Does Humidity and temperature affect spraying?

hi I'm Jordan and today we're going to

be looking at how humidity affects

spray-in so first of all we'll check in

the spray booth and we have thirty point

two percent humidity and twenty two

point six degrees air temperature and

what we're also gonna check is the

airline temperature and humidity so

currently we've have nineteen point two

percent humidity through our airline

which is going to be lower than the

environment were spraying in because we

do have air dryers and so on passing air

to our airline and temperature wise is

around 18 degrees which may drop down

slowly to around 17 degrees so what

we've got now is readings of the

humidity in both airline and the spray

booth now

the Machine we're going to be using

today is a welcome thermo dry unit and

already we can see why would be welcome

thermo dry unit turned on the air

temperature is now at forty four point

eight degrees and the humidity levels is

down to naught point two percent

humidity so does this machine work and

by removing humidity from the spraying

air does this have any benefits

well what I'm actually doing now is

painting a panel with water-based paint

I do know I've not got an air fed at the

moment it's just for testing reasons

that we was using this so what we're

doing is we're applying one full coat of

base to the panel and this is currently

with the airline with no filtration for

the humidity so we're running the

standard line which you normally would

do in any body shop and then what we're

actually gonna do is dry with the

standard airline which is going to be

putting through the temperature which we

first checked and the standard humidity

and then in a second we're going to go

ahead and apply base coat using the

thermo dry unit which heats the air up

and removes the humidity and we're going

to see if there's any difference between


temperature and humidity a lot of the

guys in the US that I've already spoke

to have said that some of them in some

states have massive issues with humidity

and they know that humidity does affect

spraying over here in the UK it's not

widely that talked about we don't get

very high humidity levels but it you

know it is still high in some parts or

some times of the year which is this can

be beneficial so what we're doing is

applying one full coat to this panel and

then this is using the air line which is

heated and removing the humidity so what

we're going to do now is use the fan jet

to dry the base coat and this is gonna

be with zero or 0.2 percent humidity

levels and we're now going to turn the

temperature up to around it's gonna be

around 50 degrees the air that's blowing

onto the panel so already we notice that

the earth temperature that's coming out

of the air line is around 40 to 50

degrees depending on where I can get the

infrared thermometer onto it but I do

know that the thermo dry unit does help

speed up the drying process when drying

base coat this is definitely a positive

point so already during testing me and

Gabe realized that this thermo dryer

unit is increasing the efficiency of the

application of the water-based paint by

reducing or a limiting eliminating all

the humidity and heat in the air up we

did notice a difference and personally I

think it would be beneficial to two

businesses that have the unit because I

think you would see an increased

efficiency throughout your body shop

using this daily we calculated something

around an estimated saving of 10 minutes

per job and if used to get 10 jobs in a

day that's an hour's saving which could

potentially be another job in the booth

so I think that could be definitely a

benefit for having this unit and if it

ends up getting jobs through quicker and

allowing you to get an extra job in it's

a bonus we also notice

that it wasn't only with basecoat that

the benefits was noticed it was actually

applying both primers base and clear

coats all three of these stages we

actually noticed a difference in drying

times or ease of application so it

definitely helps and we definitely

noticed that a change in air temperature

and humidity made a massive difference

and if we can have a thermo dry unit

that keeps our results consistent

throughout the application that's a

bonus I was also talking to a few guys

over in the US and they did mention that

some of the areas that have really high

humidity levels they actually notice a

different one

applying clear coats as well so this is

another thing you know if we can remove

the humidity from the air lines during

the application of clear coats I

definitely think there is a benefit

there as well of course the Wolves still

be environmental humidity which will be

drawn in to the booth from outside but I

think during the spraying and

atomization of the paint with the dryer

air why than the humid air I think there

is a noticeable difference and we did

notice a slight difference when we was

applying the paint's here anyway

so the big question is does humidity

affect spraying well yes it does and as

you may know the temperature - we

noticed that with higher humidity levels

the base coat taken longer to dry as

when there was lower humidity levels but

also the temperature when we add higher

temperature it was easier to dry the

base coat and also easier to apply the

clear coats as some of us may know when

it's cold outside some clear coats are

harder to apply we got roundness by

heating the air up which actually

benefited the application of the clear

coat and that's it for this quick video

make sure you keep an eye out on the

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be a few more videos on looking at the

thermo dry and some of the benefits and

disadvantages to humidity and

temperature while spraying thanks for