How to Treat Babies with Flat Heads

my name is David Hong I'm a pediatric

neurosurgeon with Stanford Children's

Health so let's talk about flat heads

the babies are not sleeping one was

exclusively on their back to try to

reduce the incidence of sudden infant

death syndrome but unfortunately due to

the baby soft skulls we are seeing a

rise also in flattened heads so what do

you need to know will my baby still make

the honor roll well despite being flat

everything inside is normal their

development and learning potential are

all the same and not affected this makes

us primarily concerned about appearances

will they look like this forever most

babies will outgrow the flat spot as

they enter into their second year of

life they spend less and less time at

the back to their heads the growing

brain will be able to push out the flat

spot and this is also because of the

babies having this obstacle what can I

do as a parent the main goals are to try

to increase the time spent off their

flat spot and allow the brain to do the

work so you want to try to rearrange the

room change the diapers from a different

side slightly elevated one side of the

match's so their heads are turning away

from the flat spot to try to be creative

at home the neurosurgical professional

society is also recommending physical

therapy this allows baby to advance or

next drink a little bit faster and allow

them to get up a flat spot on their own

one other thing you can do is try to

pull the baby more in your arms this is

nice because this helps to create some

more bonding time within you and your

baby doesn't my baby need a helmet in

certain situations a helmet may be

necessary most of the time we like to

try to have you perform the recommended

actions before we get into considering a

helmet as that is usually the best

option when should I be concerned

persistent changes in the baby's

behavior progression of a head shake

despite making the recommended changes a

from injuries in the face or any other

concerns you have about your baby's

health and development I recommend you

contact your doctors so they can arrange

a visit with neurosurgery if they feel

that it is appropriate