hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

your girlfriend style fabulous pretty

from any side royale and i'm back with

another video

but this is like a very long time since

i've shown my natural hair because

listen i've just been wearing wigs y'all


i'm a bit sick as you can hear it in my

voice because

i think i've catch a cold i don't really

like going out with jackets

i think that's probably one of the

reasons but guys my hair is growing back

i did cut it but my hair again because

you guys know that i hate doing cameras

onto my waves

so i cut my hair again and because it

wasn't flat

under my wigs ah a lot of you guys have

been asking me for that so i was just

like you know what

you know the vibe like let's just do it

what the

so yeah in my hair yeah so i've been

using some notch

i've been using some hair growth oil

basically because i have really bad

scalp like my scalp is atrocious like

dry to the dry to the tea to dry

like if that even makes sense

my scalp is so bad

and i don't like my hair out so i'm

always wearing a bonnet

as you don't know already if you are

interested in a bonnet definitely make

sure you

click the link in the description box

below it will take you to my store

i put quite a lot before i put my wigs

on because

the scalp of mine is not cute whenever i

curl my hair i'll just be seeing it

fall out like this but one's coming out

because i washed my hair

last night if you know any um hair

products that i can use for my hair that

helps you like gel scalp definitely make

sure you let me know in the comment

section below please because your girl

is desperate in need

this is really good it smells really


i didn't pluck it completely because i

was doing this late at night and i

really didn't care like i needed sleep

so the company that sent me this hair is

called icy hair

you guys know i love working with this

brand this brand is actually one of my

favorite brands that i enjoy working

with so the company is called i see hair

with lashes it comes with a stop um

a wig cap because they are literally

one of the best companies on aliexpress

love their hair

it's just amazing to cut my hair again

if i'm going to wear wigs but i'm not

cutting it because i'm trying to grow my

hair back

like this wig anymore because it was too

late and i was really scared

the hair is super affordable and it's so

easy to work with like

when i plucked this wig the the frontal

was quite dense from this wig

but it's not the worst dent about

something that you can work with

it was quite dense we moved you know i

mean it's something that you can work


i think i cut a bit too much off

but i thought it should be fine top that

i'm wearing is my boyfriend's

um company so it's called

stp which means struggle to prosper in

case you don't know what that means

so if you've ever struggled in life and

you know you're ready to prosper

that is the meaning of it because i

thought everybody in life has struggled


everybody has struggled before everybody

wants to prosper and elevate and become

very successful

if you're interested in purchasing this

top click

um the link in the description box below

follow the instagram page the website's

coming very very soon

and you know you know

i had to tell my boyfriend that he needs

to do two pieces because i am a girl

that loves two pieces so

he has to do it so he is the winner so

there's so many things coming

so excited as well because you know

renee had to put a little two pins in

i had to put my little two pins in like

i need leggings do you know what i mean

i need leggings i need all this i need

all that

i do what i do and i can do this so

listen guys you don't know when i put on

my thing i look set good you get it

so bae is going to be doing two pieces

he's going to be doing track seats and


and one thing that really made me fall

in love with this um clothing thing is


the meaning of the the meaning of the

band is amazing like struggle to prosper

i've struggled in life it's all about

prospering do you know what i mean

she hates using glue on my hairline


i need my edges try not to put the glue

on my

edges like on my engine i try to put it

like two centimeters down

to close your forehead yeah because i

don't want to lose my edges

okay i did the other half because this

has to be dry before i put it on

you know i mean but so far

i have nothing better to say about this

wig or all i could say was

i mean the front was a bit dense but we

can work with it it's not a big deal

what do that mean asking me how me and

my boyfriend met

guys if i tell you

you think really is chatting no

but anyways um we met in the studio


this was so funny but i have to say like

properly how we actually met i thought

in one of my videos i didn't say to you

guys that i had a mental breakdown here

because i was going for a lot of my life

and i'm a lot in my previous

relationship i was just dealing with a

lot of

do you know what i mean like go for a

lot one day yeah and then i reached out

to my friend shankar and i was like what

are you doing she's like i'm in the


she's like i'll pull up you know i mean

so i was like okay you know i'm not

doing anything i'm at home i'm at home

feeling i'm at home feeling


like what's the worst that can happen

let me just go in it

and i think that's when i wanted to like

do what your remakes like i wanted to

work on it or whatever like

yeah so i went to meet her and stuff i'm

chilling with her now and everything

like it was just interesting and i'm

chewing that then she was like oh

you should talk to my manager like talk

to my manager and staff see what he can

do for you whatever whatever the gypsier

so i was like hey cool like what's the

worst can really really happen like let

me go see

what can be done sort of thing because i

didn't have my manager and to be honest

i wasn't really taking music seriously

anyway did you get it

i wasn't taking music using at all at

all man

so i was just like okay let me go i had

no makeup on

i had my every day we gone black woody


legging now i won't forget this day

because that's the day i met him

and i wouldn't change it for the world

you know i mean but i opened the door

yet and the first thing i saw

was the waves

when i opened the door yet he's back

he's back was facing me so he had to

turn around to see

who's coming in so i've opened the door

now and obviously yeah

there was like three of them and i saw

him uh and he turned around

and then he looked at me and i looked at

him i was like oh he's a sweet one

like in my head i was just like who is

that you don't know me anyways yeah i

was just like

who the is that

then i sat down and i don't know what it


i was smiling so much

i was smiling so much and um

like i sat down and was just talking

like i was just talking

i don't know what it was the

conversation was flowing like

everything was just going so good like

the conversation was flowing i must have

said oh like i said something like that


you're from ghana in it because guys you

don't know i only like ghanaians like

i've just

i don't know about any other country but

that's just not my forte

do you know i mean he said you're going

into it and i kind of clucked because

his hair is so nice like he's got a

really good texture of the hair and

the waves and whatever in it so i was

like you're going in and he's like yeah

how did you know

i just know and then i i saw his watch

and i was just like

right yeah bust down yeah and he's like

yeah guys you see me i'm a type of

person like

if i like somebody i'm going to get it


i don't know that's just how always been

like if i like something

i want it i'm gonna get it you know what

i mean and obviously i know i'm not ugly

girl like i'm pretty do you get


so i shoot my shot and

we will spray if this happens to me

talking to the manager and i'm here


donna so i'm flirting now we're talking

whatever we're talking

i just kept smiling like the

conversation was so good

i kept smiling i didn't start like

and then yeah it didn't even end there

that that's when i started to realize

that okay he's starting to do music


then to realize he was talking dempsey

was doing anything i wasn't even paying

attention to what they were talking

about i was just staring at him

literally staring him back thinking this

guy is sweet

chocolate he's six foot

on my type like everything was just

picking the box

i was just like what's this what's going

on i remember sitting down i was texting

my friend yeah and i was texting maggie

and i got maggie

there's this guy and he's so


she started talking so i played with him

he was in the meeting he was doing what

he had to do we went into the um

the studio and i was just chilling or

whatever and i was just staring at him

there's um i don't know what it was

it's like it's that love at first sight

if you've not heard of that it's like

it's like when you see a guy and you're

just like i'm in love

do you know what i mean so it was just

like a love at first sight for me he


okay even when he left here i don't know

something just didn't feel right with me

like why did he have to go man

and you just had to go why i was

enjoying this

do you know what i mean i stayed in the

studio for a bit

that ah what's your insta obviously this

is what i mean like

i thought he would knew who i was so

freaking i said to him

now he asked me my name i said renee i

was thinking how can you not know who

the i am like

but he didn't know who i was but that

made me like him more because it's like

you don't know who i am so you don't

know what the i've been doing and

you don't know what i've been doing on

social media

you don't know that you know my passion

i mean so

i kind of like the fact that he actually

didn't know who i was i remember even

saying this months ago like if i meet

somebody i want to meet someone off

social media

i don't want to meet someone through dm

i don't want to meet someone like that i

want them to meet me in real life and we

take it from there to get it

so he um he asked my instagram

but i was shocked when you asked because

freaking what you don't know who i

am that's crazy it's not i mean not in

the most

cockiest way but you don't know what i'm

trying to say yeah

and then um like he's like nah what's

your name i was like renee

and asked from his name he told me his

name and then

i was like okay that's cute that's a

nice name

i mean it's different you get it doesn't

suit him but it's different i reach up

on instagram or whatever now

and and one thing that made me really

like him was that he was not an

instagram person like

i've always said my boyfriend can't have

more followers than me and if you have

more photos than you then you're not my

man like you can't be with me i'm sorry


what do you mean what do you mean i

don't get it make it make sense because

you think i'm going to be in a

relationship with someone they've got


followers and i've got 600. what's that

bear girls falling off your thing donna


so yeah we followed each other on

instagram whatever and um

he's left the studio now in it i mean

he's gone by his business

whatever now in it and obviously we

didn't exchange the numbers at this

point it was just instagram that we took

from each other i like it was he during

the night at studio i kept finding

myself going through his instagram

and i just know that's not me like you

see me i'm not that type of person like

and that's how i knew that i really

liked him because i kept going on his


i think i read this page more than 100

times and then when i got home

i was in bed and i was not doing

anything else i remember i was so

bored okay nothing to watch nothing to


in bed i run his instagram again yeah

and guys i said this i'm not

waiting for him to shoot his shot

like i want this guy and i'm gonna get


that's what i said i said i want him i'm

going to get him and there's nothing


is going to do about it like and this is

the thing like i'm

i'm a firm believer yeah whatever you

want in life go get don't wait for

somebody to tell you to go get it right

i damned him and i gave him a star

it is what it's like he ain't gonna say

no to me like i had that mad confidence

like he's not gonna say to me you know


i could tell from the vibe that we had

in the studio so

i gave him a start instantly i thought

this guy was going to reply back

the following day he was active man was

active on his phone

if you want something in life go and get

it okay

the i gave him a star yet and he

says miss

he he likes to call me miss because i

think it's miss our fabulous

so he likes to call me miss i don't know


but it's just something that he does he

did reply and i was awake

oh he's out what are you telling me like

how did you get on in the studio and he

left basically yeah

then obviously we're just chatting we're

chatting but the conversation was just


the conversation was just flowing so

much like and it didn't stop because we

carried the conversation yeah

then i'm just i'm the type of person i

hate talking on instagram i hate talking

on instagram i hate talking on snapchat

i'd rather you text my phone let's have

a conversation that way do you get when

you're just talking to someone for the

first time

and the conversation is just flowing

replies was so instant

replies were so quick and i was like

this i don't want to talk on

instagram no more like

what's going on here so i was like what

you're not going to ask my number

yeah yeah direct

you're not going to he's like i was

getting to it

but you beat me to it yeah i was too

fast with it tisha was flowing guys

it's like the conversation lasts all day

to 6 a.m in the morning

that was talking non-stop you know i

mean and he was just like

i think one of the reasons why i really

liked him was that he was just

i don't know how to explain it but he

was so real with me

i mean and with me like anyone that

knows me knows ren is too real like

i don't care how you might spew me he

was just honest

and he was real with it and i like the

way he had mad confidence you see how i

have confidence and no one can tell me

i'm not i'm ugly because i know


had my confidence i was with it

i was just like yeah that's

this is my type i was just getting to

know each other so like

i was basically telling him things and

he was telling me stuff

that i hit my relationship and

the guy that i was with did so and so so

and so so that's how good the

conversation was going the conversation

was going that good that

me and him was just talking what are you

doing talking to me at five

every morning so when time i knew he was

talking to me

till 5am in the morning i know yeah i

bagged him did you get it

i bagged him you think i was waiting do

you think i was waiting for someone to

tell me

for him to shoot shot at me no way

trevor never ever trevor

i was going there first i said yeah i

want you

i'ma have you and now look at me now

i've got him did you get it

like there was no insecurities there


i just i just i just liked what i liked

didn't it attracts me as well yeah he

wears track suits all the time and i


a guy that wear tracksuit that's just my

forte man

things just took off from there a little

bit of concealer there

to make the scalp look a bit more

realistic this is why i love icy hair


it's just a lot of hair oh

not bad not bad not bad

i don't know what to do when it's nice

and wet

i see here you've done it again because

you're the only hair that i seem to see


this hair is bomb the pretty

my hair is

guys there you have it i see

hair for the wind

skin is goals right now

because i've been really doing up

facials but

literally boom

that was literally how my boyfriend met

each other it was really really quick

we made each other in the studio you

know i wouldn't change for the world

i'm really really happy that that's how

i met him to be honest

i didn't want to meet him on social

media guys i had to record this bit

literally on my iphone because my camera

died so if the quality is different you

know why

but thank you guys so much for watching

and make sure you like comment subscribe

and i see my next video

bye guys