Pharmacist explains Plan B Contraceptive! Things you NEED to know!


hey what's up youtubers your boy dr.

James II the fresh pharmacist and if

you're turning in to today's episode boy

probably just had coitus vision oh by

the way coitus just means that but I

think it kind of has a slightly better

ring to it doesn't it

okay so you just engaged in a little

coital action yay for you right or huh

not so much so what happened either a

condom broke

B your diaphragm dislodge or C now let's

be real honest about this you probably

didn't have a plan a to begin with so

keep it honest whatever the case is we

are on a limited time schedule right now

and the sooner you take action the

better so what's your main option to go

to I like to call it a little

post-coital contraception so who's your

friend for today this guy Oh Plan B just

like one's own painful friends you know

you can always count on but how does it


well let me break it down for you so

you're probably wondering what exactly

is Plan B anyway well it's an

over-the-counter hormonal pill it

contains about one point five milligrams

of lavona gestural basically it's the

same thing you would find in your day to

day pad for your girl's day to day pack

birth control pill but what's the

difference the only main difference is

that it's a much higher dose than what

you find and you get a package so when

do you use Plan B so as we said earlier

you just engage in coitus and your

condom broke your diaphragm dislodged or

you just didn't have any sort of

potential to begin with so that's we're

going to use it to help prevent any sort

of future for unplanned pregnancies but

how do you take it it's one tablet one

shot one kill

yeah I probably all want to use the word

kill we'll get to that in a second so

Plan B when used correctly within a

72-hour window can actually help prevent

any unplanned pregnancies from condom

breakage or unprotected sex

so there's a couple methods for how the

medication works in plan games

the first one is ovulation it actually

prevents or slows down the ovulation of

an egg so as a female if you can't

release that egg and now you have sperm

entering to fertilize it if there's no

egg there's no fertilization

there's no baby step two well it

actually prevents sperm from reaching

the well how does it do that

so sperm has to swim through the vaginal

canal and eventually reach the egg but

if there's a thick cervical mucus it's

kind of like swimming in a pool full of

jelly you're pretty much not gonna make

it to that egg so if we can prevent that

sperm from hitting that egg again a

reduction in pregnancy though there is

no actual abortion so if you take it

correctly this tablet can keep you or

prevent you from getting pregnant but

this is the most important part of the

segment you have three days three days

is all you have to have the highest

effectiveness so if you take in Plan B

correctly within that 72 hour or a

three-day window you have a pretty good

chance of not getting pregnant there are

studies that show that there's an 85

percent reduction in possibility of

being pregnant so that's about seven out

of eight women will not get pregnant if

they take the medication correctly how

important is it postponing it by just 12

hours increases your risk by 50% 50%

increase so it's in your best interest

take that joint as soon as possible to

help reduce any sort of pregnancies so

you just took a tablet or you're about

to take a tablet what are the most

likely things to expect before you take

it maybe some stomach upset especially

if you're the type that gets nauseated

after taking a piece of Tylenol or

something like that

you might have experienced a little

discomfort there

usually what I'll do is expect or

suggest go to Dramamine

it's over-the-counter commonly use the

help with any sort of motion sickness

but it can be using this case to help

you medicate you in terms of

nauseousness or vomiting if you take a

man perhaps an hour before you start to

take the Plan B it might help you in

that scenario but of course if anything

you want to hit up your doctor hit up

the local pharmacist just to make sure

there aren't any interactions between

this your Plan B or any other

medications you might be currently

taking the main ingredient in Dramamine

is meclizine which is basically can be

used as an antiemetic anti knowledge of

medication commonly used for any sort of

motion sickness things like that so a

couple things about Plan B that are not

true one it's not an abortion pill

it stops ovulation of the egg so that

way sperm can't get to it there's no

fertilization it also stops the sperm

from reaching the egg again can't reach

it can't fertilize it there's no baby

- so if it doesn't help in regards to

the safety of STDs it will not protect

you from any HIV syphilis herpes those

are all on the table so we're not using

it for that so I always keep that in

mind also if you're already pregnant it

won't work so you're not you won't harm

the baby if you did take the pill but

it's not something where if you do know

you're pregnant

don't even bother it don't even waste

the money because it won't help it won't

prevent the pregnancy it won't terminate

the pregnancy so don't even bother going

that route okay Plan B should not be

taken every day it's one of those things

you do once in a blue moon when you just

happen to have a slip-up or an accident

in actuality we should be using a condom

or you should be at least on some sort

of long term birth control if they're

shown to be safe and effective so if you

have to go down to the local Parenthood

and do what you have to do go ahead and

get your prescription get it set up and

just get on a daily routine that in the

long run is gonna actually save you a

lot of heartache a lot of anxiety and a

lot of money also how do you know if the

medications work so if it's been a week

or more and you still haven't had your

period then you might be pregnant at

that point you should just go to the

store get a at home pregnancy test

or goes through look for your primary

OBGYN doctor just to get yourself

checked out just make sure you aren't

indeed pregnant so it's not uncommon

that I get asked can I take Plan B on

more than one occasion and I mean

technically you can but but should you

really be having that many emergencies

where you have to take Plan B answer is

no so if you find yourself take any Plan

B that often then you might want to

reconsider why are you having these

issues I mean if you're taking that Mini

Plan B's everyday that's supposed to add

up because these are for sure not cheap

I mean you can always go with the

generic route like we said this one was

$49.99 this one is $39.99

regardless it's pretty experienced it's

not something you want to be shelling

out each and every or every couple days

you're honestly better off going to a

Planned Parenthood or going to your your

primary physician and seeing if you can

get maybe a month or maybe a three month

supply of birth control Oh on a side

note if you're on any other medications

it's something you really want to take a

closer look at so if you're on any HIV

medications anti-seizure medications

mood altering medications a lot of those

things can actually cause your body to

break down the medication or your plan B

really fast so much so that it's

ineffective so unless you like wasting

your money I would advise you to just go

down to your local pharmacist check it

out make sure that there's no

interactions that way you can be sure

when you're taking the medication it's

actually effective

all right so that's today's take-home

for Plan B you got a small little Cliff

Notes version so you can at least you

have some idea of what to expect so

what's the main take-home wrap it up use

a condom buy some birth control you can

easily find it at your local Planned

Parenthood get a month or a three month

supply okay so if you have any questions

feel free to hit me up on the email

below I'll leave a link below or hit me

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information is safe with me I won't say

a word but in the meantime I remember

that little thing that I said about time

being of the essence hello remember what

we said three-day window the longer you

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