okay y'all for next look i'm gonna go

ahead and pour this sunnyland


in here

50 pound bag all right

remember this is the last app of the


and i'm going to set this spreader on

uh 13

let's go spreader that should put me at

less than a pound of nitrogen per

thousand square feet i'll put it to you

like that

somewhere between point seven and point

eight if i'm not mistaken somebody do

the math for them this is the let's go

spreader right here

and i'm just hard to see so i'm really

trying to show you

i'm gonna put it right there and i'm

putting on 13.

and you just tighten it up all right so


the let's go the edge guard you got to

set it at 5.5 and if you see it that's

the 5 right there

and then that's the 0.5 the half which

is 0.5 right there on the dot

now some guys are asking me can i use

the weed and feed byd

and here we are about to hit fall yeah

you can

listen if you you have actively growing

weeds and your yard is actively growing

you can still apply the weed and feed

fertilizer matter of fact i have a real

good video for you to click on

anytime you want to up in the corner and

it'll show you how to apply

this particular formula but if your

grass is dormant

and you have weeds i'll probably use a

liquid to treat it that way i would not

be putting down nitrogen

going into the fall and your grass is

pretty much dormant and you still have

weeds on

so the other question i get asked can i

use this on

my particular grass and guys you pretty

much can use it on all grasses

now the one thing i think sunny land

would need to do

is to put bermuda grass on here

somewhere because

if you're selling this down south and

everybody has bermuda grass

that's what they're going to key on they

don't see that down there

i have people who who hit me and said

well then say i can you put

use it on bermuda grass byd you can use

it on all i verified this with the


you can use it on bermuda grass but it's

not on the bag

on the 24011 bag but hopefully

in the future they'll put that down

there so i have people always asking me

what does it look like and i'm gonna go

ahead and show you this

up close if i can that's what this

fertilizer looks like up close

you know the peril sides are pretty much

all the same size you got some clear

ones in there

some lime green red you got all kinds of

color in there

now guys i will say this before you

apply this fertilizer

always read the instructions always read

the instructions

don't rely on everything you hear or see

on youtube

always read those directions that way

that way you'll know if it's if it's

verified i'll give you an example

if you're using that sunnyland 24011 it

says something about uh

center b centipede grass on how many

times they want you to use it okay

now if you don't read the bag you

wouldn't you wouldn't have known that so

you got to read these

instruction guys read the instructions

hey guys i just wanted to show you the

yard real quick before we hit it that's

that mud you see out there that's why

stick edge

while all that was wet so that came out


the greenness is there guys like i said

i took a little hit because i just i


man an inch with 1.25 inches off of it

with that big more so you'll see some

spots in it that are kind of like

brown or whatever case would be because

i took it down i have guys saying you

still got grass and all that right there


normally i won't i won't blow that until

i put this fertilizer down

because i don't want to blow that then

put the fertilizer down

then i got to come back and blow again

so i just leave it there

until i um get ready to put the

fertilizer down and you can see that

that's the spot right there too where i

went too low with that big lawnmower but

all that'll come back

in time and i just want you to see this

is this side right here

you see i'm still crushing that navel

all right

i mean it looks good i truly believe

that this

sunny land i don't know what to tell you


i mean i know you you watch all the

videos on youtube and

they give you all the advice only thing

i could tell you is to try the product


if you like it you like it if you don't

you don't but you if you've been

following me this season you've seen the


don't be like that you've seen the

results all right so this is after fresh

cut and like i said i still got some

excess grass right there

well i took it down from um four inches

but yeah four inches

down to two point seven five all right

i'm gonna take the blower later on and


that or i may just leave it down let it

break down itself

all right i want to bring you to the

back let you see the back

like i said everything on that side

is hybrid everything on that side is


now that's what i planted um all that

used to be mud

years ago and we seen it start spreading

and this ongoing experiment guys and

like i said bermuda does not like shade

you can see that

my shade line has you could just you can

see it

you can see the shape of the trees all


let's get around here to the side this

is the other side of the house

and uh let me show you this uh

okay guys this is the other side right

here you still see the septic tank area

i did not go back and put sand on it

because i want to see

if it would actually spray it now one

thing i can tell you from this


you'll get stolons and you see them

but they will not spread successfully

and fully without that saying so when i

put that say in there

it spread fill all that up without the


that's what happens

okay y'all fenex enough for the talk i'm

just gonna go ahead and fertilize

this bermuda 419





okay you are fanatics and that's it like

i said i got it fertilized and

if if you're not expecting rain guys go

ahead and get that water hose out

water holes out and water your yard you

can see it's starting to rain

and i'm looking good i love it when i

time it just

right i love it

see that rain that rain is coming so

okay y'all fanatics i got that done

got it watered in guys if this video has

been helpful

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