How do I end a business Phone call?

hey hey my name is Joseph black and i'm

the owner of instant imprints in concord

california and i'm here to talk about

how to end a business phone call so

you're talking to a colleague or a

business or somebody trying to do some

business with right you wanna you want

to get some money out of your selling to

me you're making your pitch you're

pitching your plan you want it you want

to get this thing rockin and rollin

strengthen that relationship financially

so you're on the phone with them right

boom you guys are talking about what

you're going to do you're giving him the

pitch he's like him what you're saying

and it's time to get off the phone you

said what you had to say so here's what

I do here's what I do before you before

you end the conversation I like to

regurgitate what we talked about eight

times out of ten I'm taking notes i got

my panic i'm a pat i'm taking notes

about what we're talking about right so

i'll just go over notes and say hey sir

so we talked about okay you like the

extra large in that color the the 2x in

this color and you want the tank top in

that color and then i know that you

wanted the quantity of this and this and

this and this and then moving forward

what i always like to do is I'll say

okay so the next time we talk or the

next time we we we see beak or what I'll

do next for you as i'll send you a quote

with this amount i'll send you a quote

on that i'll send you a quote on this so

I'm letting him know that hey I just

remembered everything that we talked

about and here's what I'm going to do

moving forward so the ball is in my

court or the bulk of you in his squirrel

say hey so I need you to send me this

this and this and that so I can send you

that that that Miss so now we know how

we're going to move forward because it's

always awkward you ending the

conversation you don't really know how

they talk you don't know who they how

they really get down on the phone

conversation so you got to take control

take the rain say hey we talked about

this this and this this is going to

happen next so you're telling what's

going to happen and you do it you guys

got to follow through do what you say

you're going to do so follow through on

that but that's just the tip that I like

to do I like to regurgitate everything

we talked about I don't know that I was

paying attention that i was at ten o

that i took him seriously took his time

seriously and i let them know what I'm

gonna do next what's going to happen

moving forward so we know what's going

to happen you know you don't want to get

off the phone and nobody knows what to

do next Oh is he gonna send me the

artwork or am I gonna send them a quote

or or is he ready to pay you're ready to

buy nobody knows so you

you're gonna take the reins tell them

what you're going to do next tell me

what you already talked about then

you're ready to rock once again my name

is Joseph Blackman owner instant

imprints in concord california and i'll

see you guys it's out all right