Beekeeping Lessons - When to add a Super

so dad Nikki are on their way down the

bees are starting to congregate pretty

heavily outside the hive and dad thinks

they don't have room to grow and keep

going and that's why they're out there

check this out I'm zooming in with a

canon camcorder so that's the situation

we're dealing with now and they're

getting suited up getting ready come

down I'm about maybe 18 feet back from

the hive just kind of keep an eye on

things I'll be using my GoPro hero3 on a

stick to get the close-up shots when

they start to go inside the hive so

they're coming down to smoke it here

just in a few minutes so here's dad on

his way I've not seen that yet but

they're single and converge on hive and

take a look at what's inside of there

are you waiting for Nick you can see

yeah there's Nick yet the hill somewhere

got this ear

crazy beekeeping wife and we'll zoom

into about this level right here we can

watch dad and Nicky work and I'll use

the the GoPro to get the close-up shots

it's very windy today so I know that's

going to pick the sound

blue soda Guinea now how do you Poppi

Matthew I shouldn't I always two

together I hear and what does that do

we'll see that's that's called the

breach other we can have them excluded

right in there yeah

put some back Nutcracker

Harnett the way to be safe

yeah yeah there's no slap up one if it

comes out there she's a mouthful honey I

got some room this is where they were at

the other day working and that it disco

hadn't happened yet the white the wax

hadn't they haven't formed that yet step

on wonder all on the back of this thing

and when you spray over there

see they don't have that for honey here

yeah it's alright right here on this

nine your Liga they don't have it capped

it but Ruth you can see the honey in

here pretty good hold it and I don't

drop it

what good was good look at another one


we are Elsie now there they got this cat


when they get I would like that

and it's timed yeah we need a couple

more sleepers on there then I know

they got room for if I was to get some

ready tomorrow cajones might be run up

Sunday and get them and then this summer

on top of this house I'm trying to get

you two ready they might not be

paintings pretty Oh like in front of my

pain you should keep them painted but I

didn't like I should have well I will

I'll just come up two more if you want

us to are staying so you'd be better

comes tomorrow I've got them as we are

now y'all just get along rather fond of

you a couple ready

not expecting a big water

oh there's you you know much the spiders

should I do

yeah okay anything it says right here


she's a garden he probably did it letter

funny like a lot of under your mother

moves you're not one of my tennis and I

start beeping look there's one good

doing real good

I've got my hat on

there we go this is June 14 2013

June the 14th 2013 so that's how they're

doing real happy with where B is

progressing thanks today at again for

helping us out with these