Q&A – Is it too late to aerate my Bermuda Lawn?


is it too late to aerate my Bermuda line

and this is from Steve in Bartlett so

what do you think about that question

well considering it's October probably

probably it's too late because if you

start aerating it now then you're going

to expose roots to the cold weather of

the winter because it's not gonna have

enough time to recover from that because

the grass is starting to go dormant

right you want to do that when the grass

is actively growing which would be you

know late spring early summer summer but

not not in the fall right not in the

fall so let me sum in my inner Booker T

Leigh ah so he will tell you right if

you're gonna aerate Bermuda lie it would

have to be in the summer okay because

the grass is actively growing like you

just mentioned mm-hmm not this time of

the year because you expose the roots I

mean if we get a freeze I think we got

down to four degrees this last winter

which for this area is pretty cold and

believe it or not that not back to meet

her a little bit you know we talk about

the bitter it is a weak you know but

yeah it'll slow it down a little bit

you're in probably it'll come back of


and again air rating is important

because what it opens up the soil that

allows for air water and nutrients to

move throughout the soil bed so that's

why I ready to support it

yeah now if you want to aerate your

fescue lawn now you can do that that's

cool season grass it grows yes this is

the time of year for fescue cool things

rise cool season but not Bermuda because

it is a warm season grass we hope you

love the video we would love for you to

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