Trephination of a Fingernail Subungual Hematoma


this patient got a sub uncle hematoma

after she unfortunately smashed her

finger in a car door we have all done

that ouch that sucks

so let's try phonate her nail drain out

that hematoma and make her feel better

here I'm using electro cautery and

you're just going to burn a tiny hole

through the nail don't worry she can't

feel it it doesn't hurt but if you go

too deep and press too hard and burn her

nail matrix that would hurt you know

you're done cuz the blood rush is out

now important point we generally don't

like to light our patients on fire so if

your patient has acrylic nails do not do

this you can do it with a needle or

another device but not with electro

cautery because it's highly flammable

express the hematoma and you're all done