Peak flu season: Is it too late to get a flu shot?

now to our GM a cover story cold and flu

rates are spiking across the country

forcing schools to shut down to

Tennessee you guys your kids aren't in

school today hospitals are overwhelmed

and there's even a shortage of Tamiflu

in some areas the gin is going to talk

to us about this what we need to know

and it's here we are deep into in the

winter that's right and the CDC puts out

their weekly flu updates so we have the

latest numbers I want to go right to the

map if you look at the country you can

see the majority of the country is

showing widespread activity and then

regional activity in some other states

those are the yellow so not nothing that

we don't expect at this time of the year

but I want to show you something

interesting and this is why I have these

marks I was wondering why there is

actually some science and data to show

that when it's colder the flu is

actually more virial and more powerful

and if you think of the outer surface of

the flu virus like these marshmallows

the warmer it gets the more soft or

mushy and the more easily transmitted so

this soft one you know easily you know

it's a cooked marshmallow this one is

frozen not so easy to crack so that's

part of the reason we see a seasonality

with the flu okay too late to get the

flu shot never too late they're not too

late in March or April you can still get

the flu okay because people talk about

that but they're also talking about we

talk about the flu but we get a lot of

these tweets because people are talking

about the cold

these colds that just won't go away

that's right and I mean my Twitter feed

blew up with us last night people are

saying they're sick for one week to

three weeks they have a residual cough

and there's a couple of theories for

this one of one of the things is

remember there are a lot of viruses that

cause the common cold rhinovirus corona

virus influenza parainfluenza so you can

just have bad luck and be exposed to

different viruses back to back it could

be a new infection caused by bacteria

which we call a super infection and then

it's possible it could be the natural

course of that first illness and if you

have any pre-existing medical condition

and you get better and then you get

worse okay that can be a warning sign so

in some cases you do want to seek

medical and we have attacks you said how

many people have sent us messages

talking about Betty is if there's some

kind of super bug out there as well

we've been hearing a influenza a htno

that's the predominant strain it's not a

super bug per se but that's the one

circulating right now and if you just

get the common cold I want to go to some

things that are not medically proven but

these are what I say my mom grandmother

they recommends they definitely help

stay in bed if you can increase your

intake of fluids

chicken soup does have ingredients that

actually can help you medically there is

science behind that and then

over-the-counter decongestants or pain

relievers definitely can help make you

feel better and there is some evidence

by the way that older people who have

gotten the flu vaccine have less risk of

heart attacks and cardiac events so

another reason to do that good to know

how is the non-drinking going for going

great yeah people are still people are

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