The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination and Cervical Cancer

cervical cancer is a serious disease

that affects many women every year it is

largely caused by the human papilloma

virus however unlike many other forms of

cancer cervical cancer can be prevented

by HPV vaccination or when identified

early through regular cervical cancer

screening HPV is a virus that infects

many parts of the body there are many

different subtypes of HPV grouped into

high-risk types and low risk types 70%

of cervical cancer and precancerous

cervical lesions are caused by the

common high-risk HPV subtypes 16 and 18

in most women an HPV infection shows no

symptoms and does not cause any harm

however in a small percentage of women

an HPV infection might cause the

formation of abnormal cells on cervical

tissues this can develop into cervical

cancer if left unchecked over time

recent studies have shown significant

reductions in cervical cancer rates and

women who have undergone the HPV

vaccination that target the HPV subtype

16 and 18 results have been proven to be

more effective when women are vaccinated

at a younger age the HPV vaccination is

safe and is recommended for all girls

aged 9 to 26 years old possible side

effects are generally mild such as

soreness at the site of injection fever

and headache if you encounter any of

these side effects please inform your

doctor immediately

if you'd like to find out more for

yourself or a loved one about HPV

vaccinations please contact the

Singapore Cancer Society your family GP

or the polyclinics early detection saves

lives it's never too early or too late

to protect yourself against HPV and

cervical cancer