Beautiful Treatment for Gum Recession Case Michigan

hi I'm Joe Nemeth I'm a periodontist

here in Southfield Michigan and I want

to talk a little bit about gum recession

and particularly in a very interesting

case that I had just recently so a young

woman came into my office she had had

orthodontic treatment and she had lost

all the gum and all the bone around this

tooth it was extraordinarily painful

bled very easily and there was actually

bone loss below this all the way down

into this area and she was very very

uncomfortable sensitivity pain bleeding

soreness and the person that she went to

want that they gum tissue from their

palate from the roof of her mouth and

used that to transplant to this area and

you know sometimes that can be effective

but she really didn't want to have an

additional procedure done an invasive

procedure where you're removing gum

tissue from the palate

sometimes that can be rather

uncomfortable and invasive and we're

using a technique called a pinhole

technique here which was work really

really well for us it's minimally

invasive usually there's little or no

pain involved and we actually make a

small pinhole in the gum tissue we

loosen the gum tissue we bring it up put

some material up underneath there to

hold it in place and generally works

very well very little discomfort and

typically be expected to last a lifetime

so here's the before picture right here

and I'd like to show you the after when

we get that up there

this is shows the upper teeth to by the

way this has a recession that we have

not yet treated so we hope to treat that

in the future but really this is the

area we're talking about so this is the

after she's delighted

be happy this gum is attached to this

tooth the soreness is gone the bleeding

is gone the pain is gone

the tooth is not as loose as it was

because it lost so much bone so we've

gotten a very very good result minimally

invasive usually pretty much pain free

it's an excellent procedure and in

situations where we have recession I

think it's really the way to go and I

treat almost all of our recession cases

this way and so maybe you have two

before and after side by side if we can

do that here we have the before here we

have the after and here we have a very

pleased and happy young woman who

actually gave us a testimonial for our

website so if we can be of any help

don't hesitate to give us a call and

have a happy healthy mouth and that

means a healthy body too